Protect Battery on Samsung Phones: What Is It? Should You Use It?

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Protect Battery on Samsung Phones: What Is It? Should You Use It?

What is Protect Battery on Samsung phones? The modern smartphone is festooned with a variety of features aimed at enhancing performance and longevity. However, some of these features aren’t readily apparent unless you dig into your settings and manual. Protect Battery is one such feature, and it’s one aimed at increasing the overall lifespan of your Samsung phone.

What does this feature do exactly? It is time to take a closer look at what this functionality accomplishes when enabled on a Samsung phone and whether it’s worth using daily. When you’ve spent the MSRP on a new smartphone, you want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Today’s guide will make sure you’re well-equipped no matter the occasion.

What Is Protect Battery on Samsung Phones?

protect battery on samsung phones
Protect Battery was introduced with Android 12 for Samsung phones.

Protect Battery is a feature included on Samsung phones running One UI 4.0 or higher. The feature is intended to keep battery health at nominal levels by limiting the charge capacity to 85%. Now, you can look around on our site and see we’ve discussed optimal battery strategies extensively. However, having a feature intended to squeeze the most effective battery life out of your phone is novel.

However, there are some issues with Protect Battery that we’ll discuss a little further on. The feature itself caps the effective charge rate at 85%, which is a fairly optimal charge cycle. You can’t control the charging cycle of a battery without keeping an ardent eye on it. This gets further complicated by the rise and proliferation of fast charging methods.

Using Protect Battery on Your Samsung Phone

Enabling Protect Battery on your Samsung phone is a relatively simple task. In your phone’s default configuration, you should have the option readily available to enable. It is turned off by default, I don’t know if that is by design or simply left to user preference on Samsung’s end.

If you’re looking to use Protect Battery, the entire process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes at most.

Pull Down Status Bar

To start using Protect Battery on Samsung phones you’ll want to swipe down to bring your status bar into view. You’ll see the usual shortcuts in place, but that isn’t exactly what we’re looking for. You can, of course, make any adjustments to things like your Bluetooth settings or check network status while you’re in this menu.

Swipe for Quick Settings

From your status bar, you’ll want to swipe down again. Much like Control Center on iPhones, this will bring down your quick settings. You should have a plethora of shortcuts available for various settings. By default, you should have Protect Battery as one of these options.

Select Protect Battery

With the Protect Battery icon located, you can go ahead and press it once to enable it. After that, there is nothing else you need to do for the software to run as intended. Where you’ll see a marked difference is during the charging cycles themselves.

Should You Use Protect Battery?

protect battery on samsung phones
Protect Battery on Samsung phones can go a long way toward increasing your battery’s lifespan.

Now that you know how to enable Protect Battery on Samsung phones, should you use it? There are plenty of good reasons to monitor and take advantage of protecting your battery health. However, the efficacy of such a utility can be somewhat nebulous to your average user. As a whole, I think Protect Battery is a handy feature. I run similar utilities on my laptop to optimize battery use.

That said you do have potential issues that can arise when doing away with such a large percentage of your battery’s capacity. For users who have a charger handy at all times, I think the feature should just be on at all times. That said, any system has its drawbacks. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using Protect Battery on Samsung phones.


The biggest advantage of using Protect Battery on Samsung phones is that it promotes overall battery health. By capping the charging percentage to 85% of the battery’s effective capacity, you’re reducing the wear and tear on the cells found in the pack. Given that batteries aren’t readily replaceable on a modern smartphone, this can go a long way toward increasing the lifespan of your device.

Another advantage is that it takes some of the guesswork out of good charging practices. You’ll still have to do some work on your end to make sure you aren’t fully depleting the battery throughout use. However, having a hard stop to your battery capacity will only promote longevity for the device’s lifespan.


The largest disadvantage to using Protect Battery on Samsung phones is that it effectively removes 15% of your battery’s capacity from use. Now, if you have a charger handy in your office, car, or home, this isn’t such a bad thing. I’ve found that using good battery practices has never left me with a dead phone. However, for users who can’t readily charge, this poses issues.

The extra battery capacity lost is quite significant, but that will depend entirely on your usage patterns. If you’re the sort of user who regularly upgrades their phone, then enabling Protect Battery on Samsung phones might not be necessary.

Alternative Methods to Protect Battery Health

Level of low battery with sadness face to full battery with happy smile face. Energy life, Emotion Level, World mental health day, Passion, Happy Life, Satisfaction, Full energy and Positive thinking.
Good charging practices can help you extend your battery life.

Protect Battery on Samsung phones isn’t the only way to increase your battery’s overall health. There are alternative methods for coaxing the best performance and lifespan out of your battery. However, if you’re concerned about losing overall capacity, these steps won’t apply to your use case.

Optimized Charging

Optimized Charging is a feature for iPhones that uses machine learning to coax the best battery life out of your device. Apple uses machine learning algorithms to learn your charging habits and reduce the amount of time your battery spends fully charged. The feature was introduced with the iPhone 13 and is a massive benefit for any Apple user.

While the feature isn’t natively available on Samsung phones, you can set routines on your Samsung device to mimic the overall functionality of Optimized Charging. How this works is you’ll set a charging routine for overnight charging. Protect Battery should be on for the entirety of the charge cycle, but you’ll disable it for the final hour.

This keeps the battery in the sweet spot for a longer duration, only reaching full capacity over the last hour of charging. This should promote better overall battery health, even if it isn’t the most ideal solution.

Good Charging Practices

When it comes down to it, I prefer good charging practices for all my devices. What this essentially means is you’re targeting no less than 20% of your battery’s total capacity when discharging. Further, you don’t want to exceed 80% of your battery’s capacity. Now, I work in a home office, so I can keep a fairly close eye on what my devices are doing throughout the day.

This might not be the best fit for you, but is a good standard to generally adhere to. Fully depleting the battery and then charging to full creates quite a bit of wear on the device, and will decrease the overall lifespan. Again, if you’re replacing devices constantly, you likely won’t see the effects of this in full.

Closing Thoughts

So, should you use Protect Battery on Samsung phones? I honestly think the feature is a great selling point as a whole for the Samsung platform. If you’re running a compatible device, I would honestly just leave it on constantly. I like getting my money’s worth out of a device, and making sure it runs for years without issue is a constant goal.

As such, you absolutely should use Protect Battery on Samsung phones. It might not come close to the functionality used with Optimized Charging for iPhones, but it’s the next best thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Samsung phones come with Protect Battery?

If you’re running One UI 4.0, then you should have Protect Battery.

Does Protect Battery replace good charging practices?

No, but used in conjunction with good charging practices it can maximize the effective lifespan of your battery.

Is Protect Battery enabled by default on Samsung phones?

No, you’ll have to enable it through quick settings to take advantage of the functionality.

Does Protect Battery prevent discharging the battery entirely?

No, preventing complete battery discharge is going to be something you’ll have to keep track of during usage.

What is the sweet spot for rechargeable batteries?

The sweet spot for a rechargeable battery is about 80 to 85% of its total capacity. The absolute minimum for the battery should be around 20%.

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