The PlayStation 6: Everything You Need to Know Including Price and Release Date

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The PlayStation 6: Everything You Need to Know Including Price and Release Date

Already the most successful console of the ninth generation of gaming, the PlayStation 5 is the hottest gaming product in town. Having sold over 46.6 million consoles as of November 2023, the PS5 shows no signs of slowing down. However, the video game industry never sleeps so there is plenty of conversation around what’s next. 

Speculation over the PlayStation 6 is growing busier and busier, especially in light of recent comments at a Microsoft trial. During Microsoft’s trial against the FTC about the purchase of Blizzard, it was tipped the next console generation will launch in 2028. For its part, Sony has indicated it won’t do anything until after 2027. 

Given this timing, it’s easy to start getting excited about a potential PS6 release in 2028. While it might seem like many years away, in the video game world, 2028 will be before you know it.

PlayStation 6 Release Date

Court Documents

Starting with the most concrete piece of information anyone has on the PlayStation 6 is the release date. Courtesy of the above-mentioned court documents, Sony has acknowledged the PS6 won’t be released until after 2027. While this doesn’t absolutely mean 2028 is definite, an 8-year lifecycle lines up with previous console generations. Moreover, Microsoft has provided the most solid piece of evidence that 2028 is a likely year for next-generation releases. 

Speaking about the term for its Call of Duty license with Sony, Microsoft indicated “This term would, in any case, go beyond the expected starting period of the next generation of consoles in 2028.” This is about as concrete as it gets.

Previous Releases

Using previous console releases as a guide, the PlayStation 4 was released in 2014 so it stands to reason another console could follow right around 2028. A 7-year gap between the PS4 and PS5 gives plenty of support to a similar period of time separating the PS5 and its successor. 

When you add in the Microsoft versus Blizzard court documents as an acknowledgment of a 2028 time period, you can safely pencil this time period in on your calendar. 

Sony Trademarks

One thing we do know with certainty is that Sony has secured trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10 in Japan. As of 2019, Sony had secured these names, which gives rise to even more speculation about the future. 

Job Posting

While this September 2021 news story didn’t provide a ton of information, a PlayStation 6 job posting on Sony’s website took the internet by storm. A tweet indicating work on “future PlayStation platforms” acknowledges work has already begun on the next generation. 

PS5 Digital vs Disc
When Sony releases the PlayStation 6, the hope is they keep the DualSense controller shape.

PlayStation 6 Features 

Stable 4K Frame Rates

With a relatively good idea as to when a PlayStation 6 console might be released, it’s time to start thinking about what new features it could bring to the table. 

First and foremost, the hope is that Sony can really nail a stable frame rate in 4K resolution. While the PS5 should be able to handle this with its built-in components, it’s still relatively inconsistent. This is shown as frame rates rise and fall depending on what is on screen during a game. Something disappointing to PS5 owners, hopefully, the PS6 can provide a more solid frame rate.

What doesn’t make sense is for Sony to try and focus on 8K resolutions. There is not enough momentum swinging in that direction and likely won’t be over the next few years. Given this, what Sony needs to focus on with the PS6 is more RAM, so exclusive titles can really push the console to its limits. 

Big Streaming Push

There is a pretty sizable chance the next generation of Xbox will be heavily focused on streaming. For all the right reasons too as Game Pass is a runaway hit right now. It’s hard to deny Microsoft has set the bar for streaming games in the cloud. 

For Sony to compete, the PS6 needs to be able to handle streaming in the same way the Xbox Series X can now. Of course, this will also be heavily dependent on Sony pushing bigger into the cloud space as a company, which seems more and more likely over time. 

More Storage 

If there is one agreement every ninth-generation console owner can agree on, it’s that more space is necessary. Titles like Call of Duty and NBA 2K23 are showing that games over 100GB are going to grow, not shrink. Given this, the PS6 needs to have a larger SSD of at least 2 GB as a starting point. The current 825 GB of storage inside the PS5 is really only 667 GB after the operating system is loaded. Frankly speaking, it’s not enough and Sony knows it.

If Sony did nothing else than bump the internal storage allotment, there would be a resounding cheer among PS6 buyers. 

Modular Updates

This is an interesting prediction for the PlayStation 6 as Sony is already setting the stage with the PlayStation 5. With the release of the PlayStation 5 Slim, Sony has made it possible to add or remove the disc player. While it’s likely most players will just leave it on, you don’t necessarily have to do so. 

This opportunity may be testing the waters for modular configurations that would allow for greater updates during the PlayStation 6’s lifecycle without asking customers to buy all new consoles. There is also a strong likelihood future PS6 console owners would be more willing to buy modular updates for their console over having to fork out more money for an entirely new console.

If Sony believes this to be true, expecting to see modular updates may be less of a prediction, and a matter of when not if. 

Other Possible Features

Along with the above features, it would be great to see a slimmed-down PS6 console. With the release of the PS5 Slim in November 2023, Sony has already shown interest in shrinking the original PS5 hardware. With the next console release, the PS6 needs to be smaller and take up less room. 

Another possible feature would be built-in wireless charging for accessories. Sony loves to sell accessories to charge up headphones and controllers, but wireless charging is the next step. Drop the USB-C charger for the DualSense controller and go wireless. This has to be Sony’s future.  

One big prediction that is among the most likely to come true is a revamped user interface. The PS5 interface was a big improvement over the PS4, so it’s hopeful the PlayStation 6 will build on these improvements. If Sony can also make the built-in web browser less cumbersome to use, that would be another win with the PS6. 

This might ruffle some feathers but it’s possible the PS6 could go digital only. For better or worse, disc owners may need to realize that digital is the future. In this reality, Sony could very likely cut the string on owning and purchasing physical discs. If this does come to fruition, Sony would undoubtedly increase overall storage size and focus on cloud saves and faster downloads.

Virtual Reality console and controllers isolated on white background
One possible PlayStation 6 feature is built-in support for virtual reality gaming for lower consumer costs.

PlayStation 6 Pricing 

It’s hard to say with any certainty what the PlayStation 6 will cost without knowing more about the hardware. However, the last few consoles, including the PlayStation 5, all launched between $400 and $500 dollars. If the Sony PS6 is a big step forward as many predict, it’s likely pricing will stay around the same. On the other hand, an increase to $600 isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

As Sony has made something of a habit of releasing multiple console types throughout a lifecycle, if it puts its best foot forward from the start, a $600 price point isn’t impossible. There is also the possibility Sony will release two consoles similar to the PS5 and provide customers with two different price points. 

Wrapping Up

As successful as the PlayStation 5 is showing to be, the game industry is already looking to the future. Given the focus on streaming, subscriptions, and digital-first opportunities, the PlayStation 6 could look a whole lot different. It’s also just as possible Sony will stick with what it knows works for the PS6. This would leave it free to turn the PlayStation 7 into the console of the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the PlayStation 6 expected to release?

Based on court documents from the Microsoft trial, Sony PlayStation 6 owners should keep an eye on 2028. 

How much is the PlayStation 6 likely to cost?

There is no telling how Sony will price the PlayStation 6 but between $400 and $600 is a solid guess. 

Will the PlayStation 6 support 8K resolution?

It’s a definite possibility but one that doesn’t seem very likely given the low likelihood 8K is seeing widespread use by 2028. 

Will the PlayStation 6 be digital only?

There is a strong argument Sony could go digital-only with the PlayStation 6, but using discs still has a lot of benefits. 

Is it possible for Sony to build VR into the PlayStation 6?

It’s certainly possible but given the opportunity to sell a separate standalone product, it’s unlikely Sony will look to merge these separate components together. 

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