What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

What Channel Is Paramount Network on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

If you don’t recognize the name Paramount Network, perhaps you know the TV channel by a different name: Spike. Rebranded in 2018, Paramount Network’s new name is a product of the MTV Entertainment Group’s rigorous overhauling of its catalog of television stations during the late ’10s. Interested in checking out what it has to offer? You’re going to need to know the right channel to tune to. Spectrum subscribers can consult the channel guide below to find the right station number for their city and state.

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Paramount Network Channel Guide

City and StateParamount Network Channel on Spectrum
Albany, NY55
Anaheim, CA66
Austin, TX69
Bakersfield, CA38
Birmingham, AL64
Buffalo, NY40
Charlotte, NC44
Cincinnati, OH47
Cleveland, OH43
Columbus, OH13
Corpus Christi, TX34
Dallas, TX74
Durhan, NC40
El Paso, TX36
Indianapolis, IN24
Kansas City, MO38
Lexington, KY44
Long Beach, CA53
Los Angeles, CA45
Louisville, KY41
Milwaukee, WI51
Montgomery, AL54
New York, NY36
Raleigh, NC40
Reno, NV71
San Antonio, TX59
San Diego, CA38

The History of Paramount Network

Paramount+ plus streaming service
Paramount Network is part of Paramount Global’s larger rebranding effort surrounding Paramount+.


Though it didn’t officially become the Paramount Network until 2018, the channel formerly known as Spike has a history that stretches back to 1983. Starting out as The Nashville Network (or TNN), the station was initially nothing more than a regional offering that focused on country music and lifestyle shows. (Almost like CMT, in a way.) The Westinghouse Electric Corporation acquired TNN in 1995, along with CBS and CMT. Because CMT was the more popular version of TNN, Westinghouse shifted the lesser network’s focus accordingly. 

Westinghouse was acquired by Viacom a few years after shaking up The Nashville Network. With this move, the new ownership changed the station’s name to The National Network and broadened its programming lineup to include more extreme sports. The move was meant to draw in a younger audience than what TNN was previously used to. Combined with an array of classic syndicated television dramas and sitcoms, TNN’s viewership quickly became predominantly male. Viacom leaned into this fact hard, rebranding the network again as Spike in 2003.

Spike’s slogan — “The First Network for Men” — tells you everything you need to know about the kind of shows that played on this station. Spike’s array of original low-brow programs was undoubtedly a product of their time (i.e. the mid-to-late 2000s). Those unfamiliar with the channel today would be shocked to learn the kinds of vulgar shows that aired on Spike back in the day. The current Paramount Network rebrand arrived in 2018. Its goal was to attract a wider audience with a mix of scripted series, movies, and original programming.

Paramount Network Sister Stations

CBS Sports Network
MTV Classic
Comedy Central
TV Land
Pop TV
The Movie Channel
Smithsonian Channel

Paramount Network Programming

Press kit image of Yellowstone.


is Paramount Network’s biggest (and only) original scripted show.

©Paramount Global – License

Now that you know the best way to find Paramount Network on your Spectrum guide, let’s go over some of the programs you’re likely to find playing on the station on any given day. From original shows to syndicated broadcasts to hit movies from past and present, these are the types of programs Paramount Network typically plays on an average day. There are bound to be occasional exceptions to this, of course. Nevertheless, this is Paramount Network programming.

Original Shows

As of this writing, Paramount Network has just one original scripted show remaining on the air: Taylor Sheridan’s hit series Yellowstone. Thankfully for Paramount Network, the show is a bona fide hit. This neo-western starring Kevin Costner has taken the station (and the world of American television) by storm since premiering in 2018. Even though it’s rumored to come to an end soon, there are several prequel and sequel series in the works to look forward to.

On the unscripted end, there are similarly slim pickings. Today, there’s only one original unscripted show left on Paramount Network: Bar Rescue. It follows host Jon Taffer as he attempts to save failing bars using his expertise (and a healthy dose of renovations). Paramount Global either canceled former unscripted originals such as Cops, Ink Master, Wife Swap, and Lip Sync Battle or moved them to other networks.

Syndicated Shows

Over on the syndicated side, the Paramount Network has four classic broadcast television programs to choose from. Two and a Half Men reruns have aired in syndication since 2018. The station has aired The Office reruns since 2019. NCIS joined Paramount Network’s syndicated lineup in 2021. Most recently, Law & Order reruns slipped into the mix in 2023. Former syndicated programs like Mom, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and South Park have all dropped from the lineup.


Judging by the network’s name, it’s not surprising to see a great mix of movies on Paramount. After all, Paramount is one of the most legendary and notable film studios in the history of the medium. It makes sense for the company to use its synonymous television station as a vehicle for its own library of films. Recent examples include the Men in Black trilogy (1997-2012), Kong: Skull Island (2017), and the Indiana Jones trilogy (1981-1989).

What Is Paramount+?

Paramount+ app on iPhone screen.
Paramount+ is Paramount Global’s original streaming service.

©Tada Images/Shutterstock.com

The Paramount Network is easy to confuse with Paramount+. Despite their similar names, the two are quite different. You see, Paramount+ is Paramount Global’s original streaming service. Launched in 2021, the streamer is home to exclusive content and classic programs from throughout Paramount’s extensive library of movies and shows. From SpongeBob SquarePants to Star Trek, Yellowstone to Big Brother, the streaming service spans all of Paramount Network’s sister stations, including CBS and Showtime

Like any streaming service trying to compete with the best of them, Paramount+ has an array of original shows streaming exclusively online. The list includes several Yellowstone prequel spinoffs. There’s 1883, starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott, and 1923, starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. Paramount Global has aired these spinoffs on Paramount Network before. But, it’s only an attempt to get Yellowstone viewers to subscribe to the streaming service. Both shows ultimately remain Paramount+ Originals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Paramount Network?

The Paramount Network is a television channel under the Paramount Global umbrella. It was formerly known as Spike TV but was rebranded in 2018. The network’s current lineup consists of Yellowstone, Bar Rescue, syndicated sitcoms and dramas, and a variety of contemporary and classic films.

What's the difference between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus?

Paramount Network is a television station that airs scripted, unscripted, and syndicated shows as well as hit movies. Paramount Plus is a streaming service offered by Paramount Global as a hub for all its networks and programming. The streaming service covers everything from Nickelodeon to CBS, Showtime to Paramount Network, and beyond.

Do they still make new episodes of Yellowstone?

Yes, there are still new episodes of Yellowstone being made. However, Kevin Costner has plans to leave the show sooner rather than later. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan hoped to have Costner remain on the show for seven reasons, but Costner is trying to exit his contract by the end of season five.

What is Bar Rescue about?

Paramount Network’s only unscripted series, Bar Rescue, follows host Jon Taffer as he visits failing bars and attempts to inject them with new life. Through his expertise in the bar and nightclub industries, a series of extensive renovations, and some hard truths about why the business may be failing, Taffer helps keep small businesses open across the nation.

Why doesn't Paramount Network play other shows anymore?

Paramount Global — and, as a result, Paramount Network — is in a state of transition right now. As broadcast television continues to change shape in the streaming era, many television broadcasters find themselves at a fork in the road. What’s the best way to proceed in a time when more and more people are canceling their cable subscriptions? As a result, original programming takes a hit. This keeps Paramount Network from making or airing anything other than syndicated reruns and old episodes of its original programming.

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