5 Reasons I’m Buying an LG C3 OLED TV


5 Reasons I’m Buying an LG C3 OLED TV

Key Points

  • The LG C3 OLED TV offers brilliant image quality with its OLED Evo panel, delivering infinite contrast and perfect black levels.
  • The C3 provides multiple picture modes for SDR, HDR, and Dolby Vision content, allowing users to adjust brightness and contrast based on ambient light conditions.
  • The LG C3 has a premium aesthetic with a sleek design and a slightly thicker panel compared to other slim options from brands like Samsung and Sony.
  • The C3 offers a great mix of smart features for entertainment and gaming, including access to various streaming channels, high-resolution audio support, and gaming extras like variable refresh rate and an auto-low latency mode.
  • The LG C3 is an affordable mid-range TV that delivers premium features at a fraction of the price of other models in LG’s lineup, making it a cost-effective choice for buyers.

In the past few months, my top priority was finding the right upgrade for my 2021 NanoCell TV from LG. We know that OLED panels have superior image quality than most non-OLEDs, and my first choice was an LG G3 television. Unfortunately, that TV proved to be a less-than-ideal fit, mostly due to the imbalance between its features and the high price tag. I also considered QD-OLEDs and televisions from other brands, including Samsung and Sony. Ultimately, though, I like LG. I’m already familiar with its annoying webOS, and I found a better, more affordable alternative in its lineup that suits all my needs — the C3. Here’s why I would buy an LG C3 OLED TV today instead of waiting for the new 2024 releases.

Brilliant Image Quality

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Like most OLED TVs, the LG C3 delivers outstanding image quality.

OLED TVs might be prone to burn-in, but nothing takes away the fact that they have plain-gorgeous image quality. The C3 is ideal for cinephiles who want to see the greatest amount of details in shadows and darker images. The panel’s infinite contrast and perfect black levels are a true sight for sore eyes.

Like most OLED TVs, the C3 doesn’t have the brightest image out there. However, LG’s OLED Evo panel technology brings brightness and color volume closer to those of flagship mini LED TVs. In this TV, you can brighten the picture for standard dynamic range (SDR) and high dynamic range (HDR) content. Both modes bring punchier images than competitors, including the Sony A80L.

Sure, the brightness and overall image quality are no match for pricier flagships, but the difference is so minimal that you’re unlikely to notice it without watching the panels side-by-side. The color accuracy might not be as absolute as that expected from expensive top-of-the-range TVs, but you’ll get better shadow detail compared to the Samsung S90C and the Sony A80L. I also particularly like the C3’s anti-reflective screen that reduces glare when watching the TV in a brightly lit room or direct sunlight.

Multiple Picture Modes

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You can adjust the viewing mode for various types of visual content.

One thing I truly like about modern smart TVs is the amount of picture modes you can choose from. The C3 is no different. This model includes different picture modes for HDR, SDR, and Dolby Vision content. Sure, this feature is not exclusive to the C3. Most smart TVs from LG and other brands offer the same modes, but what makes the C3 special is how good these cinema modes look right out of the box.

Of course, you can adjust and lock in your favorite picture settings manually, but as far as I’m concerned, there is little to adjust for this television. The various modes allow you to adjust the brightness and contrast based on your ambient light conditions.

Two particularly interesting modes for the avid cinephiles are the Cinema and Cinema Home. The former is ideal to use when watching HDR content, while Cinema Home is slightly brighter and perfect for Dolby Vision content. Noise reduction settings allow you to improve the image quality for both of these modes, but you don’t have to do much to achieve near perfection. And if these two settings are not enough, you can always turn on LG’s Filmmaker Mode, which adjusts all settings to allow you to see a movie just as the director intended.

Premium Aesthetic

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A sleek back panel allows for wall-mounting installation.

The LG C3 also impresses from a visual standpoint. This TV is very similar to the G3 as far as the design is concerned, and even if I’m not too fond of the smallish stand, I can’t deny that its sleek aesthetic is exceptional.

One thing I particularly appreciate about the C3’s aesthetics is the slightly thicker panel compared to the super-slim options from brands like Samsung and Sony. The thickness is due to the circuits that still reside behind the panel rather than in a separate box, such as Samsung’s One Connect. Nevertheless, the back of the panel sports a uniform design that easily competes with the design of other premium panels.

A Great Mix of Smart Features

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You can access a variety of visual, audio, and gaming content.

Unlike Samsung’s TVs, LG’s TVs don’t focus on productivity. They are all about entertainment and gaming, and the C3 brings a great mix of smart features for both purposes. Entertainment-wise, you get access to a variety of LG and LG partner channels, including Netflix, Peacock, Paramount+, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+. Apple TV, Hulu, and HBO Max are also part of LG’s suite.

For music streaming, you can access Spotify or YouTube, or you can listen to iHeartRadio. If you’re into sports, you can also activate sports alerts, while smartphone connectivity makes it easy to stream audio and visual content from your handset.

Naturally, the C3 comes with HDMI ARC and eARC ports that support high-resolution audio devices. It also supports DTS audio, which is perfect for Blu-ray watching. As far as the supported devices are concerned, you can pair this TV with numerous soundbars and speakers.

Gamers can enjoy four HDMI 2.1 inputs, all of which support 4K content at 120Hz. Built-in gaming extras include a variable refresh rate and an auto-low latency mode developed to improve the performance of most gaming consoles.

As a serious gamer, you can also switch on the Game Optimizer to control settings on the fly. I’m also fond of the gaming hub that offers plenty of cloud gaming services, such as GeForce Now — this is a very nice touch when you want to play something but don’t feel like turning on your PlayStation or Xbox.


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This OLED TV brings the right balance between price and value.

Ultimately, what I like about the LG C3 is its price. Essentially, this is a mid-range TV. However, it delivers premium features at a fraction of the price of other models in LG’s 2023 lineup, including the G3. Various sizes make it easy to find a match for your budget.

LG offers this television in six sizes, from 43 to 83 inches. I currently own a 55-inch TV and want to upgrade to something bigger. The 65-inch version of the LG C3 is currently priced at around $1,600, or slightly cheaper from certain retailers. Comparatively, a 65-inch G3 would set you back at least $1,000 more than the C3. The 77 and 83-inch options are naturally more expensive, but they are still more affordable compared to the G3 and other flagship OLED TVs.

5 Reasons I’m Buying an LG C3 OLED TV

#1Brilliant image qualityThe OLED Evo panel delivers the right amount of brightness and infinite contrast.
#2Multiple picture modesYou can select from various image quality modes for SDR, HDR, and Dolby Vision content.
#3Premium aestheticThis television has a sleek design and comes with a stylish stand.
#4A great mix of smart featuresThe webOS provides quick access to on-demand TV channels and other entertainment and gaming features.
#5PriceThe LG C3 has an affordable price tag, especially for the larger sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy an LG C3?

The LG C3 is considered a mid-range OLED TV. Nevertheless, it has plenty of premium features and impresses with a stylish design. It is also more affordable than the brand’s flagship G3. Objectively, this model is worth it.

What is the weakness of OLED TVs?

The biggest weakness of OLED TVs is the shorter lifespan compared to LED or mini LED panels and the vulnerability to light. However, modern OLED panels use technologies that fight these downsides.

Is OLED bad for your eyes?

No, OLED panels are actually better for your eyes than standard backlit panels due to the reduced amount of blue light they emit.

Is 4K better than OLED?

The two can’t be compared. OLED is the type of panel a television or monitor has, while 4K refers to the panel’s resolution. That said, 4K OLED panels are usually better than 4K LCD panels.

Is the LG C3 better than C2?

The LG C3 is marginally better than its predecessor, although most improvements are hardly noticeable in practice. One of the main improvements is the higher brightness of the C3, as well as the support of the DTS audio formats.

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