5 Reasons to Avoid Playing Apex Legends (and What I’m Playing Instead)

Apex Legends video game

5 Reasons to Avoid Playing Apex Legends (and What I’m Playing Instead)

Key Points

  • When it comes to playing Apex Legends, the weapon and item spawns are highly inconsistent.
  • Community interaction is very polarizing.
  • Numerous quality-of-life features are missing.
  • Apex’s cosmetics aren’t really a selling point.
  • The game’s balance is always in a state of flux.

What are some reasons to avoid playing Apex Legends? It’s one of the most popular free-to-play first-person shooters on the market today. In the years since its release, the game has been highly popular. While it was originally spun off from the likes of Titanfall, the game itself has become something entirely different.

However, like any free-to-play game, there are many drawbacks to consider before playing. This guide will take a look at some of the largest reasons you should avoid playing Apex Legends and a few games in the same vein that you might prefer.

Apex Legends: Overview

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment. Respawn is an interesting developer, having been founded by some of the members of Infinity Ward. If you aren’t up-to-date with your gaming history, this is the original studio behind the smash hit Call of Duty. You can see some of the shared DNA between both titles.

Apex Legends is set in a futuristic world, and gameplay can work in the battle royale format or around arena fights more akin to a traditional multiplayer shooter. Players are also allowed to pick their heroes, each with their different abilities that impact the gameplay as a whole.

Where Can I Play It?

There is no shortage of places to play Apex Legends. If you have a modern Xbox or PlayStation, it is readily available for free on their respective storefronts. PC players have the option of going through Steam or Electronic Art’s storefront Origin to download the client to their computer. Nintendo players aren’t left out either, as the Switch has a port for gamers to get into the fray.

Reason #1: The Inconsistent Weapon Spawns

reasons to avoid playing apex legends
Apex Legends is available on most major platforms, and a separate mobile version is also out.

This is a problem more endemic to the battle royale mode, but you’ll find your luck varies between matches. Sometimes you’ll drop in and find exactly what you need, giving an edge to the match. Other times, you’ll join a match and be greeted with low-tier weapons, inadequate armor, and nothing useful to speak of.

The weapon and item spawns are one of the biggest reasons to avoid playing Apex Legends. While plenty of online games rely on a bit of luck and player skill, you can do away with frustration by sticking to other titles. Many battle royale games on the market have better overall loot pools, meaning your chances are more even throughout any given match.

Reason #2: The Community

On the odd chance you decide to engage with the community of Apex, you might be disappointed. This is part and parcel of any online game with a free-to-play model. You’re typically getting more acerbic responses, unhelpful members, and a lot of general toxicity. There is certainly something to be said about the barriers that a paid game presents.

This is one of the major reasons to avoid playing Apex Legends. If you’re after a helpful community while you’re learning the game, that just isn’t going to happen. There is the potential that you happen upon a few more personable pockets, but the overwhelming majority might lead to stress and an unpleasant experience.

Reason #3: Missing Quality of Life Features

Respawn Entertainment is a developer with literal decades of collective experience. This makes it all the more baffling as to why certain changes to the game have just now become available. At the time of its release, Apex Legends was notably missing a report function, firing range, and a slew of other features. May of 2023 finally saw a proper firing range for the game.

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This gives players the option to test weapons without learning them on the fly during a match. One of the bigger criticisms of the game is the underwhelming report system. It took Respawn a fair amount of time to implement. If you do come across a cheater while playing, you can report them. However, the nonexistent moderation and administration of the report feature means cheaters might go unpunished.

Reason #4: Lackluster Cosmetics

Free-to-play games usually rely on things like battle passes and cosmetics to generate revenue. Apex Legends is no different in this regard. However, you’ll find that most of the cosmetics leave something to be desired. Chances are when you find a favorite character, you’ll stick with the default skin.

Cosmetics are around for every single character in the game. However, many of them aren’t nearly as visually distinct as the main character’s skins. If you’re looking for user customization, other free-to-play games like Overwatch 2 and Counter-Strike 2 provide far more options in terms of cosmetics you can purchase.

Reason #5: Poor Balancing

Inevitably, you’ll run into balancing issues with any game. It is difficult to strike a fine balance between a game with as many variables as Apex Legends. As such, you might find the poor balancing and slow updates to be one of the biggest reasons to avoid playing Apex Legends. The game itself is beautiful and runs on a wide variety of hardware.

However, you’ll find that some weapons and characters are better than others. This isn’t so much an issue if you’re one of those players who chases the meta. The casual player looking to play a match after work will find plenty to dislike about this setup, sadly. There are certainly other free-to-play options with better balancing, as you’ll see in the alternatives.

What I’m Playing Instead

Here are some of my current favorite free-to-play games for an action fix.


Game Add-On
Fortnite: Transformers Pack (Nintendo Switch)
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  • Battle Royale and Zero Build
  • Comes with 1,000 V-Bucks
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What hasn’t been said about Fortnite at this point? Epic Games has a massive hit that put battle royale games on the map. Few have done it better than Fortnite and the game is constantly being updated and patched around to fit the needs of the community.

It does lack the more arena-based gameplay you’ll see in alternate modes for games like Apex Legends. However, when it comes down to it, you’re getting the literal best of the bunch if you start playing Fortnite. Like Apex, it runs on just about every system around and even has fully complete mobile ports for portable gamers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Xbox Series X and Xbox One
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • This is the sequel to 2019’s blockbuster Modern Warfare
  • You get to siege enemies underwater, breach a fortified enemy base, and more
  • Features enhanced rendering and photogrammetry technology
  • Play as returning fan-favorite characters like Captain John Price
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If you prefer your shooter to have a touch more realism, Modern Warfare II is a great pick. There are a few different ways to play it, but you’ll need either a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation to get the best experience. While Modern Warfare 3 is due to be released soon, there is still plenty of time to get some solid sessions in.

What makes Modern Warfare II such a captivating title is the diversity of the game modes and the maps on offer. You’ve got access to a battle royale mode, extraction, and more general team-based modes like Plunder. There is a little something for everyone, especially if you prefer grittier settings without sci-fi elements.

Halo Infinite

Xbox Series X and Xbox One
Halo Infinite
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Up to 4K resolution at 60 FPS
  • Reduced load times
  • Features the most expansive Master Chief campaign yet
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Halo Infinite was a rather unpopular game at launch. However, the intervening years have been kind to the game and it is in a far better place these days. Halo Infinite is not a battle royale shooter but focuses more on team-based matches. This is a fully-featured multiplayer game that you’d typically have to pay for to get the full experience.

However, anyone with an Xbox or PC can join in with Halo Infinite. All you need is a Microsoft account and the required space to get playing. You will have to pay if you want to play the single-player campaign, but that isn’t necessary. This is one of the most graphically impressive games out there, as well, with great lighting and character models to enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

Apex Legends is a great free-to-play shooter, but it isn’t without its flaws. If you’re an avid player, there’s no reason to swap things up just yet. However, if you’re looking for a new game, many other options might be a better fit for your particular wants. At any rate, gamers are spoiled for choice with all the free-to-play titles on the market today.

Reasons to Avoid Playing Apex Legends
1. The weapon and item spawns are highly inconsistent.
2. Community interaction is very polarizing.
3. Numerous quality-of-life features are missing.
4. Apex’s cosmetics aren’t really a selling point.
5. The game’s balance is always in a state of flux.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex quick to pick up and learn?

It has more of a learning curve than other shooters.

Do you need to pay anything to play Apex Legends?

No, it is completely free to play.

Can you play Apex Legends on the Switch?

Yes, it has a port available for the Nintendo Switch.

Is Apex Legends related to Titanfall?

Yes, but there the setting is about where the similarities end. They both feature vastly different playstyles.

Can you play Apex Legends with a gamepad?

Absolutely, you have the option of a gamepad or keyboard and mouse.

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