Ram 1500 Revolution vs Ford F-150 Lightning: Which One Wins?

ram 1500 revolution vs ford f-150 lightning

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Ford F-150 Lightning: Which One Wins?

Electric vehicles have made leaps and bounds since their more mainstream introduction. Electric trucks, in particular, have become very much on par with their gasoline and diesel-driven counterparts. CES 2023 saw the introduction of the Ram 1500 Revolution, a high-performance electric truck promising to be the next level of performance.

Ford has been in the electric vehicle market for a little while now, ever since the introduction of the Ford F-150 Lightning. The Ford F-150 Lightning does away with some of the trappings of previous generations of electric vehicles.

It introduced a truck that can actually do some work while being more ecologically friendly. Both trucks have some enticing features, but which one is actually worth the investment?

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Ford F-150 Lightning: Side-By-Side Comparison

Ram 1500 RevolutionFord F-150 Lightning
Quick Charge Rate100 miles in 10 minutes15% battery to 80% battery in 44 minutes
Towing CapacityNot available7,700 lbs for the standard model
Autonomous DrivingYesYes
All-Wheel DriveYesYes
Charging Rate350 kW155 kW

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Ford F-150 Lightning: What’s the Difference?

The Ram 1500 Revolution was newly announced at CES 2023 and has the potential to be one of the top electric trucks on the market. It charges at a faster rate than any of its competitors, and if Ram delivers on the hype, it should prove to outclass any electric truck.

ram 1500 revolution vs ford f-150 lightning
Ram Revolution’s smaller side-view mirrors are designed to reduce drag and increase aerodynamics.

Of particular note with the Ram 1500 Revolution is the faster charging rate compared to the Ford model. 350 kW is the figure quoted by Ram’s representative at CES, and it is higher than any truck available for purchase. The Ram Revolution is still new to the general public, so details are sparse for the vehicle’s specifications and performance.

The Ford F-150 Lightning was a bit of a landmark achievement for electric vehicles. It looks like any regular gasoline-powered Ford truck, but has a battery capable of acting as a generator for three days straight if needed.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is middle of the road in terms of range. Testing has given the Ford truck 250 miles of range on a full charge in the standard package. Battery capacity can be upped with the extended package, but it is highly costly for some extra range.

A Ford F-150 Lightning at a New York car show
The Ford F-150 Lightning comes with a 98-kWh battery pack.

Ford’s real advantage is having the first truly viable electric truck on the market. It is a worthy purchase if the range for towing isn’t an active consideration. Ford is, of course, a reputable auto manufacturer, and one can only imagine future models of the F-150 Lightning improving upon the range while still maintaining the fit and finish of the truck.

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Ford F-150 Lightning: 8 Must-Know Facts

Ram 1500 Revolution

  1. The first electric truck from Ram.
  2. Fastest charging rate for any electric truck on the market.
  3. Can fit objects up to 18 feet long in the rear bed.
  4. Features specialized autonomous driving modes for worksites.

Ford F-150 Lightning

  1. Tows up to 7,700 pounds with the base package.
  2. Has additional 400 pounds of additional cargo in the front trunk area.
  3. The standard package has the equivalent of 452 horsepower.
  4. Has the equivalent of 76 miles per gallon in the city.

Ram 1500 Revolution vs Ford F-150 Lightning: Which One Should You Choose?

Ram 1500 Revolution

Representatives from Ram have made it clear that the 1500 Revolution is intended to be anything but a gimmick. The new concept vehicle is supposed to marry the power of a muscle car with the utility of a pickup truck. Ram’s first electric truck is something of a maverick and a departure from their typical conventional trucks.

A full glass roof adorns the stylishly designed truck and it can tint on command. One of the more beloved features of pickup trucks, a passthrough midgate, is present in the concept. Ram has thrown everything at the wall to create the ultimate electric truck and the potential seems absolutely limitless.

Ram is poised to revolutionize the nascent electric truck market, one which is only a few years old at this point. Whether the concept can deliver on the lofty promises of their CES presentation remains to be seen. However, if they deliver even a fraction of the features previewed, it will be the penultimate electric truck on the market.

ram 1500 revolution vs Rivian R1t
The Ram 1500 Revolution has the fastest charging rate for any electric truck.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford was quick to get a viable electric truck on the market, and it is certainly a capable vehicle. Where the Ford F-150 Lightning falters is in its range. The base package of the truck is one of the most affordable on the market, but is hindered by a paltry 250 miles range of operation.

Towing capacity on the Lightning is admirable in the base configuration, as it can expertly handle 7700 pounds on the stock trailer hitch. Much like Rivian’s R1T, it saps the range of the vehicle massively, going from the optimal 250 miles to 70 to 100 miles. If you’re looking to haul something, keep it short-range.

Charging is likewise speedy at 155 kilowatts. Ford further hampered the vehicle by including a reduced capacity in the battery. The extended package alleviates this, and owners of the base package can further upgrade. Upgrading to the extended battery is a rather expensive affair as well, with Ford quoting a reported $10,000 to get some extra range.

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer
The Ford F-150 Lightning tows up to 7,700 pounds.

Which One to Buy?

The only electric truck on the market out of these two is the Ford F-150 Lightning. If you’re willing to wait for more details and pricing to come around, it is definitely worth waiting for the Ram 1500 Revolution. Ram has made sure to pack the vehicle with an exceptionally plush user experience.

ram 1500 revolution
The Ram 1500 Revolution comes with a full glass roof that can tint on command.

Ford has locked a good bit of extended functionality away behind extended packages, and the performance is rather lacking when towing. You can’t fully expect an analogous experience to a gasoline-powered truck this early in the technological lifecycle, but it is a far cry from its gas-guzzling siblings.

Hopefully, with the wait, there come some drops in the prices of electric vehicles. Current electric vehicle prices are high, and the extended Ford F-150 Lighting package is close to luxury car territory. Good things come to those who wait, so wait for the Ram.

Technology Updates on the Ram 1500 Revolution and the Ford F-150 Lightning

Since the RAM 1500 Revolution is a concept vehicle and has not been released to the public yet, there have been no technology updates. However, there might be minor updates before its release.

On the other side, the Ford F-150 Lightning has received a few recent updates.

  • In March 2023, a software update was rolled out, enhancing the truck’s battery and charging system performance. Additionally, this update introduced a new feature named “Pro Power Onboard,” enabling the truck to supply power to external devices, such as tools and appliances.
  • In June 2023, a fresh feature known as “Pro Trailer Hitch Assist” was introduced. This feature facilitates easier trailer hitching for drivers by automatically managing steering, throttle, and brake inputs. Additionally, the update included a new tow mode, which optimizes the truck’s performance specifically for towing purposes.

What’s Next for the Ram 1500 Revolution and the Ford F-150 Lightning?

We will have to see what’s next on the horizon for the Ram 1500 Revolution once it’s released to the public in 2024.

The Ford F-150 Lightening is planning to release some or all of the following updates:

  • Improved range and charging speeds: Ford aims to achieve a range of over 300 miles for the F-150 Lightning and is considering increasing the truck’s charging speed to 150 kW or higher.
  • New driver-assistance features: Ford is committed to maximizing the truck’s safety. Potential additions could encompass automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with lane keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capabilities.
  • New infotainment system: Ford may consider upgrading its 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system powered by Ford’s Sync 4A system to a larger touchscreen or introducing new features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.
  • New connectivity features: Ford is exploring the potential to enhance connectivity by introducing new features like remote access and Amazon Alexa integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Ford F-150 Lightning's range so minimal?

Despite the disappointing range, it does help keep the cost of the vehicle down. At the time of this writing, a brand new Ford F-150 Lightning in its basic configuration retails for around $56,000.

Compare that to something like the Rivian R1T, which has a superior range. The Rivian R1T retails for nearly 10 to 15 thousand dollars more, and that is for the base model.

The range isn’t so bad if you’re used to vehicles with poor fuel economy but, compared to some EVs with 300 to 400 miles of operational range, it is lacking.

Who had the first electric truck on the market?

The first electric truck on the market was Rivian’s R1T. Ford was the first of the established auto manufacturers to launch an electric truck. It has certainly been interesting seeing where electric vehicles are going, since it seems like the major manufacturers are still playing catch up.

Are electric trucks ready to do work on work sites?

If you’re near a charging station, absolutely. If you’re doing a lot of trips back and forth while hauling cargo, it probably isn’t the best idea. Electric trucks can tow and haul like any other truck on the market, but their range is severely hampered when carrying any excess weight.

Why is the charging rate important for electric vehicles?

The charging rate dictates how fast the vehicle charges. Out of the current electric trucks on the market, the Ram 1500 Revolution has the fastest charging rate. It is able to charge to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes, thanks to its 350-kilowatt charging rate.

Do most electric vehicles feature autonomous driving?

It seems that an overwhelming majority of electric vehicles use autonomous driving. Autonomous driving itself has made some major developments since its introduction. It’s no substitute for a conscientious driver, but it’s a great addition.

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