Quake Speedrun by Muty — Ready Your Rocket Launcher!

quake speedrun

Quake Speedrun by Muty — Ready Your Rocket Launcher!

The Quake speedrun by Muty is the current world record holder, clocking in at just eleven minutes and forty-two seconds. Quake speedruns tend to stick around for a long time. Notably, the Muty Quake speedrun was set in 2022. Let’s take a quick look.

Quake Speedrunning History

Speedrunng Quake began in 1997, when the game players published a website (Quake Done Quick) highlighting how fast anyone could play the game. Soon after, the practice of posting the fastest times was born.

Today, we can find the world record holders for Quake speedrunning on the SpeedRun site. Speedrun catalogs the fastest speedruns for various games, with required player documentation.

You can find speedruns for many popular games, including Doom, Ultrakill, Quake, Celeste, Minecraft, SuperMario, Half-Life, and Roblox: DOOR. There are hundreds (if not thousands!) of games with speed-running records.

Quake Versions

Do you see your favorite versions on the list below? We do! The number of units sold places all four primary Quake releases into the top 100 video games ever released! That alone tells us a lot about the game — it’s a blast!

Units Sold (Millions)
Quake (1996)2.21
Quake II (1997)2.02
Quake III Arena (1999)1.78
Quake 4 (2005)1.08

Quake Versions: Player Satisfaction

The Steam Engine provides a fantastic amount of gameplay data. The original Quake, released in 1996, is still the most popular version of Quake! If you’re not looking for a trip down memory lane, never fear, id Software released an updated version of the game (Quake Remastered) in 2021.

Avg. Playtime (hours)Positive Reviews
Quake (1996)6h 51m93.53%
Quake II (1997)8h87.53%
Quake III Arena (1999)5h 30m91.3%
Quake 4 (2005)17h 30m84.09%

Quake Speedrun Modes

Today, you’ll need to provide evidence of a record-breaking speedrun. Yet, some of the Quake world record holders are decades (yes, decades) old. You won’t find a YouTube video to back up the claims. Luckily, newer world records must have video footage for everyone to enjoy.

Quake Trivia

The speedrun records have held for so long, both on Doom and Quake, due to the clock. Both games count time in full seconds, not partial seconds. For a single chapter, it may take seven seconds to complete.

It’s a vast stretch to improve from seven to six seconds. It isn’t such a big deal for an entire game, but it still matters when total gameplay time is close to another player.

Our Pick
Quake (Limited Run #119)
  • Visually improved version of the original dark fantasy first-person shooter
  • Enhanced for modern hardware
  • Limited run
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03/01/2024 06:40 pm GMT

Player jukebox discovered a new method of bunny hopping in 2021 by tapping the forward button when the player lands on the ground. Previously, players held the forward button the entire game to continually bunny hop.

Different Quake Speedrun Modes

There are four different levels of speedruns in Quake: Easy, Nightmare, Easy 100%, and 100% Nightmare. We’ll look at each additional level a bit in the Hall of Fame.

Quake Speedrun Hall of Fame

Now that we’ve seen the different gameplay modes, let’s look at the actual speedrunning game performance!


YearWhoTimeRecord Place
2022Muty11m 42s 1st
2022jukebox11m 47s2nd
2001MaxRebo17m 05s47th

There’s a significant time improvement from 2001 to 2023, but the fact that a Quake speedrun from 2001 is still relevant is stunning.

In the Easy Category, players can take advantage of any skips, glitches, avoidance, whatever. Get it done as fast as you can. Id software identified the “easy” categories as belonging to small children and old grandmas.


YearWhoTimeRecord Place
2018kukkye15m 00s1st
2017muuki17m 53s2nd

The Nightmare mode has enemies that are much more challenging than in Easy mode, but you’re still focused on finishing the game as fast as possible. Have you mastered the five Ds?

Easy 100% 

YearWhoTimeRecord Place
2019jukebox36m 29s1st
2016elgu38m 29s2nd

Easy 100% means that you’re still playing on the easiest level, but you must kill all enemies and complete all missions. Notice how the speedrun time has increased from gameplay in Easy mode?

100% Nightmare

YearWhoTimeRecord Place
2023Muty57m 16s 1st
2023Justin Fleck1hr 04m 42s2nd

There’s not too much action in the 100% Nightmare mode. The enemies are strong, your energy is weak, and you need to complete all the tasks and kill all the enemies. Better grab a beverage and a snack!

Muty’s Quake Speedrun

Muty set a new world speedrunning Quake record in 2022. We’ve watched the video several times and really appreciate the decreased volume of the bunny hops. Seriously! After watching many Quake speedrunning videos, we value a good (nearly silent) keyboard and even better gameplay. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Quake first released?

Quake was released in 1996. Quake built on Doom’s popularity as a run-and-shoot game.  Shoot first, ask questions never. Not much of a storyline; it’s just pure running and shooting fun.

What's the fastest time to complete a Doom speedrun?

  • Quake (1996): 11:42
  • Quake II (1997): 19:09
  • Quake III (1999): 22:48
  • Quake 4 (2005): 1:45:27
  • Quake Remastered (2021): 14:57

Did Quake invent speedrunning?

Nope.  Speedrunning has been around since the 1970s.  Doom ushered in a new age of Speedrunning, and Quake was able to ride that wave.

The arcade game Computer Space was released in 1972.  It’s considered an early speedrunning game.  The current speedrunning record is 1m 48s.

What is Quakes most famous weapon?

The Rocket Launcher! Plentiful ammo and devastating damage equal a weapon to hang onto! You can even use it to launch yourself across a room when you time it correctly with a bunny hop.

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