Owning an EV in Alabama: Charging Cost, Incentives, and More

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Owning an EV in Alabama: Charging Cost, Incentives, and More

Alabama is known for its thriving aerospace industry, great food, and college football. But how is the state doing in the electric vehicle space? Whether you live, work, or commute to Alabama, it’s time to start looking at the charging costs, incentives, and accommodations Alabama offers to EV owners.

Is Alabama ready for Electric Vehicles? We’ll give you the inside scoop!

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Before you buy an electric vehicle in Alabama or travel to the state with your EV, it’s important to know how the current infrastructure will support your traveling needs.

In Alabama, you can see the Huntsville Space Center in the morning, the Vulcan in downtown Birmingham before noon, and the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma before meeting friends for supper on the beach. But should you stick to I-65 and heavily populated areas? Or can you traverse highway 231 and enjoy the scenic route? We’ll explain how Alabama supports EVs below.

EV Electric Stations

To those who never called Alabama home, and even some who have, there aren’t many scenarios more terrifying than finding yourself broken down in rural Alabama.

Before you travel too far from Tuscaloosa, Mobile, or Huntsville, it’s a good idea to investigate Alabama’s charging station situation. We can assure you that you aren’t going to find one in rural Bibb County, for instance. And while someone will surely pull over to help you get out of a patch of red mud or bring you a gas can, there isn’t much anyone can do when your EV battery drains.

You can find a helpful updated list of charging stations by city in Alabama. But Alabama certainly isn’t charging station friendly. For example, the small town of Wilsonville sits on a major thoroughfare (U.S. Highway 231). But the closest charging station is in Alabaster (about thirty minutes away), and there’s only one!

Alabama has just over 1,100 public charging stations statewide! Most of them are near interstates and large cities. So, if you’re planning a trip, it’s best to stick to the populated route.

Charging Station Options

EV charging station
EV charging station


Not all charging stations are the same. Some are free, some take forever to get you back on the road, and some are phenomenal but come with a price.

In Alabama, you’ll find the Level 2 charging stations, DCFC (faster charging) stations, and a handful of Tesla Supercharger stations. If you find a Level 2 station, be prepared to sit for four to eight hours for a full charge.

The DCFC stations can charge to full, giving you 20 miles of range per minute. The Tesla Superchargers (only 26 in the state) will charge even faster.

Alabama has 42 free charging stations, unlike Colorado’s 250 free charging stations.

Charging Cost

Having looked at where EV charging stations are in Alabama, it’s time to know how much do they cost. Do electric vehicles in Alabama save the average driver? Or does Alabama Power even the playing field?

Unfortunately, Alabama has no Level 1 charging stations (120V and typically free of charge). However, some Level 2 charging stations (220V) are free. Paid charging areas charge $0.20/kWh on average. So, we’re looking at an average charging cost at a public station of $10-$30.

You can charge your EV at home using a standard 110V adapter if you live in Alabama. Current estimates with power consumption and modern EVs say you can save $9000 in fuel costs over the lifetime of your EV if you charge it at home.

Electric Vehicle Incentives

If you aren’t excited about owning an electric vehicle in Alabama, you’ll be happy to know the state already has the Alabama Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan. This plan aims to increase the number of charging stations in Alabama. One thing to consider is that the Federal government is planning to give the state $79.3 million to build DCFC charging stations over a five-year period. But this is only for interstate corridors.

You won’t see a tax break in Alabama for buying an EV just yet. However, Alabama Power does give you discounts for charging your electric vehicle at home. Organizations can qualify for grants in Alabama for buying EVs as fleet vehicles or setting up charging stations.

Buying Electric Vehicles in Alabama

Should you buy an electric vehicle in Alabama or wait for the infrastructure plan to make the state more EV-friendly? Well, that depends on a few factors. Let’s review how EV owners are trending today, where you can buy an EV, and what to expect.

EV in Alabama – Fun Facts

Here’s a quick breakdown for you of EV fun facts in Alabama that you’ll find useful:

  • In 2022, the average EV can travel 200-300 miles between charges. That’ll get you from Huntsville to Birmingham with plenty of resources to run the AC the entire trip.
  • Birmingham has the highest number of charging stations (including 73 DCFC stations).
  • EV registrations in AL rose 61% in 2021. However, sales stagnated at .1% of all vehicles sold.
  • Alabama budgeted $2 million for new charging stations in 2023.
  • Car insurance rates on EVs are often higher in AL than on traditional vehicles in the same class.
  • Alabama is over 52,000 square miles. The longest road in Alabama is U.S. 31, stretching more than 386 miles.

Alabama EV Dealerships

Renowned automaker Ford offers several popular EV models such as the Mustang Mach-E.

Nowadays, you don’t have to find a Tesla dealership to buy an EV. Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and others all have EV options. For Alabamians, this is great news as you can’t buy a Tesla from a dealership in the state.

While this may seem odd, other U.S. states won’t allow also Tesla dealerships. Why? Because of franchise laws. In states like Alabama, Connecticut, and Michigan (to name a few), a car manufacturer cannot sell its own cars.

If you’re looking to buy an EV in Alabama, you’ll need to find a dealership that sells electric cars. You can also head over to Tennessee, Mississippi, or Georgia to pick up your Tesla (just beware of the high registration costs that come with out-of-state vehicle purchases).

Electric Vehicles – Alabama’s Friend or Foe?

Well, now you can see that Alabama is one of the more challenging states for EV owners in the U.S. While the state offers everything from beautiful mountain views to great big rivers, and exquisite beaches, owning and traveling in an electric vehicle can be tricky.

So, if you’re planning your next trip to Orange Beach and want to stop at Heard’s Barbeque in Maplesville, you may want to take an old gas guzzler, for now at least.

Owning an EV in Alabama: Charging Cost, Incentives, and More FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How does Alabama rank for EVs compared to other states?

As of 2021, Alabama was ranked 47 in EV charging. The state ranks pretty low for incentives, public charging stations, and EV sales.

Which cities have the most charging stations?

Surprisingly, Birmingham, Scottsboro, and Huntsville have the largest selections of charging stations in the state.

Will Alabama ever prioritize electric vehicles?

Believe it or not, Alabama is home to many technology companies, including space technology. However, the state is a bit slower to catch onto new things. However, the current governor (often referred to as “Memaw Ivey“) is putting a plan in place to offer more charging stations and incentives for EV owners by 2030.

Should I buy an electric vehicle in Alabama?

Buying an electric vehicle in Alabama is a big decision. You should assess where you live, how far you need to travel, and how much money you can save on your power bill. For example, if you live in Birmingham, you’ll fare pretty well with an EV. If you live in Chilton County, for example, not so much.

Will an electric vehicle save me money in Alabama?

Generally speaking, an EV has lower maintenance costs and saves fuel costs over its lifetime. As long as you aren’t paying for supercharging everywhere you go, and considering the possible increase on your car insurance, if gas prices remain high, it’s likely your EV will save you money in Alabama.


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