6 Reasons I Would Stay Away From the Hisense A6H 75-Inch Smart TV At All Cost

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6 Reasons I Would Stay Away From the Hisense A6H 75-Inch Smart TV At All Cost

In the world of television, there are plenty of big names all vying for your dollar. From Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Vizio, and Hisense, there is no shortage of options for consumers. The Hisense A6H may not be mentioned in the same breath as Samsung or LG televisions, but it does have an appeal around price. 

For anyone looking for a 75-inch 4K television, the regular price of the A6H is approximately $699. When you consider it goes on sale for around $500 regularly on Amazon, the appeal becomes even greater. There is no arguing this price is attractive, but the real question is whether it’s almost too good to be true. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the 75-inch Hisense A6 television and see if it’s worth purchasing today. 

Poor Picture Quality

LG A2 vs Hisense U8H
While some televisions from Hisense have good picture quality, the A6H isn’t among them.

One of the biggest downsides of Hisense A6H ownership is the poor picture quality. In this case, because the 75-inch A6H has a low contrast ratio, blacks look like gray at night. Without the benefit of having local dimming, the Hisense A6H simply cannot provide the same levels of deep blacks as its competitors. 

The best way to get the most out of the Hisense A6H is to watch in a well-lit room. This may be the only way to offset the poor peak brightness in HDR, so you don’t enjoy brightness in the same way you would with a Samsung or LG. Without the benefit of a wider color gamut, the A6H 75-inch looks dull color-wise. 

Even if you look at the Hisense A6H in a silo and don’t compare it to any competitor model, it’s still only providing you with mediocre picture quality.

Not Great for Gaming

Young person playing with modern technology gadget using video games console on television. Caucasian gamer with wireless controller sitting at home having fun with digital action
The poor motion response on the A6H makes it a bad television for gaming.

While I wouldn’t go as far as saying the Hisense A6H 75-inch is a terrible television for gaming, it’s just not great. Low input lag is immediately prominent and likely to cause a lot of frustration with Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 owners. I can look past the 60Hz refresh rate as there are plenty of good gaming televisions that still use this rate. However, even with support for VRR (variable rate refresh) to reduce screen tearing, gaming just feels like it blurs too often. 

Even if you try and bump the A6H up to HDR gaming, the story doesn’t get any better. The response time is still a major disappointment with the rough contrast levels not helping the matter. The same can be said for black uniformity or lack of in the case of the Hisense A6H. 

The odd thing is that while gaming in HDR, the A6H can get bright, which could have been really great. However, because it doesn’t have the right color volume levels, everything looks washed out, which makes you not want to play.

Cheap Remote 

Unlike the FireOS remote, the Hisense A6H remote is plasticky and has a cheap feeling.

While Samsung and LG provide outstanding minimalist remotes that ask you to rely on voice commands or smartphone apps, Hisense goes the opposite route. Instead, the Hisense A6H, in all of its available sizes, offers a cheap plastic remote. You won’t hold the remote and think it’s going to break, but it feels really different in the hands than those from Sony, Samsung, or LG. 

You do get several shortcut buttons to popular streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, and Peacock, so Hisense at least has this going for them. However, the remote feels like it could use more material to feel like it’s not so cheap. The disappointing thing is the remote for the A6H is a vast improvement over its predecessor, which was even worse.

Disappointing Sound Quality

Best TVs Under $300
With a 75-inch television like the Hisense A6H, you would hope for a great sound experience.

With the idea that the picture isn’t great unless you are watching in very good lighting conditions, you might hope the sound compensated for the poor picture. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re going to like the next few lines. The lack of bass provided by the speakers out of the Hisense A6H is a huge miss. Even though the television can get loud, the lack of bass makes watching heart-pumping movies a missed opportunity. 

On top of the lack of bass, the dialogue quality is equally disappointing. If you buy the Hisense A6H 75-inch model, the best advice I can give is to also buy a soundbar. Without a soundbar, you are stuck with muddy-sounding dialog at high volume levels. The alternative is to use closed captioning at low volume so at least you don’t miss something important.

Not for Sports

family watching tv sports
Watching sports on television demands a picture that can handle fast-moving action.

One of the best reasons to pick up a 75-inch television is to use it for sports. It doesn’t even have to be the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. Even watching the Little League Baseball Championships should look good on a 75-inch size screen. Unfortunately, the bad news with the Hisense A6H’s screen quality continues with sports due to a slow response time. 

Trying to watch sports with the A6H’s fast motion results in a blurry experience that makes tracking a quick running play difficult. The same can go for a quick last-minute end zone pass as the blurriness can become very distracting. Don’t get me wrong. There are no reports of the Hisense A6H showing blurry sports all the time, but it’s the fast-moving plays where things become challenging. 

On top of this, you have the same discussion as above where you can’t get over the poor brightness. You don’t have to worry about the deep blacks with sports, but brightness continues to be an issue. The only saving grace with the 75-inch screen on the A6H is its wide viewing angles. However, that alone isn’t enough to overcome the other negatives.

Customer Support

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With any television purchase, you want to know the company has reliable customer service.

One final reason to skip the Hisense A6H 75-inch television is its poor customer support reputation. Even though Hisense provides a one-year warranty, it’s still very difficult to get in touch with them for any issues.

You’ll likely be better off getting an additional warranty from a third party, which will be more reliable. While this may add to the overall upfront cost, it’s worth it to avoid any headache you might have if you try and go through Hisense customer service.

6 Reasons to Avoid a Hisense A6H Television Today Summary

#1Poor Picture QualityCompared to other 75-inch televisions, the Hisense A6H has poor contrast and blacks look gray at night. 
#2Not Great for GamingEven with VRR, gaming on the A6H suffers from fast-moving motion blur. 
#3Cheap RemoteThe remote offers a nice amount of shortcuts but feels like cheap plastic in the hand. 
#4Disappointing Sound QualityWhether it’s for movies or dialog, you really will be disappointed by the overall sound quality. 
#5Not for SportsEven with VRR, watching sports on the A6H suffers from fast-moving motion blur. 
#6Customer SupportHisense isn’t known for its customer support with or without warranty coverage. 
Best Budget
Hisense A6 Series 75-Inch Class 4K UHD Smart TV (2022)
  • Watch movies and shows in 4K Ultra HD
  • Access to the Google TV ecosystem
  • Amazing color range (Dolby Vision HDR)
  • Game Mode Plus for a dynamic gaming experience
  • DTS delivers an immersive audio experience
  • Use voice control to switch channels, browse, and adjust volume
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason you should avoid the 75-inch Hisense A6H?

The number one reason to avoid the Hisense 75-inch A6H is its poor picture quality. 

What are the best competitors to the Hisense A6H 75-inch?

If you had to go with a different television, anything from TCL or Insignia would be a great option. 

Is the Hisense A6H good for gaming?

Unfortunately, no, the A6H really suffers from a disappointing amount of motion blur and poor color volume. 

How long is the Hisense A6H warranty?

Hisense provides a one-year warranty to all buyers of the 75-inch A6H television. 

What is the best price you can hope to find with the A6H?

Amazon has kept the A6H priced right around $500 for months, so this is a good expectation as far as cost. 

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