7 Reasons I’m Buying a MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack in 2024

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7 Reasons I’m Buying a MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack in 2024

Finding a great but inexpensive travel laptop backpack on Amazon can be challenging. The good news is that your search is over as you discover the MATEIN travel laptop backpack. Amazon’s #1 best seller in all laptop backpacks, the MATEIN, has a 4.7 out of 5 rating. On top of that, it also has more than 92,700 reviews as of January 2024. With this many reviews and a great rating, the MATEIN just has to be an incredible backpack. 

First things first, it’s hard to beat the MATEIN’s price. Price is undoubtedly one of the reasons people are looking at the MATEIN. Beyond price, the MATEIN offers functionality and style, two important aspects of backpack life that cannot be ignored. 

With this in mind, let’s dive deep into what makes the MATEIN Amazon’s number-one travel laptop backpack.

Great Pricing

Hand is turning a dice and changes the direction of an arrow, symbolizing that the price is going down (or vice versa)
One of the best reasons to pick up the MATEIN travel laptop backpack is its budget-friendly price tag.

It’s hard to think of a more important reason to buy the MATEIN backpack other than its price. Frequently priced between $24 and $60 on Amazon depending on the size, the MATEIN is a bargain compared to other backpacks. This includes big backpack names that offer less storage and less functionality. Rest assured this is an affordable option for students, teachers, professionals, and everyone else.

The most popular size of the MATEIN is the 15.6-inch model available in its default gray color. In this style, you can expect a $24 price tag regularly, with other colors varying in price. For example, if you shift from gray to red, the price jumps to $34. Even so, you still have a fantastic price that is well below competitor backpack pricing.

Color Selection 

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack
With 28 colors to choose from, you have plenty of choices to find a color you love.

With 28 total color selections, I think you will be hard-pressed to find a color that doesn’t jump out to you. As I noted above, “Austere Grey” is the default color on Amazon, but you have a choice of different reds, greens, blues, galaxy, beige, yellow, and more. 

There are very few backpack models on Amazon that offer a similarly large color selection, so MATEIN has a big opportunity to win customers over. Personalizing a laptop backpack is one of the best ways to help you individualize your purchase and make it easier to keep track of it when you travel.

Laptop Protection

Avoid Acer Aspire 3
The laptop compartment on the MATEIN backpack offers plenty of padding and protection.

If you are thinking through what you want most out of the MATEIN travel laptop backpack, storage is likely the first thing that comes to mind. The priority is the laptop compartment, which can deliver space between 14 and 18.4 inches, depending on the laptop size. Whether it’s a MacBook or Windows laptop, there is plenty of room for laptops of all sizes. 

Once the laptop is placed inside the bag, regardless of size, the laptop compartment has additional padding for protection. I wouldn’t say the MATEIN travel laptop backpack can protect your laptop against hard drops, but it’s great for travel if you’re careful. 

A bonus that most people may not consider is that the laptop compartment also has a slot for a tablet as well. The tablet slot isn’t as padded as the laptop space, but you can rest assured both your laptop and tablet are in the most padded section of the MATEIN travel laptop backpack.

Ample Storage

man putting laptop in laptop backpack
With four separate compartments, the MATEIN travel laptop backpack offers ample storage.

Looking beyond laptop storage, if you want a backpack that has room for other items and necessities. In MATEIN’s case, you have a main compartment next to the laptop area. This is where you might consider placing clothes, headphones, or other large(r) items. 

A third storage area in front of the main compartment is a space for your daily necessities. This could include items like charger plugs, cords, smaller headphones, notebooks, or computer peripherals. At the very front of the bag, you have a small zipper pocket for pens/pencils and smaller items. There is also a key fob hook in this space, so you never have to worry about losing keys while traveling.  

All totaled, in the popular 15.6-inch size you have over 28l of total space. Jumping up to the 17-inch bag gives you 35l of total space. At the MATEIN’s largest size, the monster 18-inch travel laptop backpack, you have a whopping 54l of total space. In the two largest sizes, not only do you have enough space for electronics, but you almost have enough room to have the MATEIN double as a weekend bag as well. 

Of course, no travel laptop backpack is worth considering unless it offers expandable side pockets. Fortunately, MATEIN does with its two elastic side pockets that expand to carry water or your drink while traveling. 

USB Charging

portable power bank phone charger
The ability to charge your phone or tablet via the built-in USB connection is a great benefit.

One of those little extras that goes a long way is the MATEIN travel laptop backpack’s built-in USB charging ability. In the main compartment, you have a USB-A cable that can connect to a separately purchased charging brick. On the exterior of the bag, you also have a USB-A port that can connect to another cable and then plug into a smartphone, headphone, or other travel electronic items. 

This is one of those niceties that MATEIN includes that you never know how much you appreciate until you don’t have it anymore. Not only does it allow you to power your items without taking anything out of your bag, but you can also use a charging brick of any size. 

As I travel with a family of four, I bring a 20,000mAh charging brick at least to make sure I have room for 1-2 iPad charges and a few smartphone charges.

Good Comfort

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Padded shoulder straps and thick padding against your back make the MATEIN very comfortable to wear.

With its budget-friendly price, you might expect the MATEIN travel laptop backpack to make some sacrifices. It’s safe to say that comfort might be a place MATEIN looks to cut costs to keep the price low. The good news is this is not the case. Instead, MATEIN has gone the extra mile to provide increased comfort and maintain an inexpensive price point. 

For example, you have a back panel that offers increased padding for back support while walking and traveling. The last thing I want is a bag that makes me feel like I’m constantly bumping into my laptop. Instead, I can imagine you only feel more secure with the thicker back padding. 

Another area where padding matters in a big way is the shoulder straps. MATEIN has done well with its shoulder straps on the travel laptop backpack. The foam padding feels very good and remains breathable in the same way the back padding does. 

As someone who often uses a carrying handle on and off airplanes with my backpack, the thicker handle MATEIN provides is most welcome. It’s thick enough to get a strong grip on the bag and give me enough control so I don’t have to swing the bag to go in the direction I want.

Solid Materials

Traveler exploring the city on a rainy day with a smartphone and next to a street map
Weather resistance against the elements will make you feel comfortable wearing the MATEIN no matter the weather outside.

Made from a durable polyester fabric, the MATEIN travel laptop backpack doesn’t give you any impression it won’t last for years to come. Most importantly, water resistance gives you peace of mind. For someone like me who lives in South Florida, rain can start anytime, so I have to protect my electronics.

I’ve long stopped using bags that don’t offer any type of rain protection. This is why the MATEIN works as a travel laptop backpack. The great price and protection from the elements make for a great combination.

Another durable material that feels like it should be more expensive is the zipper quality. The metal zippers are not YKK, but user reviews indicate in bulk they feel durable. You would be hard-pressed to find many reports of the zippers failing.

7 Reasons I’m Buying a Matein Travel Laptop Backpack Summary

#1Great PricingThe very best aspect of the MATEIN travel laptop backpack is its affordable price tag. 
#2Color Selection With 28 different colors across four different sizes, there is a color option for everyone’s personality. 
#3Laptop Protection The MATEIN offers a padded laptop compartment that has room for both a computer and a tablet. 
#4Ample StorageThere are three additional compartments separate from laptop storage for clothes, headphones, and other necessities. 
#5USB ChargingA highlight of the MATEIN travel laptop backpack is the built-in USB charging port. 
#6Good ComfortThe solid padding on the straps and back of the MATEIN offers really solid comfort. 
#7Solid MaterialsThe polyester material, zipper quality, and weather resistance offer peace of mind the MATEIN will last for years. 
Best Overall
MATEIN Extra Large Travel Backpack
  • Affordable price tag
  • Very big color selection
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Built-in USB charging port
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to purchase the MATEIN travel laptop backpack?

The single best reason to purchase the MATEIN travel laptop backpack is its affordable price tag. 

Does the MATEIN bag have a strap for connecting to a suitcase handle?

Yes, there is a strap on the back of the bag that can go over a suitcase handle. 

Is the MATEIN travel laptop backpack weather-resistant?

Yes, the MATEIN is built from a weather-resistant polyester material. 

How many different sizes are available with the MATEIN travel laptop backpack?

There are four different sizes of the MATEIN travel laptop backpack at 14, 15.6, 17, and 18 inches. 

Is the MATEIN really the best-selling bag on Amazon?

According to the Amazon page for the MATEIN travel laptop backpack, the light grey color is the best-selling backpack on Amazon. 

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