The 5 Reasons to Avoid Beats Studio Buds at All Costs

beats fit pro vs. beats studio buds

The 5 Reasons to Avoid Beats Studio Buds at All Costs

The allure of the Beats Studio Buds lies in their sophisticated design and rich brand legacy. They’ve captured the attention of both serious music lovers and everyday users. As with all devices, they have their glowing features and slight imperfections.

Follow along as we explore the top 5 reasons that might sway you away from purchasing them.

Background of the Beats Studio Buds

Beats by Dre emerged in 2006, rapidly carving out its niche, thanks to its fashionable products and star-studded endorsements, notably from its co-founder, the iconic Dr. Dre. Apple’s acquisition in 2014 added another feather to its cap. Beats has always strived to marry fashion with function. This commitment led to innovations like the Studio Buds. 

Crafted for audiophiles, they strike a chord with their balanced sound output, comfortable wear, and contemporary design. However, even a brand as steadfast in its commitment to excellence as Beats has products that invite scrutiny. The Studio Buds are no different.

Let’s break down the main reasons you may want to pass on these earbuds.

Reasons to Avoid Beats Studio Buds

The sheer variety in the wireless earbuds market can be dizzying. While the Beats Studio Buds stand tall with their signature aesthetics and sound, they do have areas where they falter.

The Sound Profile is Not for Everyone

Beats is synonymous with its bass-rich audio signature, which is an appeal to hip-hop and EDM enthusiasts. However, aficionados of classical, jazz, or other genres that rely on a broader spectrum of sound might find the Studio Buds not hitting the right notes.

The pronounced bass can sometimes overshadow mids and highs, which could dampen the experience for some listeners.

Battery Life

Battery efficiency is a crucial benchmark in wireless tech. While competitors are stretching playtimes, the Studio Buds lag a bit behind. This limitation can be especially evident on days of heavy usage or travel where access to charging might be sporadic. Users expecting top-tier performance from a premium brand like Beats might feel shortchanged.

The Fit Might Not Suit Everyone

Ear ergonomics vary, making earbud fitment a personal experience. Some users of the Studio Buds have reported them to be too snug or loose, impacting not just comfort but also audio quality, especially the bass response which requires a good seal. Such fitment challenges can mar an otherwise immersive listening experience.

close-up of a woman taking out a black wireless earbud from his charging box. Female hands touching a portable gadget headphones
The Beats Studio Buds may be sleek in design, but how do they measure up in performance and user satisfaction?


Brands like Beats command a premium, not just for their tech but also the status it brings. The newest Beats Studio Buds model retails for around $150. However, in a rapidly evolving audio market, several contenders offer a similar or even richer feature set at a similar or more affordable price point, potentially offering more value per dollar spent.

No Wireless Charging

The world is steadily cutting cords. Wireless charging, though a simple convenience, has become an expected feature for many modern tech gadgets. The Studio Buds, unfortunately, tether users to cables for charging, which can feel archaic, especially when juxtaposed against rivals that support pad-based charging.

The Best Alternatives to the Beats Studio Buds

The earbud market is brimming with formidable alternatives. For those seeking a different flavor, below are some standout contenders.

Sony WF-1000XM4

Best Alternative
Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds
  • Sony's new V1 Processor and the LDAC codec.
  • Provides up tp to 8 hours per charge.
  • Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity.
  • Beamforming microphones with bone conduction sensors.
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02/25/2024 11:27 pm GMT

Sony’s legacy in audio engineering is truly epitomized in the WF-1000XM4.

The earbuds offer a symphony of well-defined mids, crisp highs, and profound bass, ensuring every genre, from classical to rock, is delivered with utmost precision. Such sound fidelity is what sets the WF-1000XM4 apart, making it a must-have for audiophiles.

The WF-1000XM4’s advanced noise-cancellation technology creates an oasis of calm even in bustling environments. Whether it’s the hum of an airplane or the chatter of a coffee shop, listeners can dive deep into their music, podcasts, or calls without distractions.

Plus, it offers extended playtimes, even with ANC turned on. For globetrotters or those on prolonged outings, these earbuds are a trusty companion, minimizing the need for frequent charging breaks.

The accompanying app for the WF-1000XM4 allows users to tweak and personalize their audio settings. From adjusting the equalizer to setting up location-based profiles, the experience is truly customizable to one’s auditory palette.

Check out the WF-1000XM4 on Amazon.

Apple AirPods Pro

Best Battery
Apple AirPods Pro
  • Features Active noise cancelling technology
  • Water resistant (including sweat)
  • Siri voice control automatically enabled
  • Battery: 24hrs
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02/26/2024 08:25 am GMT

The AirPods Pro isn’t just another pair of earbuds for Apple users; it’s an extension of the ecosystem.

The seamless integration it offers, from instantaneous pairing to features like audio sharing between Apple devices, provides an experience that is fluid and intuitive, reinforcing the bond between Apple products.

The AirPods Pro packs a dual punch with its noise-canceling abilities. Not only does it excel in creating an isolated audio experience with its ANC, but the transparency mode also allows users to stay aware of their surroundings by letting ambient sounds in. It’s a balance between immersion and awareness.

A leap forward in personal audio, the spatial audio feature in the AirPods Pro offers listeners a multidimensional sound experience. It feels like being in a movie theater, with sound coming from all directions, adding depth and dynamism to the content being consumed.

One size doesn’t fit all, and Apple acknowledges this with the design of the AirPods Pro. Offering a variety of ear tip sizes and a design that’s both ergonomic and lightweight ensures listeners can indulge in hours of audio without any discomfort.

Check out the AirPods Pro on Amazon.

Jabra Elite 75t

Best Battery Life
Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case
  • HearThrough Technology for superior sound quality
  • Long battery life -up to 24 hours
  • Compact charging case
  • IP55 dust and water resistance
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02/25/2024 10:27 am GMT

Tailored for those always on the move, the Jabra Elite 75t boasts resistance against elements like dust and water.

Whether it’s a sweaty gym session or an unexpected drizzle during a run, these earbuds rise to the occasion, making them an athlete’s reliable partner.

Jabra believes in individuality, and the Sound+ app reflects this ethos. Users can dive into a plethora of sound adjustments, from EQ settings to personalized audio profiles, ensuring every track sounds just the way they like it.

These earbuds promise extended hours of playback, keeping the tunes rolling from dawn to dusk. For those wary of battery woes, the Elite 75t is a solid option.

The Jabra Elite 75t, with its compact design, promises not just comfort but also a secure fit. Designed to snugly nestle in the ears, these buds ensure that whether you’re jumping, running, or dancing, they remain steadfast.

You can find the Jabra Elite 75t on Amazon.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Best Sound Quality
SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • 7-hour battery life that can be extended up to 28 hours with the charging case
  • Frequency response: 5 - 21,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth connectivity
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02/25/2024 09:37 am GMT

Sennheiser, with decades of audiophile-grade engineering behind them, brings their prowess to the Momentum True Wireless 2. The sound produced is pure, detailed, and rich, making every listening session an intimate concert.

The Momentum True Wireless 2 offers a stellar noise-cancellation experience without compromising the integrity of the audio. This ensures that listeners can lose themselves in music without losing out on the sound quality they expect from a brand like Sennheiser.

Sennheiser crafts its earbuds keeping the user’s comfort at the forefront. The Momentum True Wireless 2, with its thoughtful design, promises hours of fatigue-free listening, making it perfect for extended audio sessions.

In the age of touch, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 doesn’t lag. It’s equipped with responsive touch controls, allowing users to navigate through tracks, adjust playback volume, or summon voice assistants with gentle taps and swipes. This tactile approach makes the earbuds more immersive and user-friendly.

Check out the Momentum True Wireless 2 on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

In the vast realm of audio products, there’s no one-size-fits-all. The Beats Studio Buds, while exceptional in many aspects, might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Before making any purchase decision, try to pinpoint what you value most in an earbud –– be it sound quality, battery life, or integrative features. The market is flush with options and armed with the right knowledge, you’re sure to find the perfect auditory companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beats Studio Buds really not worth the investment?

In this article, we listed 5 reasons some users might find the Studio Buds not up to their expectations. However, personal preferences vary. While some might find the sound profile or battery life lacking, others may appreciate the brand and its overall aesthetics.

Is the sound profile of the Studio Buds too bass-heavy for classical music?

Beats is known for its pronounced bass, which might not cater to the subtleties of classical music for some listeners. Those who prefer more balanced or genre-specific nuances might find other earbuds more suitable.

How does the battery life of Beats Studio Buds compare to its competitors?

In comparison to some of its contemporaries, the Beats Studio Buds fall a bit short in battery longevity. While they might suffice for daily use, users looking for prolonged battery life during extensive travels might be left wanting.

What kind of fit issues come with Beats Studio Buds?

The fit of any earbud can be subjective. Some users have reported challenges related to the Studio Buds either not sitting securely or causing discomfort during extended listening sessions.

Are there other earbuds in the same price range that offer better value?

Depending on individual needs, some users feel that other earbuds on the market provide better features for the same price or less, such as better battery life, ANC, and superior sound profiles.

How does the lack of wireless charging impact the user experience?

As the tech world moves towards wireless solutions, some users might find the absence of wireless charging a tad outdated. It necessitates using traditional charging cables, which some might find less convenient.

Are there any compatibility issues with non-Apple devices?

While Beats Studio Buds can be used with non-Apple devices, some features, like “fast pairing,” are optimized for Apple products, which might lead to a slightly diminished experience for users of other brands.

Do the Beats Studio Buds have any redeeming qualities?

Absolutely! While the article focuses on areas of improvement, many users appreciate their design, brand reputation, and certain features. It’s always recommended to try them out personally or consult a variety of reviews before making a purchase decision.

Are there alternative earbuds you'd recommend over the Beats Studio Buds?

In the article, we mention several alternatives, including the Sony WF-1000XM4, Apple AirPods Pro, Jabra Elite 75t, and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2. Each of these has its own strengths, and the best choice depends on individual preferences and requirements.

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