9 Reasons I Bought an Amazon Fire Max 11 in 2024

Amazon Fire Tablet

9 Reasons I Bought an Amazon Fire Max 11 in 2024

If you are looking for a budget Android tablet, the Amazon Fire name has undoubtedly come up in your search. At the top of the list is the Amazon Fire Max 11, arguably the best budget tablet available today. Between its beautiful screen, faster processor, and Amazon-heavy experience, you really can’t go wrong. 

When you consider you get an 11-inch tablet with 14 hours of battery life and expandable memory, this is a steal for under $200. Better yet, you can add an optional stylus and keyboard, which helps make the Fire Max 11 a productivity machine. With this in mind, let’s tally up the reasons why you should buy a Fire Max 11 in 2024.

Solid Performance

Amazon Fire Max 11 Geekbench
When compared to the Fire HD 10, the Amazon Fire Max 11 is significantly faster.

One of the biggest disappointments of previous Amazon Fire tablets has been their subpar performance. In the case of the Fire Max 11, its performance has come a long way. I can now confidently say we have an Amazon Fire Tablet that doesn’t require a full second before switching apps. The increased power of the internal processor helps make everything feel more seamless. 

With Amazon’s Fire OS, which is laid over Android, you often find a bogged-down interface. Thankfully, the Fire Max 11 can easily navigate Amazon’s crowded OS when jumping between apps and gaming. Inside the Fire Max 11 is an octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM, a big improvement over previous Fire tablets.

Battery Life

Amazon Fire Max 11 Battery
With the right kind of use, the battery on the Fire Max 11 can last for days.

For most people, tablet battery life is worth considering before a purchase. Unlike a smartphone, which most people charge nightly, charging a tablet isn’t given as much thought. This is why the 14-hour battery life on the Fire Max 11 is so important. Not only can you skip charging for a night, but depending on use, I have gone a week without charging. 

In my case, I use my Fire Max 11 every day to watch my favorite shows on Netflix. This is 5 total hours of use each week with an hour a day of running. With only this use case in mind, I still find myself having over 60-65% battery life each week if I don’t use the Fire Max 11 for any other reason. I can confidently say this battery life is better than my iPad Pro battery. 

As the iPad is a more demanding tablet, its promised 10 hours of battery life drains faster than the Fire Max 11.

Entertainment Hub

Amazon Fire Max 11
You can easily find all of your streaming favorites on the Fire Max 11.

My primary use case for picking up the Fire Max 11 is as a streaming tablet and it doesn’t disappoint. While the Amazon AppStore doesn’t have every streaming app, I was able to easily download Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and MAX in the first few minutes. Best of all, the screen on the Fire Max 11 is great for video. With 2.4 million pixels on the 2K (2000 x 1200 resolution) display, movies and TV shows both look terrific. 

When you consider the ability to download these streaming apps, plus the Kindle store for reading, the Fire Max 11 is a great pickup for entertainment. If you don’t intend on using a tablet for productivity with a keyboard, the Fire Max 11 is easily worth the cost.

This is evident when you consider there are a lot of games that play surprisingly well on the Fire Max 11. Again, previous Amazon Fire tablets had some gaming limitations due to the slow(er) processors, but this isn’t the case with the Max 11. Instead, many of my favorite games like Call of DutyMobile play well.

Build Quality

Amazon Fire Tablet
The build quality of the Fire Max 11 with its aluminum frame feels very durable.

I’m trying not to compare the Fire Max 11 to previous Amazon tablets intentionally, but it’s hard not to do so when it comes to build quality. The aluminum design of the Max 11 is a far cry from the plasticky build of the Fire HD 10.

There is just something more premium about the aluminum design. More importantly, Amazon added strengthened glass that is 3 times more durable than the 9th-generation iPad. 

You have to give Amazon a little rope here as this comparison is according to their tumble tests. Even so, I can’t help but appreciate how much better the Fire Max 11 feels than the Fire HD 10 I traded in to pick up this updated model.

Smart Home Hub

Amazon Fire Max 11 Alexa
The Amazon Fire Max 11 can serve as a central hub for all your smart devices.

Even though previous Amazon tablets all have had Alexa and smart home capability, it’s just better on the Fire Max 11. The Fire Max 11 can easily serve as your smart home hub and control any smart devices you have that supportAmazon Alexa. You can head straight to the device dashboard on the Max 11 and look at every device you have connected. 

Alternatively, you can just ask Alexa right on the tablet itself. You can say things like “Alexa, what are the latest football scores” or “Alexa, what is the weather outside?”The smart capabilities you can control through the Fire Max 11 are quite abundant and it’s a big benefit for anyone who wants to make the switch to smart home living.

Productivity Machine

iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard
Like the iPad Pro, the Fire Max 11 also has a keyboard accessory for increased productivity.

I’ve never really thought of Amazon tablets as productivity machines, but Amazon hopes to change that with the Fire Max 11. With the announcement of this tablet, Amazon heavily promoted both the stylus pen and keyboard case. With the keyboard, you can snap Amazon’s lightweight case right onto the tablet and type away. 

The larger 11-inch display makes it more enjoyable to put two apps side-by-side or two browser tabs next to one another. This is a great way for students to do research and write papers or open up your email app and take notes in another window. There are quite a few possibilities with the keyboard case.

The same can be said for the stylus pen, which works with the Fire Max 11 out of the box. Best of all, you have a full six months of battery life on one charge. Take that Apple Pencil. There is no doubt the Apple Pencil has vastly more use cases, but with the stylus, you have plenty of opportunities to find a reason to buy the Fire Max 11.

Expandable Memory

MicroSD cards for Nintendo Switch
Expandable memory is one of the biggest benefits of the Amazon Fire Max 11.

One of the biggest advantages of the Fire Max 11, especially over the iPad, is expandable memory. When you buy a tablet from Apple, whatever storage allotment you buy is what you have for life. With the Fire Max 11, you can always upgrade your storage with a microSD card.

This means you can add more space for apps, games, and videos. You can add storage up to 1TB in size, which is likely around $100 or so and a far cry from the cost of a 1TB iPad Pro, which costs over $1,000 on its own.

Audio Speakers

Amazon Fire Max 11
The dual speakers on the Fire Max 11 are a much-improved experience over the Fire HD 10.

Nobody is going to mistake the Amazon Fire Max 11 speakers for the best in the tablet world, but they are very good. With support for Dolby Atmos, you shouldn’t have any complaints while watching videos.

Firing out of the top of the tablet, the audio clarity perfectly matches the cost of the tablet. There is no doubt connecting a pair of nice headphones will give you a better audio experience. However, for $200, it’s hard to complain.

Luna Gaming

Amazon Luna Gaming
Amazon Luna is the internet giant’s attempt to take on Xbox Game Pass.

Reading this you might be forced to ask yourself “What is Amazon Luna”? You wouldn’t be wrong to ask this as Amazon’s cloud gaming service still has a way to go before it has the same level of recognition as Xbox Game Pass. With the power of the Fire Max 11, you can easily make use of Wi-Fi 6 and seamlessly stream games.

With titles like Control, Fortnite, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, Team Sonic Racing, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there are plenty of games to choose from. Rest assured these are full titles and the same gaming experience you would find on a home console.

9 Reasons I Bought an Amazon Fire Max 11 in 2024

#1Solid PerformanceThe octa-core processor with the Fire Max 11 is much faster than previous years. 
#2Battery LifeWith up to 14 hours of battery life, the Fire Max 11 can last for days. 
#3Entertainment HubYou will love the beautiful screen for watching movies and TV shows. 
#4Build QualityThe aluminum build of the Fire Max 11 is much improved over the plastic Fire HD 10. 
#5Smart Home HubYou can easily use the Fire Max 11 as a smart home hub
#6Productivity MachineAdd a keyboard or stylus and make the Fire Max 11 a productivity machine. 
#7Expandable MemoryYou can add up to 1TB of expandable memory with the Fire Max 11. 
#8Audio SpeakersThe Dolby Atmos-ready speakers on the Fire Max 11 sound really great. 
#9Luna GamingWith Wi-Fi 6 and the 2K screen, cloud gaming with Amazon Luna is really solid. 
Amazon’s Flagship Tablet
Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet
  • 11-inch 2K display
  • Octa-core processor
  • 128GB of storage
  • Dual 8MP cameras
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one reason to buy the Amazon Fire Max 11?

The number one reason to buy the Amazon Fire Max 11 is its much improved performance. 

How many different versions of the Amazon Fire Max 11?

There are two different versions of the Fire Max 11, with the only difference being storage. 

What operating system does the Fire Max 11 run?

The Amazon Fire Max 11 runs Fire OS, which is a forked version of Android.

How often does Amazon discount the Fire Max 11?

It’s safe to say that Amazon frequently discounts the Fire Max 11 to under $200. 

Can you connect headphones to the Fire Max 11?

Yes, you can connect headphones of any type to the Fire Max 11. 

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