7 Reasons I’m Buying a Samsung Chromebook 4

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7 Reasons I’m Buying a Samsung Chromebook 4

High-end computers, whether desktops or laptops have been a constant in my life. Nevertheless, I always wanted a small and lightweight laptop with no bells and whistles to use for writing and general purposes — such as browsing the internet and answering emails. The perfect occasion to buy one arose a few weeks ago when I accidentally broke my main laptop’s screen. While the laptop is thankfully still running hooked to an external monitor, it definitely isn’t portable anymore. Which is why I embarked on a quest to find the best small laptop on a modest budget. After carefully researching options, I’m now convinced to buy a Samsung Chromebook 4. Here’s why.

Good Battery Life

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The Samsung Chromebook 4 can last for a whole day with light-duty use.

Someone who knows me well might argue that I settled for a Samsung Chromebook for the whole purpose of being a major fan of the brand. Yet, one of the factors that convinced me to choose this model has nothing to do with the brand and everything to do with the battery life.

I wanted a Chromebook so that I could take it with me around the town — after all, don’t we all love to work from a coffee shop or while enjoying the breeze on a beach? While I could use a power bank to power my laptop in places with no access to a wall outlet, the idea of having enough battery for the whole day is more than appealing.

And this is exactly what the Samsung Chromebook 4 delivers. Samsung promises 12 hours of battery life, and while you won’t get as much, you can still squeeze out around 10 hours of runtime for light duties. That’s more than enough for my purposes.

Decent Keyboard

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Despite its small size, the Samsung Chromebook 4 comes equipped with a full-size keyboard.

As an author, the second most important thing for me in a laptop is the keyboard. I didn’t have high hopes for such a small laptop, but surprisingly, the Samsung Chromebook 4 has a pretty decent keyboard. The layout is perfectly spaced to prevent hitting the wrong key when typing at full speed, and the keys feel soft under the fingers.

The keyboard is also pretty silent, which is a big plus when working in quiet areas. You could even type away in a library without disturbing the folks around you. You won’t find luxuries such as a backlight or a fingerprint sensor for easier access, but the overall typing experience is great.

Decent Performance

windows vs chromeos
The Chrome OS maintains the system fast despite the entry-level components.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 is unremarkable as far as its components go. It is powered by an Intel Celeron N4000 and 4GB of RAM, and it has a low-end integrated graphics card. With these specs, you can’t expect the world from it.

Yet, if you forget your powerful computer for a moment, you might realize that this Chromebook has a pretty good performance for what it is. It has a good speed when used for general tasks. It also connects quickly to the internet, which is a plus.

The Chrome OS might not have all the features you’d get from Windows or macOS, but it doesn’t put a burden on the system either. This means a fast start-up and quick loading of your apps. What else could you wish for at this price tag?

Feels Sturdy

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This model resists accidental drops, temperature shocks, vibrations, dust, humidity, and low pressure.

Another thing I particularly like about this Chromebook is its sturdy construction. Samsung uses a military-grade aluminum frame and high-quality plastic components. The device is also tested to military-grade standards against transit drops, temperature shocks, dust, humidity, vibration, and low pressure.

Basically, this means that you can use this laptop anywhere and take it with you on all your adventures without worrying that it will break. Sure, you shouldn’t be too rough with it (it is still a low-end laptop), but at least it isn’t too delicate.

Good Webcam and Microphone

how to edit a zoom recording
The webcam and microphone quality are ideal for video calling.

I have to admit that in the past, the quality of the webcam and microphone were the last things I thought about when buying a laptop. Yet, when you get into a video call only to see the other party struggling to figure out what you say, things can get downright frustrating.

Luckily, the Samsung Chromebook 4 has a good camera and microphone for a laptop in this price range. You might not be able to use this model to record super high-definition vlogs or YouTube videos, but the video and audio quality is perfect for a Zoom call.

Light and Portable

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The Samsung Chromebook 4 is compact enough to take anywhere.

As mentioned, I wanted a Chromebook for portability — and this is what I can get from the Samsung Chromebook 4. This tiny thing measures 11.33 x 7.96 x 0.66 inches, which is really only slightly larger than a tablet these days. Not only does it fit in a small laptop bag, but it actually fits most of my handbags, which is a major advantage.

Despite its metal construction, this Chromebook is also lightweight. It has a heft of only 3.45 pounds, so it won’t put a burden on your shoulders when carrying it for a longer time. Another factor that enhances its portability is the long battery life, as you won’t have to struggle to find a wall outlet (you won’t even have to take the power cord with you if you don’t want to).

Attractive Price Point

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This Chromebook brings great value for the money.

Last but not least, a true selling point of this model is its price. The Samsung Chromebook 4 doesn’t promise what it can’t deliver, and an attractive price tag makes it easy to overlook its flaws. Currently, this model costs around $170 and is one of the best options under $200 for general use and students.

7 Reasons I’m Buying a Samsung Chromebook 4 Summary

#1Good battery lifeIt has good speed and performance, considering its basic components.
#2Decent keyboardThe keyboard is pretty comfortable to type on.
#3Decent performanceIt has good speed and performance considering its basic components.
#4Feels sturdyThe plastic and metal construction is durable.
#5Good webcam and microphoneIdeal for video conferencing on Zoom or similar apps.
#6Light and portableIt has good speed and performance, considering its basic components.
#7Attractive price pointIt is one of the best laptops under $200.
Overall Best
SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook 4
  • Compact, light design
  • Can handle bumps and drops
  • Advanced security features
  • 12.5 Hours of battery life
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02/15/2024 06:49 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is a Samsung Chromebook 4?

Samsung released its Chromebook 4 on October 7, 2019. This laptop is fairly old but still brings great value for money.

Can a Chromebook last 10 years?

Yes, a Chromebook can last 10 years. Google expanded support for Chromebooks to 10 years in 2023. This change will apply from 2024 to all models released after 2021. Since the Samsung Chromebook 4 was released in 2019, its support will likely end in 2024.

What are the disadvantages of a Chromebook?

The hardware limitations and low resolution of the screen are the biggest disadvantages of Chromebooks.

Why are Chromebooks so cheap?

Chromebooks usually include older or lower-end components, and they run on a free operating system. These are the main reasons why they are so cheap.

Why are Chromebooks so laggy?

As mentioned, Chromebooks use entry-level components. If you install too many apps or add too many extensions to your browser, the multiple processes can put a strain on the memory and processor, slowing down the system. To maintain a decent speed, you should only use a Chromebook for light-duty tasks.

Can I install Windows on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can. However, Windows takes up more resources than Chrome OS, and it will slow down your system.

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