Owning an EV in North Dakota: Charging Cost, Incentives, and More

EV in North Dakota

Owning an EV in North Dakota: Charging Cost, Incentives, and More

Owning an EV isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about North Dakota! North Dakota is all about farming, eye-popping National Parks, and long driving distances between towns. How does North Dakota compare against other states when it comes to owning an EV?  

The availability and distance between charging stations, the weather, and how much cargo weight I have in my EV all play a crucial role in EV performance. Let’s dig in!

Key EV Considerations

  • Charging stations: You’re going to need them! When the car’s battery level is low, you need somewhere (close, preferably) to charge the batteries. 
  • Weather: Warmer weather is better for battery performance than cold weather. In cold weather (20℉), EV operation consumes the stored battery energy 40% faster than in warmer weather (75℉). 
  1. At 20℉, you can drive for 150 miles before recharging.  
  2. At 75℉, you can go for 250 miles before recharging.
  • What am I hauling in my car? More people equates to more weight. More weight equals a reduced driving range. Will I drive my EV ten miles to and from work, or must I drive 150 miles to and from work?
Tesla Supercharger vs CHAdeMO
The masterminds behind CHAdeMO were Tokyo Electric Power Company and five renowned Japanese auto manufacturers.

North Dakota’s EV Numbers

Consumers are flocking to EVs in many states. California, Florida, Texas, Washington, and New York lead the pack with consumers purchasing EVs. California is way out front with Q3 2022 numbers of 392,401 EV registrations, or 20% of the state’s total automobile sales. 

Consumers need more time to embrace EVs in many states. North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Mississippi are still warming up to EVs. In fact, North Dakota has the lowest percentage of EVs in the Nation. In 2022 540 EVs were sold in North Dakota. That’s approximately .02% of the state’s total annual automobile sales.

North Dakota’s New/Used Automobiles Sales

The number one best-selling new and used automobile in North Dakota is a Ford-150 truck.  

North Dakota is a farming country. The lack of EV trucks available for home driving/farm driving purchase has kept North Dakota’s EV numbers low. North Dakotans want trucks, and there haven’t been many EV trucks in the marketplace.

EVs National Sales Trend

Automobile and truck manufacturing companies are converting their manufacturing lines to EVs. Consumer conversion to EVs requires automobile purchasing availability and charging infrastructure.


Automobile manufacturing companies are hyper-fixated on future trends. Knowing where the automobile industry will be in ten years is vital to development and investment today. The auto industry is betting EVs are here to stay, so they’re investing heavily. 

North Dakota

The state of North Dakota thinks that EVs are here to stay too, and they’re also investing heavily in EV infrastructure. Welcome to what may be the golden age of EV travel in North Dakota!

Charging Infrastructure

The lack of a complete consumer EV embrace in North Dakota is good for current EV consumers. Guess which state has the most accessible charging stations? You guessed right! North Dakota! 

North Dakota has a ratio of 3.18 EVs for each charging station. California has a ratio of 12.23 EVs for each charging station.   

With 226 charging stations sprinkled throughout North Dakota, you won’t have difficulty traveling from major city to major city. Carefully research charging station availability if you travel away from the major highways.

Charging Station Location and Type:

FreeFast ChargerCHAdeMO
Grand Forks0124
North Dakota Charging station location and types
Grand Forks4813
North Dakota Charging station location and types

The charging stations are near the central East/West (I-94, U.S. Route 2) and major North/South (I-29, U.S. Route 83) highways. Where you typically won’t find charging stations located is positioned in rural towns.  

Federal Infrastructure legislation passed in 2021 earmarked twenty-six million dollars to build new charging stations for I-29 and I-94 over the next five years. More charging stations are coming soon!

Cost of Ownership

North Dakotans love their trucks, so let’s look at the specific performance and price of a few of the most popular EV truck models.

ModelBattery Capacity (kwH)Range (Miles)Towing (lbs)
Rivian R1T10526011,000
Rivian R1T13532811,000
Ford F150-L9823010,000
Ford F150-L13132010,000
GMC Hummer EV212.73507,500
GMC Hummer EV 3x2003297,500
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD20050014000
Tesla CybertruckDual Motor AWD12030010,000
Tesla CybertruckSingle Motor RWD1002507,500
How much does that truck cost?
ModelPayload Capacity (lbs)Purchase CostHorsepower
Rivian R1T1,760$67,500402
Rivian R1T1,760$74,800700
Ford F150-L2,000$57,869452
Ford F150-L1,800$95,509580
GMC Hummer EV1,300$110,2951000
GMC Hummer EV 3x1,300$99,995830
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD3,500$69,900805
Tesla CybertruckDual Motor AWD3,500$49,900690
Tesla CybertruckSingle Motor RWD3,500$39,900400
How much does that truck cost?

As the chart above shows, the purchase price increases as the battery capacity increases. More battery capacity equals greater driving range. More driving range equals greater flexibility.  

It’s worth noting that as the payload or towing weight increases, the driving range will decrease dramatically. It doesn’t matter which make/model you’re driving. 

Factory Maintenance Coverage

Scheduled maintenance on EVs is much less than on combustion engines. You’ll need to schedule appointments for brake fluid changes, windshield wiper fluid changes, and tire rotations. Other than that, there’s little to maintain on an annual basis.  

  1. Rivian R1T
    • Five-year, 75000-mile comprehensive warranty 
    • Eight-year, 175,000-mile battery warrant
  2. Ford F150-Lightening
    • Three-year, 36000-mile comprehensive warranty
    • Eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranty
  3. GMC Hummer EV
    • Three-year, 36000-mile comprehensive warranty
    • Eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranty
    • First scheduled maintenance is free
  4. Tesla Cybertrucks
    • Four Year, 50000-mile comprehensive warranty
    • Eight-year, 150,000-mile battery warranty

Driving Down the Road Cost

Based on North Dakota home charging electricity costs, we’ve calculated the price to fill up an empty battery bank for each of the EVs below. (Insider tip: Never run your battery to zero.)

ModelCost to chargeCost per mile
Rivian R1T$12.14$0.047
Rivian R1T$15.61$0.048
Ford F150-L$11.33$0.049
Ford F150-L$15.14$0.047
GMC Hummer EV$24.59$0.070
GMC Hummer EV 3x$23.12$0.070
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD$23.12$0.046
Tesla CybertruckDual Motor AWD$13.87$0.046
Tesla CybertruckSingle Motor RWD$11.56$0.046
Energy consumption cost
EV cars trucks and SUVs
A new Rivian R1T truck is seen at a Rivian service center. The Rivian R1T is one of the more affordable EV’s.


Incentives are the hook that car manufacturing companies, states, the federal government, and local car dealerships use to sweeten the deal. The cost of EVs is greater than the cost of combustion engines. “Sticker shock” is real! Incentives help reduce the overall cost of the EV to help make it more affordable.

Incentives-North Dakota Specific

North Dakota is still developing a long-term strategy to drive increased EV utilization. As such, no “state-level” incentives are currently available for EV purchases.

Rebates-North Dakota Specific

North Dakota is one of five states that do not have a time of use (TOU) electrical charging discount program.

Tax Credit-Federal

North Dakotans do have a significant $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) federal tax credit available. The tax credit amount will vary depending on the current year and the manufacturing location.

Recharging cost

Owning an EV isn’t just good for the environment but also for your wallet! North Dakota has some of the cheapest electricity costs in the country. That’s direct savings going into your bank account.

Cheapest ElectricityMost Expensive Electricity
Wyoming8.25Rhode Island18.44
North Dakota8.65Hawaii30.31
Cheapest and most expensive EV charging in the US

In North Dakota, it will cost approximately $13.40 to charge your EV at home. In Hawaii, it will run you $53.60. That’s a significant saving compared to the cost of a tank of gasoline.

A twenty-six-gallon tank of gasoline will cost approximately tank of gasoline (22 gallons) 

A gallon of gas ($3.449) X Gallons per tank (26) = Cost per tank ($90.97). Savings per “fill up” equal $77.57.

EVs in the News

June 8, 2023 — Finding a charging station is about to get easier for Ford and General Motors (GM) EV owners. That’s because at the start of 2024 they’ll be able to use an adaptor to charge at 12,000 Tesla Superchargers. And starting in 2025, both automotive manufacturers will feature Tesla’s North American Charging Standard connectors on their EVs.

According to GM’s CEO Marry Barra, this collaboration between Tesla, Ford, and GM “…could help move the industry toward a single North American charging standard.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many EV charging stations in North Dakota?

North Dakota has 226 charging stations.  The charging stations tend to be located close to major highways. Plan ahead and select your EV charging station before you begin your trip.

Does cold weather impact my EV range?

Absolutely! EV batteries perform better in warmer weather than in cold weather.  Studies have shown decreased battery performance, equating to decreased driving range, when the weather is cold.

We’d recommend starting your EV and allowing the interior spaces to warm up (seats, air, steering wheel) before disconnecting your EV from a power supply.  The initial heating consumes a lot of energy.

Are there any EV incentives in North Dakota?

No. At present, North Dakota doesn’t offer any tax incentives or rebates.  It is possible to find “free” charging stations in North Dakota!

A Federal tax rebate of up to $7,500 is available.

Does payload and towing impact EV driving range?

Indeed it does!  A recent study by Car and Driver wasn’t great news for EV trucks.

When a boat weighing approximately 3859 pounds was towed down the freeway at 70 mph, the battery range decreased to 100 miles instead of the predicted/advertised range of 230 miles.  The distance between charging stations in North Dakota may render an EV truck impractical for hauling or towing longer distances at the present time.

Is it cheap to charge a EV in North Dakota?

Yes, it’s very affordable.  The recharge cost in North Dakota is the sixth cheapest in the nation.

Are EVs cheap to own?

Yes and no.  The upfront purchase cost of an EV may be significantly higher than a combustion-engine automobile.

Preventative EV service costs are substantially fewer.  Electricity is significantly cheaper than gasoline.

Are there a extra EV registration fee in North Dakota?

Yes.  EV owners will pay an additional $120 each year.  The extra registration fee offsets the decrease in the state’s gasoline tax.

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