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 Assignment: Create an authoritative encyclopedia page for the assigned Product. Please paste all of your sources at the bottom of the document you submit. Products are generally more focused on items people purchase for personal or professional use. If it is a singular object from history like the Enigma Machine that would be an invention. If you believe the topic is more suitable as an invention please reach out to your editor for a different set of instructions. 

If there are sections or H2s that are not relevant, skip them. When in doubt, check with the managing editor. 

Any time another company, individual, or invention is discussed, link to that page on History-computer, if a page exists. For example: In contrast with the first microprocessor based personal computer—Micral, the MITS Altair 8800 was extremely successful market product.

In contrast with the first microprocessor based personal computer—Micral, the MITS Altair 8800 was extremely successful market product. The designer—Ed Roberts intended to sell only a few hundred to hobbyists, but he was surprised when he sold thousands in the first month.

In this case we correctly linked ‘Micral’, but not Ed Roberts. Searching doesn’t turn up any results for this person, so we would check with the editor and see if a page should be created. 

The format of the page should follow the sections listed below. For the facts box, please fill in all fields, even if it’s N/A. There will be a simple table at the top of the article. Each section that follows will be an H2, or an H3. It will be labeled below. If a section is not appropriate for that individual or no information exists please skip. 


Release DateFree form
CreatorPerson 1 (Additional people separated by commas if necessary)
Original PriceFree form
Discontinued(If applicable)
Units sold(If available)

H1 – <Product>: Everything You Need To Know

  • Choose the most appropriate H1 given the age of the product. 

H2 – # Facts about <Product> 

  • 3-6 relevant facts about the product, if you can find any. If not, skip. 

H2 – <Product> Specs

  • List all relevant specs for the product in a table if it is still being sold today
  • Choose the most appropriate H2 here given the age of the product. Only choose one of the above. If it’s an older product, like the walkman go with fun facts. If it is a more modern one still for sale like a graphics card of a current iPhone, then choose specs. 

H2 – <Product>: Where to buy

  • Do this section if the product is still currently for sale. Write out the different retailers that carry the product. 

H2 -The History of <Product>: What to know

  • A few summary paragraphs about the product, when it was released, what the original idea way, major contributors, etc. Few paragraphs. High level overview.   

H2 – <Product> Versions: Each Edition

H3 – Version 1

H3 – Version 2

  • List each of the variations and product cycles for this item, if any exist. The iPod or iPhone will have many editions. Something like the Commodore 64 won’t have any editions and can be skipped. 

H2 – The public response

  • How did the industry, public, and markets respond when the product was launched. Was it a hit, did it build slowly, was it an instant failure. How many units has it sold? Was it launched through major retailers? 
  • If there was a launch event, like Steve Job’s famous ‘one more thing’ presentation for the iPhone then specifically discuss it here.

Add another section about where to buy here. With a second Amazon link. 

FAQ: Please always answer the below questions. Other FAQs will come from your editor’s instructions. 

When did <product> Come out? 

What was the original price of <product>

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