5 Reasons I Would Avoid a Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV At All Costs

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5 Reasons I Would Avoid a Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV At All Costs

Key Points

  • Hisense is a budget brand that may fall short of expectations for a 4K UHD TV.
  • The 55-inch screen size may be too small for larger spaces.
  • The Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV has a basic LED display, which is not as impressive as OLED technology.
  • The TV comes with a limited one-year warranty and the speaker quality is lacking.
  • Alternatives to the Hisense TV include the Hisense 55-inch Class U7 Series Mini-LED TV and the LG C3 65-inch OLED evo TV.

With so many great deals on televisions, it’s easy to get caught up in price tag comparisons and ignore everything else. Brands want you to be drawn to their lower prices for 4K TVs but would prefer you didn’t know about the areas where their product might fall short of the competition. Take Hisense, for example. The Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV certainly looks good, especially at its low piece point. But, to be honest, I would do whatever I could to avoid buying this 4K UHD smart TV. Here’s what you should know about this TV beyond the alluring discount being offered.

Hisense Is a Budget Brand

Bottom of Hisense TV screen with power button.
Hisense provides decent televisions on a budget, but you may want more from your 4K TV.

I know what you might be thinking: What’s wrong with a budget brand? Just because you’re not looking for a high-end, ultra-expensive TV doesn’t mean you have to settle for a budget brand that may be cutting corners during manufacturing. Hisense TVs do perfectly well against other low-cost 4K TVs. The company even claims it outsells top competitors like Vizio and TCL.

Nevertheless, I insist that sales do not translate directly to quality. Like all budget brands, you may find that your new Hisense R6 Series TV falls short of your expectations for a 4K UHD TV. This is simply the nature of these low-cost TVs. You’re at the mercy of whatever parts the manufacturer could get its hands on, regardless of how well they might actually work.

The Screen Size May Not Be Enough

smart tv mockup hanging on beige wall in modern interior with green plants
Your TV’s screen size should match your space. Bigger spaces need bigger screens.

Another reason to avoid a Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV has nothing to do with that mouthful of a product name and everything to do with its screen size. Back in the olden days of CRTs and plasma displays, 55 inches of screen would have been either too expensive or too impractical to consider for your home theater. Today, I’m not shocked to see TVs as big as 83 inches or more.

The difference between 55 inches and 83 inches (or, at some extremely luxurious price points, 98 inches) can be staggering in larger spaces. If you have a big wall to work with, 55 inches could look quite puny. I don’t want you to end up regretting the purchase of a TV that’s too small for your home theater. Consider going with something bigger if you have the room.

LED Display Leaves Much to Be Desired

Hisense U8G
Anything other than an OLED will fall short of the best TV display quality available.

Speaking of the screen on that Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV… Its display is LED. Not OLED, not QLED, not mini-LED, but simply LED. With so many advancements being made in the realm of 4K television displays today, I wouldn’t opt for a basic LED TV if I could find something more impressive in my price range.

If you can swing it, try to find an OLED TV that suits your needs for pricing and sizing. Organic LEDs are the best and brightest display technology on the market today. The difference is clear once you look at an LED and an OLED side by side. If you’re able to, head to your local big box store or electronics department to compare. You’ll see what I mean.

Limited Warranty

geek squad
Consider buying your TV from a retailer with an extended warranty.

An additional red flag with the Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV is its super-short warranty. Currently, the product description lists a warranty of just one year. If you’re considering buying a Hisense, you’re probably wanting to stick to an affordable price point. This is never a bad thing, but you know what is? Having to purchase another new TV in 366 days because this one quit on you.

Limited warranties are nothing new in the tech world, and Hisense is no exception. Even high-end Samsung TVs are limited to just twelve months of warranty. If everything else about the TV checks your personal boxes, then don’t let this stipulation stop you. However, you may want to consider buying from a store like Costco or Best Buy that can offer you an extended warranty on the TV.

Speaker Quality Is Lacking

soundbars vs. surround sound: which is better?
With lackluster sound, you may need to spend more money on additional audio gear.

Lastly — but certainly just as important — is the speaker quality of the Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV. While the product description advertises surround sound quality from the built-in speakers, the reality is that it’s hardly that impressive. Sure, you could just throw a soundbar down (or invest in a full-fledged audio setup), but that only drives your total price up higher.

Hisense calls it DTS Studio Sound. The brand claims this allows the TV to create virtual surround sound that immerses the viewer. In practice, it just sounds a little rattly — not to mention noticeably bass-heavy. What good is a TV without decent sound quality to match? Feel free to disregard if you already have a sound system in place, but I’d be wary if you don’t.

Alternatives to a Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV

If you’ve chosen not to go forward with the Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV, there are some worthwhile alternatives you should know about. These 4K TVs pick up the slack left behind by this Hisense TV, making them much more impressive as a result. (Not to mention that much more appealing for your own home theater setup.)

Best Quality
Hisense 55-Inch Class U7 Series Mini-LED ULED 4K UHD Google Smart TV
  • 4K ULED display
  • Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos
  • Hands-free voice control
  • 144Hz game mode
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02/29/2024 03:42 am GMT

If you’re dead set on a 55-inch Hisense, then the brand’s 55-inch Class U7 Series Mini-LED TV is the way to go. In picture quality and built-in sound alike, the 55-inch Class U7 Series surpasses that of the 55-inch Class R6 Series. All in all, it’s such a better option for you. The difference is noticeable the second you lay eyes on it.

While it’s a bit more expensive (okay, a lot more expensive) than the Hisense 55-inch Class R6 Series TV, the LG C3 Series 65-inch Class OLED evo TV is well worth the investment in every conceivable way. It features a high-quality build, a larger screen, a better display, and superior audio (though it does still boast a one-year warranty).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV have 4K resolution?

Yes, the model provides a 4K Ultra HD resolution with an LED display. It delivers stunningly detailed, crystal-clear images with as much as four times the resolution of a standard HD TV.

What kind of smart features does the Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV have?

The Hisense R6 Series comes with Roku OS built right in. This Roku functionality provides an extensive selection of streaming apps and other features, all accessible right from the TV’s home page.

How many HDMI ports does the Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV have?

This TV comes with three HDMI ports, which is pretty standard for TVs of this size. It allows for easy connectivity for multiple devices such as video game consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and more.

Is the Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV compatible with HDR?

Yes, the TV comes with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) display. This enhances the overall picture quality by offering better contrast, wider color gamut, and more detailed brightness levels.

Does the the Hisense 55-Inch Class R6 Series TV support voice commands?

This TV can be controlled using voice commands with support for voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can use voice commands for hands-free volume adjustment, search, and channel changes.

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