8 Reasons I Would Buy a Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor In 2024

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8 Reasons I Would Buy a Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor In 2024

When you’re looking for your next gaming monitor, the Sceptre name probably isn’t going to be top of mind. Anyone looking at monitors is likely focused on Acer, ASUS, Samsung, and Dell. The thing is, Sceptre is one of those brands that doesn’t have a lot of recognition but absolutely should. Fairly priced with plenty of good features, Sceptre curved gaming monitors should be near the top of everyone’s review list. 

Sceptre’s gaming monitor lineup includes a variety of sizes, so there is something for everyone. You can also look at different resolutions, various stand designs, and even go with an ultrawide option. With this in mind, let’s jump right into the specific reasons why you should consider a Sceptre gaming monitor.

Excellent Pricing

Young gamer playing video games online while broadcasting on social media - Working live streaming on internet platforms
Sceptre curved gaming monitors are available at great prices no matter the model you prefer.

One of the biggest considerations around purchasing a gaming monitor is undoubtedly pricing. Looking at the curved gaming monitor competition will quickly show you just how high in price you can get. I think one of the best reasons to look at the Sceptre curved gaming monitor setup is its affordability. 

Sceptre is undoubtedly not a brand trying to compete at the upper levels of the PC gaming space. Instead, Sceptre looks to be more of an every-person monitor that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Even a cursory glance at the Sceptre curved gaming monitor lineup on Amazon shows you can find a 27-inch 2K resolution curved monitor from Sceptre for under $200. There is no question this price is a bargain compared to the competition.

Immersive Gaming

Adding a Sceptre curved monitor to your PC setup will instantly give you a more immersive gaming experience.

A primary reason why many PC gamers look at curved gaming monitors in the first place is a heightened level of immersion. With a curved gaming monitor, you get more of a feel for the world around you as your peripheral vision becomes an integral part of your gaming experience. Not only does this make it easier to potentially spot enemies or resources to pick up, but it’s just more fun. 

Not to get all scientific here, but with a curved monitor you get more light directed toward your eyes, so you can take in more. One of the reasons why a curved monitor feels more immersive is because your eyes can cover more of a screen than a flat panel. This is true even if both panels are the same size. 

I’m sure there are some additional scientific explanations we can include here to help explain this phenomenon. The reality is that even if we don’t completely understand the science, we feel more immersed in a game with a curved screen.

Eye Benefits

largest computer monitor
There are numerous eye benefits to using a Sceptre curved gaming monitor like reduced eye fatigue.

Speaking of eye benefits as a curved Sceptre gaming monitor wraps more around your field of vision, gaming feels more natural. Part of the advantage of a curved gaming monitor or any curved monitor is that it naturally bends to match how the human eye works. The hope, at least in my experience, is that a curved gaming monitor will reduce eye strain if you are sitting and gaming for prolonged sessions. 

Anyone who has ever used a larger display, like 32 or 34 inches, knows your eyes will constantly move around. Your eyes will glance back and forth at various windows and the result can be eye fatigue. With a curved gaming monitor from Sceptre, your eyes require less movement. The result is a larger field of view without additional eye strain. 

Eye benefits and immersive gaming tie together in a big way and help promote some big advantages of a Sceptre gaming monitor.

Big Selection 

Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor
Over 51 different curved gaming monitor options from Sceptre means there is something for everyone.

Even without the name recognition of Acer or ASUS, Sceptre still offers a wide selection of gaming monitors for purchase. According to the Sceptre website, there are dozens of curved gaming monitors available with a variety of features. As I indicated earlier, Sceptre offers a large selection of resolutions, features, refresh rates, panel types, and display sizes

In total, you have almost 51 different curved gaming monitor options on the website to choose from. Not all of them are in stock at the same time and some are only available directly from Sceptre, but Amazon also has a wide range of choices for purchase. 

Some of the monitors can date back a few years while other models are more recent. You can tell the difference mostly through the stand design as Sceptre’s newer, more premium gaming monitors offer a slimmer silver stand. The non-premium monitors look to use a more standard black stand design regularly found in brands like Acer andASUS.

Gaming Features

With a variety of different refresh rates available, Sceptre allows gamers to choose their favorite.

It won’t come as any surprise that among the most important reasons to buy a Sceptre curved gaming monitor are its gaming features. You can start with a refresh rate as you will be hard-pressed to find a gaming monitor in Sceptre’s lineup below a 120 Hz refresh rate. Going all the way up to a 240 Hz refresh rate, Sceptre is sure to give you a terrific experience with first-person shooters and action titles. 

Beyond the refresh rate, you also have as low as a 1 millisecond response time, which reduces any ghosting concerns. This is a definite consideration with gaming monitors regardless of the brand and many manufacturers promote anti-ghosting technology as a primary reason to buy. 

If you are looking at brightness, models like the Sceptre C275B-QWN168W can offer up to 550 nits of brightness. This is without question an excellent brightness level and goes well beyond what many competitors can offer.

Last but not least, add in AMD FreeSync Premium, which means smoother video and fast action. With this AMD feature, PC graphic cards and monitors sync to reduce any potential tearing or stuttering. Like the anti-ghosting measures, these features help make gaming smoother across the Sceptre curved gaming monitor lineup.

Connectivity Options

Rear inputs on an OLED LG Smart TV.
A multitude of connectivity options help set the Sceptre monitors apart from competitors.

A few years ago, worrying about what type of connectivity inputs your gaming monitor would have was unheard of. Today, it’s a far more important consideration as multiple connectivity inputs have gone away in favor of USB-C. While USB-C might be the standard, many gaming PCs still make solid use of HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-A. 

Thankfully, Sceptre hasn’t been as quick to jump on the USB-C only bandwagon. Instead, you should expect Sceptre gaming monitors to come with a range of connectivity inputs. The good news is that means you can connect all of your existing peripherals. Plus, you should have additional inputs for adding more gaming accessories in the future.

This helps make the Sceptre curved gaming monitors feel future-proofed in their own right even without USB-C availability. 

RGB Lighting

MacBook to PC
Adding RGB lighting to the back of some monitors, Sceptre added a little extra personalization.

If you want something a little more unique with your Sceptre curved gaming monitor, you can choose one of the models that has built-in RGB lighting. For example, the 34-inch curved C345B-QUT168  not only offers 1440p resolution but also includes “luminous back cover lights.” 

This lighting isn’t adjustable, but RGB colors still add a little flair and illuminate nicely against a wall. A variety of Sceptre curved gaming monitors offer similar designs and it does add a bit of personalization with each color design.

Picture by Picture

A close up of the keyboard and touchpad of two silver laptop computers.
Being able to use two computers at once with a Sceptre curved gaming monitor is a huge benefit.

One of the added benefits to Sceptre’s curved gaming monitors like the C345B-QUT168 is the inclusion of what the brand calls “picture by picture.” Connecting back to my support of maintaining a variety of input connections, some Sceptre curved gaming monitors accept dual sources, so you can display two sources at once. This means you can have two computers plugged in at the same time and both display on a monitor. Of course, this works best with larger Sceptre models, but you can try your luck on smaller monitors as well. 

This may not be a feature that will have a big use case while gaming, but it’s handy to use when you are not gaming. Multitasking, in particular, will be something that can readily take advantage of this picture-by-picture feature. 

Just imagine a spreadsheet on one side from a work computer and Twitch from a tablet you have connected to the monitor for the larger screen. Alternatively, use one computer and stream yourself live on Twitch on one side while gaming on the other. This feature is a great way to make full use of larger screen sizes without using something like the Windows snap feature.

8 Reasons I Would Buy a Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor Summary

#1Excellent PricingThe best aspect of Spectre curved gaming monitors is their low pricing. 
#2Immersive GamingUsing a curved gaming display allows for a more immersive experience. 
#3Eye BenefitsAlong with being more immersive, curved gaming screens are also better for your eyes. 
#4Big Selection Sceptre has a wide variety of gaming monitors no matter your feature wish list. 
#5Gaming FeaturesThere are several great features across the Sceptre curved gaming monitor lineup even with low pricing. 
#6Connectivity OptionsSceptre does a great job of continuing to include a variety of connectivity inputs. 
#7RGB LightingRGB lighting is available on select gaming monitors in the Sceptre lineup. 
#8Picture by PicturePicture-by-picture enables support for using two sources on one screen at the same time. 
  1. Sceptre Curved 27 inch 2K QHD Gaming Monitor
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    • Reduces blue light is easier on your eyes
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  2. Sceptre 27" Curved Nebula QHD 2K Monitor
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    • Up to 165Hz refresh rate
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  3. Sceptre 34-Inch Curved Ultrawide WQHD Monitor
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    • 30% more screen space
    • Up to 165Hz refresh rate
    • 1ms response time
    • 2x DisplayPort
    • 99% sRGB
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to buy a Sceptre curved gaming monitor?

The number one best reason to buy a Sceptre curved gaming monitor is low pricing. 

How many different curved gaming monitors are available in the Sceptre lineup?

There are around 51 different curved gaming monitors available on the Sceptre website. 

Where is the best place to buy a Sceptre curved gaming monitor?

Amazon is the best place to pick up a Sceptre curved gaming monitor. 

Do Sceptre curved gaming monitors go on sale?

Amazon regularly discounts Sceptre gaming monitors, so finding a deal shouldn’t take too long. 

What is the minimum refresh rate to use with a gaming monitor?

At the minimum, you should focus on a 120 Hz refresh rate for any gaming monitor purchase. 

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