Reality TV Shows That Are Surprisingly Addictive

Reality TV Shows That Are Surprisingly Addictive

For better or worse, reality television is here to stay. Whether it’s watching people fall in love or compete for a prize on a deserted island, reality TV has cemented its place in both streaming and network television. Kicking off around the late 2000s, reality TV first found its place with shows like The Real World. 

Fast forward a few years and reality TV started with big names like Survivor, American Idol, and Big Brother. As these shows found massive audiences, networks went all in on finding new ideas in this genre. Best of all, reality TV is often less expensive than scripted shows and fans find it more relatable. 

Today, you can find reality TV everywhere and some of these shows are surprisingly addictive.

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind has quickly become a staple of Netflix’s growing reality TV selection.

This Netflix reality powerhouse has taken over the social media conversation over the past few years. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this matchmaking show attempts to connect two people based solely on their personalities.

As the couples can’t see each other until after getting engaged, it’s just incredible to see their first reactions. Better yet, broken engagements lead to broken hearts and plenty of drama.

Big Brother

One of the original reality TV shows, Big Brother has been around for 25 seasons.

One of the original staples of reality TV, Big Brother remains surprisingly addictive even after 25 seasons. It’s amazing how CBS keeps the show fresh every season. Watching friends betray one another is just awesome week after week as these “HouseGuests” compete for $500,000. The entire house is monitored with cameras and microphones, so nothing is secret.

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? on ABC brings out the best and worth of people.

First airing on ABC in 2008, What Would You Do? Is a terrific show that brings out the best and worst in people. This long-running hidden camera show looks to see how bystanders respond in different situations.

Whether it’s racism, disabilities, cheating, or homelessness, it’s addicting to see how people react. Ask yourself what you would do if you saw someone harassing a person with a disability. How you would react is the premise of the show.

Jersey Shore

The cast of Jersey Shore has been through a lot since its premiere in 2009.

The cast of Jersey Shore has become household names and not always for the right reasons. This show about young singles was a surprising hit for MTV. Premiering in 2009, the show is still going strong with a ton of drama around marriages, divorces, and at least one cast member going to prison. Gym, tan, laundry all the way.

The Real Housewives

With over 30 different series available, The Real Housewives is must-see TV.

The world of The Real Housewives has helped Bravo become one of the best TV channels for reality TV. This show allows us to get inside the world of the rich and often famous. Unfortunately, having money doesn’t solve all your problems and, in many cases, it introduces new problems.

A total of 11 different series have been produced in the U.S. and another 21 series have been introduced internationally.

Married at First Sight

When it comes to relationships and reality TV, Married at First Sight is very addicting.

Another show about finding love, Married at First Sight has been addictive for years. First airing on Lifetime, the show is Australian in origin. However, coming to the U.S., the show features between 3 and 5 couples who are matched by several relationship experts.

Unfortunately, the “experts” don’t always get it right and the result is a must-watch reality TV drama as 64 couples have been matched so far and counting.

Last Chance U

Seeing some of the success stories from Last Chance U is incredibly fulfilling.

A personal favorite, Last Chance U is a Netflix-based show that hopes to give out a few second chances. The show focuses on talented football players who have found themselves in trouble. As a result, they wind up at various junior college football programs with some headstrong coaches. It’s super addictive to watch a season unfold and to see who makes it to the next level.

Taxicab Confessions

One of the earliest reality TV shows to air, Taxicab Confessions was an HBO staple.

Running from 1995 to 2006, Taxicab Confessions may be mostly forgotten but it was a trailblazer back in the day. This show undoubtedly helped set the stage for the kind of unfiltered conversations that have popularized reality TV.

The show is exactly what it sounds like as a taxi driver will try and get passengers to reveal secrets and intimate thoughts. Rest assured the hidden cameras and microphones don’t miss anything.

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