9 Reasons the LG C2 Might Not Be the OLED TV for You

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9 Reasons the LG C2 Might Not Be the OLED TV for You

Key Points

  • The LG C2 OLED TV may not be the best choice due to its high price point and weak brightness levels.
  • Uniformity problems and a wobbly TV stand are additional drawbacks of the LG C2.
  • The TV also has a risk of burn-in and delivers unexceptional HDR performance.

In the market for the best OLED TV money can buy? In your search, you may have come across the LG C2. First released in March 2022 and remaining a mainstay on shelves even after all this time, it’s obviously meeting some shoppers’ needs. Alas, it isn’t meeting mine. From its price to its display quality to its technical elements, there are more than a handful of things that have left me disappointed with the LG C2. Consider these drawbacks before you decide if it’s the right OLED TV for you.

High Price Point

LG C2 TV listed on LG website with prices.
Regardless of screen size, the LG C2 is very expensive.

OLED TVs are rightly coveted these days, but the price of an LG C2 makes it worth questioning whether this particular model is the one for you. Truth be told, paying a thousand dollars or more for a television might not align with everyone’s budget limits. While the TV gives you the OLED display you’re looking for, there are other OLED TVs on the market that provide the same display type at a more affordable price. With the LG C2, you have to wonder how much of the cost is for the brand name instead of the display type.

Weak Brightness Levels

Samsung S95B vs LG G2
LG shows off its OLED display’s brightness, but it still falls short.

Organic LEDs are synonymous with bright, vibrant displays. Unfortunately for the LG C2, this particular OLED TV falls short of that brightness we’ve come to expect — especially in well-lit rooms with lots of natural light. What’s more, the LG C2’s display struggles to match the brightness levels of other models on the market. It’s bad enough it’s too dim in its own right. It’s all the more troubling that it can’t even keep up with the competition. Consider a better, brighter OLED TV over this meager offering from LG.

Uniformity Problems

avoid a dual-view oled tv
Uniformity is a real problem with the LG C2.

While it might not be the kind of word that gets tossed around as often as “price” or “brightness,” uniformity is still something you should factor into your OLED TV decision. On that note, the LG C2’s uniformity problems are just another notable drawback. In darker scenes in movies, TV shows, or video games, you may notice uneven lighting in certain spots on the screen. Your OLED TV should deliver a consistent picture quality for the price. As many people have reported, the LG C2 can’t always do that.

Wobbly TV Stand

best full-motion TV wall mount
If you don’t mount the TV, you might encounter some wobbliness.

Some like to mount their TV on the wall, others prefer to use the stand that comes in the box. If you’re in the latter camp, you probably aren’t going to like the one included with the LG C2. Short and thin, the LG C2’s stand is incredibly wobbly and not very sturdy. The wobbliness of the stand raises serious concerns about the TV’s overall safety. Not to mention, it feels just plain cheap. For a TV that costs this much money, you should have a stand that matches the cost and actually feels strong enough to last.

Risk of Burn-In

best costco tv deals
All OLED TVs face the risk of burnt-in pixels.

As with any OLED TV, there’s an inherent risk of burn-in with the LG C2. Organic LEDs are all susceptible to burn-in issues, no matter what brand we’re talking about. That means the LG C2 is no exception. If you leave your TV paused for too long (or leave the TV on the same station for days or weeks at a time), this makes burn-in a real risk for you. (Especially with an LG C2.) This is no joke: It could result in noticeable damage to your screen that cannot ever be undone. Some reports have seen it happen in less than a year.

Unexceptional HDR

hdr10 vs hdr10+
High Dynamic Range is a big selling point, but the LG C2 falls short.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is one of the buzziest, most sought-after features in the world of modern TVs. Right up there alongside 4K picture quality, HDR is often enough to push people to upgrade from an HD to a UHD TV. And yet, the LG C2 sees no problem delivering an unexceptional HDR performance. Compared to rival models, this TV’s contrast and peak brightness levels do not meet modern HDR expectations. Why LG would see no problem putting out a TV with such middling HDR specs is beyond us.

Mediocre Upscaling

8k 4k ultra high quad full HD TV monitor high resolution
4K OLED TVs can upscale HD content but to varying success.

The LG C2 is optimized for 4K UHD movies, TV shows, and games. However, not all media is optimized for such a high resolution. For this reason, many smart TVs offer upscaling features to make lesser resolutions look better on the 4K display. That said, the LG C2’s upscaling capabilities leave much to be desired. When displaying content with a lower resolution, the TV struggles to upscale it in any meaningful way. It ends up looking just as bad (if not worse) than if the TV simply played it unchanged.

Noticeable Stuttering

complaints about the lg c3
Playing DVDs on an LG C2, you’re likely to see some stuttering.

On a similar note, certain movies, TV shows, and video games playing at lower resolutions have a very noticeable stutter when played on an LG C2. The best OLED TVs on the market today should be able to correct these stuttering problems with ease. This just isn’t the case for the LG C2, though. It’s particularly noticeable during fast-paced scenes and action-heavy sequences. Sporting events can also look pretty mediocre on an LG C2. (It’s a disappointment, to say the least.) Not even that much-ballyhooed motion smoothing feature can fix the problem.

Distracting Ads

NFL Sunday Ticket on LG Smart TV
LG’s smart webOS is riddled with distracting ads.

If you currently own a smart TV (or at least know someone who does), you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that most smart hubs feature ads. Even so, the LG C2’s ads are out of control. The prominence of advertisements throughout the LG C2’s smart interface goes beyond what’s normally expected of a smart TV in the current day. It’s really distracting. The presence of so many ads not only disrupts the user interface but also raises concerns about user privacy and how your data is being used. All bad things, to be sure.

Alternatives to an LG C2 OLED TV

If you’ve decided the LG C2 is not the OLED TV for you, let’s talk about some televisions that might be more up your alley. While neither one is any cheaper than the C2, they definitely resolve many of the other issues we talked about above.

Best Overall
Sony QD-OLED 55 inch BRAVIA XR A95L Series 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Clear and accurate sound
  • Great for streaming
  • Perfect for PlayStation 5
  • Very lifelike picture
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/03/2024 06:00 pm GMT

Sony’s BRAVIA XR A95L QD-OLED TV stands tall above the LG C2. From its combination of Quantum Dot and OLED display technology to its Cognitive Processor XR, this TV has much better picture quality and far greater brightness. Its Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology is another plus, giving you clearer and more accurate sound. Plus, it has more impressive upscaling without all that stuttering.

Best Display
SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S90C Series Quantum HDR
  • Bright OLED display
  • High-performance, AI-powered processor
  • Very slim design
  • Features Dolby Atmos
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/03/2024 06:09 pm GMT

The Samsung S90C OLED TV is another possibility, giving you the bright OLED display you need without any of the uniformity problems or dullness of the C2. Its Infinity Screen design gives you an edge-to-edge picture, which is pretty unique. Plus, its Quantum HDR 32x technology makes highlights and shadows look super eye-catching. I’m a big fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so good about the LG C2 TV?

The LG C2 stands out primarily for its OLED display technology. Organic LEDs make for some of the best displays technology can offer today. This sets the TV apart from less impressive LED or LCD TVs on the market.

Does the LG C2 support HDR content?

Yes, the LG C2 can handle High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. However, its HDR is not as bright as some rival 4K UHD OLED TVs. It also struggles with uniformity, which further detracts from the HDR display.

Is there a risk of burn-in with the LG C2?

Yes, there is a potential risk of burn-in associated with the LG C2 (as is common with many OLED TVs, LG or otherwise). Burn-in occurs when static images or logos are left on the screen for extended periods, leading to permanent damage to the screen.

How is the upscaling feature on the LG C2?

The upscaling feature included on the LG C2 is pretty mediocre. When playing lower-resolution content, the TV often struggles to upscale it without stuttering or distracting motion smoothing.

Does the LG C2 come with a stand?

Yes, the LG C2 does come with a stand in the box. However, the stability of the TV stand itself has been a real point of criticism. Many users have reported that the stand feels very wobbly, leading to safety concerns about the overall safety of the TV.

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