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The pioneers

Some of the greatest people in European scientific history are involved in this affair. Admittedly, there are others, who attempted to create such devices, but nothing had survived to our time, e.g. the Dutch Jesuit-mathematician Jan Ciermans (1602-1648), who mentioned in a 1640 book, Annus Positionum Mathematicarum, that he created a mechanical calculator with iron wheels, suitable for multiplication and division, and the prominent English scientist Robert Hooke, who in March 1673, demonstrated his arithmetical engine

Leonardo da Vinci (1493)

Wilhelm Schickard (1623)—Calculating Clock

Blaise Pascal (1642)—Pascaline

Tito Livio Burattini (1659)—Ciclografo

Samuel Morland (1669)

Claude Perrault (around 1670)— Abaque Rhabdologique

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1672)—Stepped Reckoner

René Grillet de Roven (1673)

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