PlayStation VR2 Gets Bad News for PSVR Players

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PlayStation VR2 Gets Bad News for PSVR Players

The original PSVR headset has gained a lot of traction since its release back in 2016. But a lot has changed since then, and Sony is now getting close to releasing PSVR 2. Unfortunately, Sony was very tight-lipped about this new device, but more information has come out in the last couple of months.

We now know that there will be some big changes with the PSVR 2. Most of the changes will bring the headset up to speed with its competitors. However, gamers will have to contend with not only the high price tag of the new headset, but also the fact that it will not be backward compatible. Meaning you will not be able to play original PSVR games on the PSVR 2.

What’s the News?

Sony recently announced that games designed for the first-generation PSVR headset will not work with the PSVR 2. This left many PSVR owners outraged since the PlayStation 5 supports older games. While the frustration is understandable, the real question is whether the new headset could even play games from the PSVR.

Hopefully, that is the case here, but some believe Sony will use this as an opportunity to sell the same games over again. Remastering games has become a recurring theme and is likely to happen with the PSVR 2. The reality here is likely somewhere in between, as compatibility issues between the headsets would undoubtedly exist.

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The main problem is that the original PSVR relied on a camera pointing at the headset for tracking, and the new headset will rely on built-in cameras. It will also use drastically different controllers. The new controllers resemble those used by other VR headsets, rather than Sony’s repurposed Move controllers.

But even so, many of the original PSVR games could still be optimized and reconfigured to work with the new headset. Even if every game isn’t available, having a handful supported would at least give PSVR 2 owners something to play until the new headset’s library gets filled out. By not supporting backward compatibility, Sony is making it hard to justify the high price of the PSVR 2.

PSVR vs PSVR 2: What’s the Difference?

Although the PSVR and PSVR 2 are both virtual reality headsets designed by Sony for PlayStation consoles, that is pretty much where the similarities stop. The PSVR 2 is going to have much better graphics and will even be able to track eye movements.

Not to mention it will include controllers that more closely align with industry standards. Another similarity between the PSVR and PSVR 2 is that they must be plugged into a console to work.

Many people believed that the new headset would use wireless technology to connect to the PlayStation 5, but that will not be the case. However, it won’t require a secondary processing box like the PSVR did.

PSVR Compatibility

Compatibility is the main issue for the PSVRs, and there is a lot of confusion surrounding both headsets. Further complicating matters is the fact that the PSVR launched on the PlayStation 4 but can be used on the PlayStation 5.

Of course, the new PSVR 2 will only work on the PlayStation 5. But the real problem is that you will still need a PSVR if you want to play older games. So let’s break this down a little further.


The original PSVR was designed to work with the PlayStation 4 and, therefore, PlayStation 4 games. It required a PlayStation 4 camera, which was bundled with most headsets. Many games worked with the regular DualShock 4 controller, but certain games required optional controllers repurposed from PlayStation Move.

This caused confusion since some gamers bought a VR bundle only to find out they needed to spend more money on extra controllers. Also required was an additional box that was included with all PSVR headsets.

However, this little box required an insane four plugs, with input and output for HDMI, USB, and power. Plus, it had two output ports for the VR headset.

Although the PSVR wasn’t perfect, many PlayStation fans loved the headset and were concerned whether the PlayStation 5 would offer backward compatibility for the headset. Obviously, missing from the new console was the proprietary camera port for the previous console’s camera.

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Even odder was that Sony announced their new camera for the PlayStation 5 would not be compatible with PSVR. But good news eventually came, and Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 would offer support for the PSVR. They even provided a necessary camera adapter free of charge to PSVR owners. All of this made logical sense because the PlayStation 5 did support backward compatibility for PlayStation 4 games.


With Sony’s continued support of the PSVR on the PlayStation 5, many believed the PSVR 2 would be backward compatible with original PSVR games. However, Sony confirmed in a recent announcement that this will not be the case and that the PSVR 2 will only work with games specifically designed for it.

This probably goes without saying, but new games designed for the PSVR 2 will not be compatible with the PSVR. The issue with this compatibility confusion is that you will need two headsets if you want to play all of the VR games that the PlayStations offer.

If you are still a little confused about which games work on what headset, PlayStation 4 VR games only work on the PSVR, and the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 VR games will only work on PSVR 2.

Should You Buy a PSVR or wait for a PSVR 2?

Choosing between PSVR and PSVR 2 is a really difficult decision because they each have pros and cons. But, as of right now, your best bet is probably going to be the first PSVR. There are several problems with the PSVR 2 that just make it unattractive for the time being. The first is its price tag, which is between the price of the PlayStation 5 disk and diskless versions.

While the quality of the new headset will surely be amazing, it likely won’t have enough games to justify its high cost for a long time. However, the PSVR 2 is obviously the future and will receive games going forward. Plus, it has some of the best graphics at one of the lowest price points among other VR headsets.

If you are hesitant to shell out the money for a PSVR 2, there are some really good deals on the original PSVR. Not to mention, if you don’t have a PlayStation 5 yet, you can use it with your PlayStation 4 until you upgrade. But one of the main reasons to go with the first PSVR headset is its large collection of games.

With the original PSVR, not only is the headset cheaper but there are a ton of games available on it. Even better is that many of the games are very cheap (between $10-20). These are all games you won’t be able to play on the PSVR since it’s not backward compatible. The best route is to buy the original PSVR, play some of its games, and then upgrade to the PSVR 2 once it has more content.

PlayStation VR2 Gets Bad News for PSVR Players FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do all PlayStation 4 games work in VR?

No, only certain games are compatible with PSVR and these games are clearly marked on the case.

Do you need a PlayStation for PSVR?

Yes, the PSVR is only designed to work with a PlayStation console.

Can you use the PSVR with a computer?

Not really. There are some people who have managed to get their PSVR working with a PC, but this is not practical for a number of reasons.

Can you watch videos on the PSVR?

The PlayStation does not support 3D VR playback in its video player. However, there is a third-party application that can play VR videos.

Can you use multiple PSVRs at one time?

No, you can only connect one PSVR headset to a console at a time.

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