9 Reasons I’m Buying a Skytech Nebula Gaming PC

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9 Reasons I’m Buying a Skytech Nebula Gaming PC

When it comes to considering a new gaming PC, there is a good chance Skytech isn’t at the top of your list. For the most part, this isn’t surprising as Skytech Gaming was only founded as a company in 2016. Compared to the giants in the PC industry like HP and Dell, Skytech is still fairly new so it’s understandable why someone would be hesitant to try a new brand. 

The thing is, in my estimation, purchasing a Skytech Gaming computer gets you outstanding features for the price. More importantly, Skytech Nebula computers use top-notch hardware from Intel and NVIDIA, and are boosted by Windows 11. 

With this in mind, let’s jump into all of the reasons I’m confident in buying a Skytech Nebula gaming PC in 2024.

Great Pricing

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When it comes to pricing, the Skytech Nebula offers great value for its performance.

Without question one of the best reasons to look at the Skytech Nebula gaming series is its great pricing. I think it’s safe to say the Skytech Nebula finds the right balance between power and price. According to the Skytech Nebula website, you have two configuration options available for either $1,079 or $1,349. The former uses the Intel Arc A770 16GB GPU while the latter uses the NVIDIA RTX 4070. 

However, if you jump onto Amazon, there is a large number of configurations to choose from. I was able to find pricing as low as $744 with an NVIDIA RTX 3050 or going up to $1,499 with an AMD Ryzen 5 and NVIDIA 4070. These are great deals based on the CPU and GPUs available and all the more reason why Skytech Gaming deserves a hard look.

Fun Designs

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The RGB lighting inside the Skytech Nebula helps create a really fun design.

If you are a serious PC gamer looking to complete or enhance an existing setup, the fun designs of the Skytech Nebula series are a great addition. Between customizable RGB lighting, a see-through casing on one side, and minimal branding, the Nebula series just looks fun. 

What I think stands out is the sleek and stylish black chassis Skytech focuses on with the Nebula series. You can use the RGB lighting to bring some life to the all-black casing and personalize it to your heart’s content. 

Of course, a fun design only works as well as the durability of the material. The good news is that the Skytech Nebula series feels well-built. Having seen a few Skytech Nebula computers in person, I can confidently say they are made from quality material and will withstand years of lengthy gaming sessions.

Modular Upgrades

Different RAM sizes
Skytech has made sure that its computers are easily upgradeable including RAM and SSD updates.

Any good gaming PC is going to allow you to do one thing above all else and that is perform upgrades. While the design of the Skytech Nebula gaming PC might be fun and sleek, it’s even more attractive with its “modular” design. Even though Skytech likes to use the word modular, the reality is it’s not all that different from other PC brand designs. 

Skytech is just going a step further and actively encouraging its customers to perform upgrades. Whether it’s more RAM, larger storage, or GPU upgrades, Skytech knows this will save you money. I’m super impressed with how well Skytech is handling the idea of telling its customers not only that it’s okay to upgrade its machines, but actively encouraging customers to do so.

Thermal Management 

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Thermal management on the Skytech Nebula is one of its best features.

As any good PC gamer knows, thermal management is a very important tool for better gaming. In the case of the Skytech Nebula gaming series, Skytech has emphasized thermal performance in a big way. The Skytech Nebula features what the company calls an “innovative cooler” alongside a chassis that ensures better airflow. 

Ventilation is a super important aspect of good thermal management and the Skytech Nebula is built to allow strong ventilation. Skytech prides itself on building machines that ensure your processor is working at consistently low temperatures.

The brand even goes as far as saying it offers superior thermals over its competitors. On many models, you have at least 4 different RGB fans for maximum airflow, which is a more than sufficient number for providing maximum airflow.

Ports Galore

Geekom Mini IT13 ports
When it comes to ports, the Skytech Nebula is full of everything you need for computer peripherals.

Regardless of how much you spend on a Skytech Nebula gaming PC, you can rest assured you won’t be left wanting for ports. Between USB-C Gen 2, USB-A 3.0, and headphone inputs, you have plenty of inputs for peripherals.

When it comes to hooking up a monitor, you have at least one HDMI and one DisplayPort guaranteed on every Skytech Nebula gaming PC. You can even look at various configurations of the Skytech Nebula series to find the exact ports you need.

Multiple Configurations 

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The Skytech Nebula offers many different configurations to help meet every price point.

Building on the great pricing mentioned above, one of the best aspects of the Skytech Nebula is the amount of configuration options. Whether it’s a 3060 Ti, RTX 4070, or RTX 3050, you have a lot of different GPU choices. Being able to choose between Intel Core i5/i7 processors and AMD Ryzen processors is another welcome choice for most consumers. 

Even the base configuration on Amazon is available with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, so customers who are looking for a budget-friendly option have something to use.

No matter what configuration you purchase, Skytech promises its Nebula lineup includes new and branded parts and is ready to play out of the box.

Good Customization 

close up of pro cyber sport gamer hands play game with RGB keyboard and mouse
When it comes to customization, the keyboard and the mouse with the Skytech Nebula are very customizable.

Alongside RGB lighting and the Skytech Nebula hardware chassis, you also get a customizable keyboard as well. Best of all, every Skytech Nebula computer includes a keyboard without exception. With these mechanical keyboards, you can choose a multitude of different backlighting options. 

There are three different lighting options with each keyboard to help personalize the design. You can disable the lighting if you choose, but knowing that you have the option of using your favorite lighting preference is fun. 

While the keyboard is good, you also receive a mouse with an adjustable DPI setting. This setting allows you to optimize just how fast your cursor moves across the screen. If you want to be super precise, use a higher DPI or go to a slower DPI for slower-moving games.

Customer Support

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When it comes to customer support, Skytech offers one of the best in the business with lifetime free technical support.

Arguably one of the best ways Skytech has grown over the last few years is its dedication to customer service. With U.S.-based customer support, customers in the U.S. can reach someone Monday-Friday if there are any warranty or hardware issues. 

Warranty aside, Skytech has been widely praised online, including on Reddit, for its customer service experience. PC gamers are a hard group to please so the Skytech Nebula series stands out because of the company’s unwavering commitment to do right by its customers. This comes through with the company including lifetime free technical support for all Nebula buyers. 

In addition, Skytech also provides extensive guides on its website to help you troubleshoot on your own. The company also provides support for upgrading its hardware, in case you have any questions before making any upgrades.

Sound Quality

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The overall sound quality with the Skytech Nebula is outstanding for the price.

The final bonus with the purchase of a Skytech Nebula gaming PC is its sound quality. By delivering Spatial Sound, you can expect 3D audio across the Nebula lineup. After just one listen the built-in speakers will quickly convince you that Skytech provides a crystal-clear audio experience. While there is a headphone input available, you can certainly make do with the included speakers. 

As an extra, you get a built-in microphone with all Nebula hardware. Most Nebula models you purchase on Amazon include noise-canceling features, so your teammates hear you and only you. This is a great inclusion to help make sure barking dogs in the background don’t throw off the team as the battle royale timer is winding down.

9 Reasons I’m Buying a Skytech Nebula Gaming PC Summary

#1Great PricingThe pricing on the Skytech Nebula series is great. 
#2Fun DesignsSkytech has designed the Nebula series to have a fun design with lots of RGB lighting. 
#3Modular UpgradesA modular hardware design means you can upgrade the Nebula any time you want. 
#4Thermal ManagementSkytech has also done great work with creating a strong thermal management system. 
#5Ports GaloreBetween USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI, there are ports for everything. 
#6Multiple Configurations The Nebula computer offers dozens of different configurations. 
#7Good Customization You can customize the included keyboard and mouse. 
#8Customer SupportSkytech offers great customer support with lifetime support. 
#9Sound QualitySpatial Audio ensures you have great audio with every game. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the single best reason to pick up a Skytech Nebula gaming computer?

The single best reason to pick up a Skytech Nebula is the feature-to-price ratio, which is terrific. 

How many different configurations are available with the Skytech Nebula series?

There is only one model available with the Skytech Nebula, but it comes in a variety of different configurations. 

Does the Skytech Nebula come with a keyboard and mouse?

Every Skytech Nebula comes with a wired mechanical keyboard and wired mouse. 

What colors can you get with the Skytech Nebula hardware?

The only available color you can get with the Skytech Nebula is all black. 

What graphics cards does the Skytech Nebula offer?

You can start with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 3050, 3060 Ti, 4070, Intel Arc A770, and more. 

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