8 Reasons to Avoid a New Anker Soundcore 2 Today

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8 Reasons to Avoid a New Anker Soundcore 2 Today

Before you buy an Anker Soundcore 2, you should hear all the reasons why you might want to reconsider. While the Anker Soundcore 2 has garnered plenty of attention for its affordability and lightweight portability, there are certain drawbacks and limitations that could impact your decision to buy this particular wireless Bluetooth speaker. Let’s closely examine the eight key complaints you should know about the Soundcore 2 before you invest. Below, we’ll shed some much-needed light on why this particular Anker speaker may not be the best choice for you.

5 Must-Know Facts About the Anker Soundcore 2

  • The Anker Soundcore 2 is a compact, portable Bluetooth speaker designed to play music from your Bluetooth devices wirelessly.
  • While the speaker offers decent sound quality with clear vocals and good mids at low levels, its bass can distort at higher volume levels.
  • The Soundcore 2 advertises a battery life of 24 hours. However, the actual duration may vary based on volume and usage. Many report closer to 15 hours.
  • Anker has since released an Anker Soundcore 3, making this second-generation model somewhat obsolete.
  • This speaker is relatively basic in terms of features. It doesn’t support stereo pairing and has few sound customizations.

History of Anker

Anker 633
Anker began as a charger company and has since expanded into other consumer electronics spaces.

Anker Innovations Co., Ltd. — also known simply as Anker — is a tech company founded by Steven Yang in 2011. The company is known best for making various electronic accessories like chargers and cables and affordable consumer electronics like Bluetooth speakers and earbuds. In the company’s early years, it focused primarily on producing high-quality external batteries (or power banks) for smartphones and other devices. These power banks became so popular that Anker could expand its reach to other product lines.

Quick Facts

Release Date
Original price

As smartphones and mobile devices became more widely available, Anker started manufacturing charging cables and wall chargers. Like its power banks, the chargers were known for fast and efficient charging at a lower price than the name-brand alternatives. In 2016, Anker launched the Soundcore line. This was the company’s first major foray into the audio market. With the Soundcore line came headphones, earbuds, and — most importantly — portable speakers (this includes the Anker Soundcore 2).

Anker owed its early success to Amazon sales. However, in due time, its products were stocked in big box stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. As its popularity has grown, Anker has expanded into the wireless charging market, the robotic vacuum space, and even the smart home industry. Through all this, its Soundcore line has continued to thrive. More than anything else, this popularity is credited to its affordable price. The Anker Soundcore 2 arrived in 2017 and continues to be sold today.

Why Avoid a New Anker Soundcore 2?

The Anker Soundcore 2 is very popular among wireless Bluetooth speaker shoppers today. However, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best option for you. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to avoid an Anker Soundcore 2 altogether. In this guide, we’ll go over the most compelling reasons to steer clear of this Anker speaker and opt for something better instead.

Poor Sound Quality

The Soundcore 2 provides average sound quality at best and truly disappointing sound quality at worst. This is especially true at higher volumes. The Anker Soundcore 2 lacks the kind of richness and clarity we’ve come to expect from a speaker in this price range. While it might suffice for casual listening, audiophiles or those seeking a premium audio experience will likely be disappointed. If you’re someone who values quality audio, you’ll want to consider an alternative.

Noticeable Bass Distortion

The higher you crank up the volume of an Anker Soundcore 2, the more the bass starts to distort. This phenomenon can make your music sound muddy and unpleasant. This distortion can be particularly noticeable in bass-heavy tracks, causing music to lose its punch and impact. Worst of all, it’s a flaw present in both low and high bass tracks alike. You deserve a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can handle big bass better than this.

Limited Bluetooth Range

bluetooth connection
The Soundcore 2 uses Bluetooth 5.0 but only has a wireless range of 66 feet.

Anker Soundcore 2 speakers have a much more limited Bluetooth range than any wireless speaker should have in 2023. Granted, the product first came out in 2017, but this fact underlines how much Bluetooth technology has changed in the years since then. If you want uninterrupted playback (and why wouldn’t you?), then you have to stay very close to the speaker. This limitation can be frustrating, especially if you plan to use the speaker in larger outdoor spaces.

Bulky Design

Weighing less than a pound, the Anker Soundcore 2 is advertised as the kind of Bluetooth speaker you can simply grab and go. However, its bulky design limits this portable functionality tremendously. The rectangular block design is uninspiring, to say the least. It’s like lugging around a brick. It also feels somewhat cheaply made, which is never a good thing. Plus, it’s not nearly as sleek as its closest rivals. 

Short Battery Life

While Anker claims the Soundcore 2 has a 24-hour battery life, the reality is that this kind of length can only be achieved at low volumes. At mid-range or high volumes, you’ll only get about 15 hours of playtime or less. This puts the Soundcore 2 far below other models in its class and price range. Couple this with a lengthy 3-hour charge time, and it’s obvious the Anker speaker’s battery is far from being up to par.

Unexceptional Features

Beyond what it lacks in sound, style, and battery, the Anker Soundcore 2 has a dearth of special features. From no multi-room setup to poor speakerphone functionality, the Soundcore 2 will leave you disappointed by what it cannot do. Combining this with no aux-in option, no companion app, and other disappointing missing features, it’s clear how unexceptional this wireless Bluetooth speaker from Anker truly is.

Lack of Customization

This Anker speaker also lacks customizations. This is true of both sound and physical specs alike. There isn’t much a listener can do to adjust sound customizations on the Anker Soundcore 2. You’re stuck with the defaults for things like bass, treble, and equalizer settings. The same is true of color customizations. The speaker only offers four colors to choose from: Red, Black, Blue, and Teal. For those that want a speaker that they can make their own, look past the Anker Soundcore 2.

Superior Alternatives

All things considered, there are far better speaker options available on the market today. These superior options are in the same price range as the Anker Soundcore 2, but they offer superior sound quality and features for the cost. Not to mention, the Soundcore 2 is no longer the latest model in the Anker product line. The recent release of the Soundcore 3 eclipses this previous model by a significant margin.

Top Alternatives to a New Anker Soundcore 2

  1. Sony SRS-XB100 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Travel Speaker
    • Battery: 16hrs
    • Rated IP67
    • Features a processor for sound diffusion
    • Includes a free strap for versatility
    Buy on Amazon

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    02/15/2024 09:00 am GMT
  2. JBL GO2 - Waterproof Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray
    • Battery: 5hrs
    • Rated: IPX7
    • Includes a 3.5mm stereo audio connector
    • Supports use as a speakerphone
    Buy on Amazon

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    02/15/2024 09:00 am GMT
  3. JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black
    • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
    • 12 hours of playtime
    • IPX7 waterproof
    • Pair multiple speakers with party boost
    • Premium JBL sound quality
    Buy on Amazon

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    02/14/2024 06:53 pm GMT
  4. Anker Soundcore 3
    • 16W of stereo sound
    • Pure titanium diaphragms extend treble up to 40kHz
    • Dual passive radiators
    • Upgraded BassUp technology
    • Battery life up to 24hrs
    Buy on Amazon

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    02/13/2024 10:38 pm GMT

In Review: Reasons to Avoid a New Anker Soundcore 2

Avoiding the Anker Soundcore 2 is a wise choice if you’re seeking a Bluetooth speaker with exceptional sound quality, style, and other advanced features. This product’s average sound, distorted bass, and other limited features make it less appealing compared to better options in the market. With competitive alternatives offering better performance, greater customizations, and superior value for your money, there’s little reason to settle for an Anker Soundcore 2 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anker Soundcore 2?

The Soundcore 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker from Anker. It’s designed for easy wireless music playback from Bluetooth devices. The speaker was released in 2017 and currently retails for less than $50. It comes second in the Anker Soundcore line, with a third-generation model arriving most recently.

Does the Anker Soundcore 2 have good audio quality?

The sound quality of the Anker Soundcore 2 is decent at low volumes, offering clear vocals and good mids. However, when turned up to higher volumes, the bass can become distorted and murky. This drastically impacts the overall audio quality of the Soundcore 2.

What's the battery life of an Anker Soundcore 2?

The Soundcore 2 advertises an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours of playtime in all. However, at normal listening volumes, the Anker Soundcore 2 lasts much closer to just 15 hours or less. In terms of charge time, it takes three hours to reach 100%, which is another drawback of its battery life.

Can I pair multiple Anker Soundcore 2 speakers for a multi-room setup?

Unfortunately, the Anker Soundcore 2 doesn’t support more than one other pairing. You can pair two for a stereo setup, but they must be close together and cannot stretch from room to room like Sonos or other rival speaker brands can. The limit is two.

What kind of customizations are available with the Anker Soundcore 2?

Currently, the Anker Soundcore 2 comes in four colors: Black, Red, Blue, and Teal. Beyond that, there is no other physical customization to be found. There are just as few sound customizations available, with no ability to adjust EQ settings or any other advanced sound settings.

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