Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: How Are They Different?


Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: How Are They Different?

Key Points

  • Paramount Network is a cable and satellite channel, while Paramount Plus is an on-demand streaming service.
  • Paramount Network has different viewers and, therefore, different content compared to Paramount Plus.
  • Paramount Plus offers thousands of titles to watch, including hit movies, new and classic shows, and live sports programming.
  • Paramount Plus allows for multiple profiles and the ability to create a personalized watchlist, while Paramount Network does not offer these features.

When searching for what to watch, the Paramount name is immediately recognizable. However, not everyone knows the difference between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus. They sound similar, but they’re very different!

The Paramount Network is a cable and satellite channel, while Paramount Plus is an on-demand streaming service. Both offer top-notch movies, documentaries, and TV shows, but you won’t necessarily find the same titles on both. Paramount Network has different viewers and, therefore, different content compared to Paramount Plus.

This article will explore Paramount Network and Paramount Plus, how they are different, and what similarities they may have. 

Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: Side-by-Side Comparison

Paramount NetworkParamount Plus
ProviderSatellite or cable, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Philo, etc.Streaming
Sign UpWith a satellite or cable providerWith your email or services like Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime Channel)
Downloadable ContentNo downloading of content Download movies and TV shows with Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscription
Number of ProfilesOneUp to six
Ads?YesLimited ads with Paramount+ Essential or no ads with Paramount+ with SHOWTIME
Free Trial?NoOne week
Live TV?YesNFL or local CBS live station
Supported DevicesTV, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Android Phones, etc.Supported on at least 15 devices, including computers and mobile devices, Fire TV, Roku, gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, 5, and Xbox, and Samsung and LG TV
Previous NamesThe Nashville Network
The National Network
The New TNN
Spike TV
Rebranded from CBS All Access
Number of SubscribersEstimated to be watched by around 351,000 peopleOver 60 million subscribers
Parent CompanyMTV Entertainment GroupParamount Streaming

Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: What’s the Difference?

To help you decide which service is better for your reviewing needs, let’s break down the major differences between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus. 

User Experience 

Paramount Network used to be called Spike TV, as well as a few other names, including The New TNN and The National Network. It may be unclear what content will be available upon subscribing, especially after seeing a few different network names, targeted demographics, and various changed offerings. These days, Paramount Network watchers can expect access to many made-for-TV movies, feature films, and reruns of classic shows. 

The look and feel of the Paramount Network may depend on your provider and what device you’re viewing content on. Sadly, you won’t be able to download anything to save for later. 

Finding content on Paramount Plus is relatively easy, as you can search for specific titles or find what you’re looking for by genre. You’ll find hit movies, new and classic shows, as well as live sports programming. If available, you can watch movie trailers as well. Also, you can save titles to My List to quickly return to them later. 


If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, you may already enjoy your local live viewing. There’s no need to use an app to watch news shows or a new release of an episode of your favorite show. One of the most recent, most popular shows available on Paramount Network is Yellowstone. Yellowstone is only available on Paramount Network, which is sad news for those who only have Paramount Plus. In fact, if you want to stream the western-themed series, you have to get a Peacock streaming subscription. 

Paramount Plus has thousands of titles available to watch. Viewers can choose from their favorite genres, such as comedy, action, horror, and thriller. Sports fans will love the plethora of sports channels available. If you’re a fan of reality TV, Paramount Plus has everything from Survivor to Ink Master. One of the best benefits of Paramount Plus over Paramount Network is the ability to stream your preferred shows whenever you want.

While Paramount Plus does allow you to stream your local CBS station live, unfortunately, this is only available for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, the highest-paid tier. And live streaming may only be available in some areas. 

Paramount+ plus streaming service
Paramount+ is rapidly growing and has an extensive library of movies and shows for affordable plans, while the Paramount Network is not oriented toward streaming.


Profiles and Lists

Paramount Plus profiles are great ways to organize what your family watches. Setting up a kid-specific profile will give you confidence your kids are watching age-appropriate content.

Separate profiles are nifty for easy watching, so you won’t have to dig through your spouse’s recently watched queue to find your favorites. Also, it’s convenient to have a different watchlist, called My List, for household members. Not everyone will want to watch your Halloween horror selections in July. 

You can also set up a watch party using a third-party app. Watch parties are a simple and fun way to watch a show or movie with a few friends in a virtual remote room.

Paramount Network doesn’t allow for adding favorites or lists; you simply need to wait for a show to air, grab some snacks, and settle in to enjoy it.


Unfortunately, your cost will vary because signing up for Paramount Network requires a cable or satellite provider. Most subscribers pay anywhere from around $50 to $100 a month. 

Paramount Plus subscribers have a couple of choices. Currently, there are two pricing tiers, Paramount+ and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. You can subscribe to either of these tiers, with the option of paying monthly or yearly. 

Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: 4 Must-Know Facts

  • You can sign up for Paramount Network with your cable or satellite TV provider. 
  • You can sign up for Paramount Plus with your email address or through a streaming service. 
  • Paramount+ with SHOWTIME allows you to download content to watch later. 
  • You can watch the popular TV show, Yellowstone, on Paramount Network, but to stream it, you have to watch it on Peacock.

Paramount Network vs. Paramount Plus: Which One is Better for You?

If you’re deciding between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus, your initial decision may be based on which viewing platform you use more.

If you pay for satellite or cable TV, Paramount Network is probably your best option. However, if you get your content from streaming services, Paramount Plus will probably work better for you.

Overall, we consider Paramount Plus the better option regarding content availability, price, and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yellowstone on Paramount or Paramount Plus?

You can watch Yellowstone on the Paramount Network with a subscription.

How do I access Paramount Network?

You can watch Paramount Network online, on your TV, or in the app.

How many screens can you use at once on Paramount Plus?

You can run three simultaneous screens.

Can you share Paramount Plus with another household?

Yes. You can have up to six profiles and stream up to three screens at once.

Is Paramount Plus free with Amazon Prime?

You can sign up for a free 7-day trial using Amazon Prime.

Is Paramount included with Hulu?

You can watch the Paramount Network with a Hulu+ Live TV subscription.

What is included with Paramount Network?

You can get access to over 30,000 quality movies and shows and access to live sports.

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