The History of Postini: What to Know

Postini was a web security and e-mail service that was owned and operated by Google since 2007. Google acquired the company on July 9, 2007. The amount paid by Google in the process was $625 million in cash. It offered cloud computing services for filtering malware and email spam, provided optional e-mail archiving, and also provided protection to client networks from web-borne malware. So why did Google acquire Postini? The reasons were obvious, Google wanted to improve its App offering so that the App can compete efficiently with Microsoft Office and shift its customer base to Offline/online Google offerings, specifically in the enterprise space. Acquiring Postini was a good option for Google because it could help the company by offering robust security and bringing in a large number of customers for the Google App.

In the mid of 2011, Google announced that the company will no longer provide some of its services such as Google Web Security, and in the year 2012, Google announced that they would be closing all the company’s web services and folding the users into Google Apps. The last batch of customers for this service was migrated to Google Apps after the mid of 2015.

Quick Facts

Year Founded
Gordon Irlam, Scott Petry, Brian Maggi, and Shinya Akamine
IT Security
Redwood City, California
Key People
Gordon Irlam, Scott Petry, Brian Maggi, and Shinya Akamine
Notable Products
Software security services

The Founding of Postini: How it Happened

Postini was a startup company that was founded in the year 1999 by Gordon Irlam, Scott Petry, Brian Maggi, and Shinya Akamine in Redwood City, California, United States. By the end of February 2005, the company for processing 2.5 billion e-mail messages on a weekly basis, operating 10 data centers in the U.S., and offering anti-spam services for more than six million end-users and to 4,200 companies. This included workers at Circuit City, Merrill Lynch, Hormel Foods, and Rayovac. The company’s services were formerly marketed as “Google Postini Services”.

Postini Through the Years

Another reason why Google found it beneficial to acquire Google is positioning itself for a push within the enterprise messaging space. The organization already had its leading Gmail platform, however, it emphasized more consumer space and less enterprise space. Many users believed that Google will also acquire a messaging organization within the next six months of acquisition and use Postini to make use of a robust enterprise offering.

However, the company announces that it will be withdrawing some of its services in the year 2011. Additionally, in 2012, the company also announced that they will end their web services and Google Web Security and bring in more users to the Google App. 2015 was the year that marked the last few users migrating toward Google Apps.

What are the Most Important Inventions From Postini?

Postini, if you combine it with Google Apps, was a smart choice for searching for an efficient archiving system and for real-time email security. Some of the companies’ main services/inventions include:

Maintaining Network Security

Because the company scans all the emails that are coming into its data centers even before it reaches the inbox of customers, it prevents risks such as spam and malware from causing any damage to the internal network of any company. The security feature included ensures that educational institutes, charities, and corporations don’t go through any downtime because of compromised or crashed systems.

Managing Risk of Compliance

In addition to all the services offered by Postini, it also enabled the company to follow every email usage policy whether how complex they are. Users can search through a central database for messages, export emails, and also retain 10 years old emails for reviews if required. All these tools help comply with companies’ internal guidelines.

Protect Data

Additionally, Postini uses TLS and SSL protocols to protect the company’s valuable information that is sent through email. Along with this, clients can also apply their own encryption policies to protect content that is based on specific emails.

How Did Postini Make Money?

When Google first acquired Postini, its move was to give access to its security features to around 35,000 customers worldwide. It was the most important investment by Google into security technology that was yet made by Google. Google also started its security blog after a few months along with its acquisition of another security-related organization, Green Border Technologies.

The customers of Postini were able to use services for tasks like archiving messages, scanning, legal purposes, and encrypting emails. Around a thousand small businesses were signing up for Google Apps after the first few months, which led to how the company was able to generate money.

Postini Notable Controversies

Although providing some good security services to users, many users had some complaints regarding poor quality service. Many users complained that Postini had some service issues and was not able to assist them in solving them. They mentioned that their call center was not taking any calls and requests were not being solved. This issue led to various problems that interrupted or shut other Google Apps services.

Postini: Complete Guide – History, Products, Founding, and More FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Who owns Postini?

Postini was acquired and owned by Google in 2007.

What is Postini?

Postini was a web security and e-mail service that was owned and operated by Google.

How much did Google acquire Postini for?

Google acquired Postini for $625 million.

When did Google acquire Postini?

Google acquired Postini in 2007.

Why did Google acquire Postini?

Google acquired Postini to compete and standout from competition such as Microsoft Office. They wanted to bring in more customers to their Google App with the popularity from web security services through Postini.

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