Ram 1500 Revolution vs Rivian R1T – Which One Is Better?

ram 1500 revolution vs Rivian R1t

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Rivian R1T – Which One Is Better?

Electric trucks are a quickly growing segment in the EV sector. It isn’t hard to see the appeal of an electric truck. You get the utility and power of a normal truck while using a more ecologically friendly solution. CES is also in full swing, and Ram has announced their take on the electric truck, the Ram 1500 Revolution.

This comes in the wake of Ford’s F-150 and Chevy’s Silverado. There is another competitor, the Rivian R1T. How do these exciting new electric vehicles stack against each other? Let’s take a look at the available data points.

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Rivian R1T: Side-by-Side Comparison

Ram 1500 RevolutionRivian R1T
Quick Charge Rate100 miles in 10 minutes140 miles in 20 minutes
Towing CapacityNot disclosed11,000 lbs
All-Wheel DriveYesYes
Autonomous DrivingYesYes
Charging Rate350 kW200 kW

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Rivian R1T: What’s the Difference?

It is still fairly early to determine exactly how the Ram 1500 Revolution stacks against the Rivian R1T, but they are comparable in many ways. The reveal of Ram’s new electric truck boasts some impressive features.

ram 1500 revolution vs rivian r1t
Ram 1500 Revolution’s interior fits two rows of adjustable seating, and maintains a usable bed length.


Of note is the customizable interior, which can be configured to have a third row of seating. The Ram Rev has a lot of promising new features for the 2024 model. The operational range hasn’t been disclosed yet. But, given how many stops Ram has pulled out in the concept, it should be comparable to, or exceeding, Ford and Chevy’s offerings.

One of the more remarkable things about the new Ram concept is its ability to get 100 miles of range in just a 10-minute quick charge. This can be chalked up to the higher effective charging rate of 350 kilowatts, which is higher than any other production electric truck on the market currently.

Rivian’s R1T is also a recent contender in the electric truck market. An empty load has the range of the Rivian R1T at 400 miles with the most efficient configuration.

Operational conditions have a huge amount of flexibility for the Rivian R1T, as it is able to operate at temperatures between 130ºF to -25ºF. It is fully off-road capable, and the featured drive modes can automatically configure the ride height and suspension to suit roads and extreme terrain alike.

EV truck
The R1T’s quad-motor drive system has two drive units on each axle


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Ram 1500 Revolution vs Rivian R1T: 10 Must-Know Facts

Battery capacity for the Rivian R1T is quickly depleted when towing, sadly. Battery drain aside, the Rivian R1T is capable of towing up to 11,000 lbs. Currently, Ram hasn’t revealed the exact weight limits of the 1500 Revolution, but the concept compares favorably to the Rivian R1T.

Ram 1500 Revolution

  1. Faster charge rate than any electric truck on the market.
  2. Can fit cargo up to 18 feet long in the bed with the rear seats folded down.
  3. Can follow behind at work sites, using sophisticated sensors and cameras.
  4. All-wheel drive capable.
  5. Has a collapsible steering wheel in autonomous driving mode.
ram 1500 revolution vs Rivian R1t
Users can obtain a 100 miles charge in 10 minutes on the Ram 1500 Revolution.


Rivian R1T

  1. 16-inch tablet for navigation, gauges, and media.
  2. Can tow a staggering 11,000 pounds.
  3. Has 12 cubic feet of lockable storage.
  4. The maximum battery pack has 400 miles of range.
  5. Has driving modes for optimal performance on different surfaces.
EV cars trucks and SUVs
A new Rivian R1T truck has a range of approximately 400 miles per full charge.


Ram 1500 Revolution vs Rivian R1T: Which One Should You Choose?

Picking an electric vehicle is a tricky proposition. There are a variety of electric trucks which are certainly capable of hauling, driving, and entertaining. Let’s go over some of the finer details about the Ram 1500 Revolution and the Rivian R1T so you can draw your own conclusions.

Ram 1500 Revolution

Ram’s first electric vehicle is still murky in terms of technical specs and details. What is known about the truck is favorable, however, with a good amount of power and utility. Retail prices haven’t been announced yet, but could prove to be more in line with Ford and Chevy’s offerings than Rivian’s.

Where Ram could really succeed with the 1500 Revolution is in having a comparable product to their competitors while providing a more plush experience at a similar price point. The 1500 Revolution is suited for all sorts of conditions and is packed with some unique and smart tech.

Imagine having a truck that can tell you how to fit an object in the bed. Now realize that this is a reality, at least with the augmented reality app provided by Ram. Also included are a variety of entertainment options, including a pair of projects on the vehicle for displaying videos and visual communication. Ram is set to have the ultimate electric truck, proving that being last in line doesn’t mean you necessarily lose the race.

Rivian R1T

Rivian’s entry into the electric truck market is an attractive choice. Prospective buyers have a variety of options for entertainment and utility with the Rivian R1T. Pricing-wise, it retails for a higher suggested price than comparable models from Ford and Chevy.

It is capable of hauling a substantial amount of cargo through towing, at 11,000 pounds. The are some negatives associated with using it in its capacity as a work truck, which include the substantial battery drain imposed with the extra strain.

Also of note is the lack of compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a curious choice, given how Rivian touts the vehicle as having information and entertainment at the center of the connectivity of the truck. The R1T is on the more expensive side, retailing for $70,000 for the base package.

The total range on a full charge is great, however, with 400 miles with the maximum battery and optimal configuration suggested by Rivian. The R1T is a great choice if you need an electric truck now. If you’re not willing to wait, this is the best of the best on the market.

Which One to Buy?

Information is scarce on the Ram Revolution 1500, but the improvements in charging and connectivity features narrowly edge out the Rivian R1T. After the announcement at CES this year, it’s only a matter of time before Ram reveals more details on their first foray into electric vehicles.

If you’re not willing to wait, the Rivian R1T is the choice to make. It has a great operational range, excellent towing capability, and plenty of power to spare.

Technology Updates to the Ram 1500 Revolution and the Rivian R1T Since February 2023

Both of these vehicles are in the concept stage and will not be released for sale until 2024. There may be some minor technology updates prior to their release but these have not been disclosed to the media at this time.

What to Expect from the Ram 1500 Revolution or the Rivian R1T in 2025

Although it may seem premature to speculate about enhancements to the two EVs that haven’t yet been released, we can assume that both will update some or all of the following.

  • Improved range and charging speeds: More energy-dense and efficient EV batteries are in the works, so we can expect that both vehicles will feature increased range. Faster charging speeds are also likely due to the development of 800-volt charging systems.
  • More advanced driver assistance features: The 2025 models may have more advanced driver assistance features than their predecessors such as driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. Self-driving technology is also a probable enhancement.
  • Improved infotainment systems: The 2025 version of these vehicles will likely feature larger larger touchscreens and better graphics. It’s probable that they will also integrate more seamlessly with smartphone apps and services.
  • More sustainable materials: Both of these EVs are constructed from various sustainable materials including recycled plastics and carbon fiber. It’s likely that the 2025 versions will feature even more sustainable material.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Ram Revolution 1500 due to release?

Ram has just revealed the Revolution 1500, so details are a little sparse in terms of availability. It is slated for 2023 production, however, with the 2024 Ram Revolution 1500 due before the year’s end.

One can only imagine Ram is seeking to make the ideal electric vehicle for their own reputation, rather than creating something on the basis of mimicking their competitors.

What is driving electric vehicle prices so high currently?

Supply shortages in the wake of the pandemic still haven’t gone away. Key components and materials like computer chips, lithium-ion batteries, and other vital pieces are still tougher to come by in the supply chain.

As such, this is reflected in the price of newly manufactured electric vehicles, as the manufacturer has to recoup the increased expenditure somewhere.

Time will tell if prices fall more in line with conventionally fuel-powered vehicles. A comparable gasoline-powered truck powered by Ford retails for nearly $20,000 less than its electric counterpart.

The trade-off is that the cost of powering the vehicle isn’t nearly as variable as with an electric car or truck. Electricity isn’t at the whims of the oil companies and can remain at a more or less fixed cost for the foreseeable future.

Are other conventional automakers making electric vehicles?

Absolutely, electric vehicles are only on the rise. Legacy manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and Kia all have electric vehicles on the market. These manufacturers are also working extensively to improve the technology, which is only a net benefit for the state of the electric vehicle, given the massive research and development departments these companies can leverage.

Is autonomous driving safe?

Autonomous driving can be a safe and viable alternative to manual driving. Where its failings become more apparent is when the driver isn’t choosing to pay attention to their surroundings.

The artificial intelligence driving mechanisms and software behind autonomous driving are highly sophisticated and constantly evolving. They won’t compensate for an unaware driver ignoring their surroundings.

Why are so many electric vehicles packaging entertainment capabilities in their cars and trucks?

You can think of it as a bonus. Say you’re out for a camping trip with your family; the ability to listen to music or watch a movie under the stars is just a little sweetening on top.

Connectivity with mobile devices also aids in the navigation and monitoring of the vehicle. The entertainment component of these electric vehicles is just something additional that probably didn’t require much to be implemented in the operating system of the vehicles.

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