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Key Points:
  • The Oura ring features advanced sleep monitoring technology that monitors every sleep stage, while the Motiv ring doesn’t offer this tech.
  • The Oura ring has a longer battery lifespan and more data storage than the Motiv ring.
  • The Oura ring has more advanced functionalities compared to the Motiv ring. 

The Oura and Motiv rings are among the most popular options if you’re looking to buy a smart ring device to track your sleep and activities. The products reviewed below have a lot in common, as well as differences. You will want to read this complete comparison to learn more about these devices and get some good information to help you make the right purchase that satisfies your needs.

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Oura Ring vs. Motiv: Side-by-Side Comparison

Oura RingMotiv Ring
What is?Oura Ring is a smart ring device with advanced technology to accurately track sleep and other activities. Motiv Ring is a smart ring device that tracks activity and sleep. It also has a security feature that makes it even more interesting. 
CompatibilityiOS + AndroidiOS+ Android
Price$299-$999 $5.99 subscription cost monthly$199.99
Battery Life7 days72 hours
Charging Time20-80 minutes90 minutes
Data StorageUp to six weeksUp to two days
Sensors Type3D Accelerometer, proprietary pulse waveform, and pulse amplitude variation detection with infrared PPG sensor, body temperature sensor, gyroscopeSmart LED Sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
MeasuresSleep, heart rate, body temperature, blood volume, activity, recovery optimization, and inactivity.Sleep, heart rate, body temperature, blood volume, and activity.
Ring Sizes87
WarrantyTwo yearsOne year
Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker for iPhone and Android - Waterproof Activity and HR Monitor - Calorie and Step Counter - Pedometer. Ring Sizing Set and Redemption Kit for USA.
  • You 1st get a sizing set to find your size; ring sent once you select size/color, shipping included. Valid in USA only. (Not for export)
  • 24/7 smart Ring: steps and distance tracking, heart rate, activity, calories burned, sleep monitoring
  • Waterproof Ultralight titanium; 3-day battery life; charges in 90 minutes
  • Online security for your accounts using 2-step verification
  • 1-Year. Battery: Lithium ion
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Oura Ring vs. Motiv: What’s the Difference?

Oura and Motiv rings are smart devices to track sleep and other activities. These products have many differences starting from design to functionalities. The key differences are explained below:

1. Design And Price

The Motiv ring is made from titanium and doesn’t contain nickel. It has only one simple and sporting design. You can choose your ring from three color options: silver, black, or rose gold. All options cost $199. This is a one-time payment; you won’t have to pay for any subscription monthly. 

Meanwhile, the Oura ring is made from titanium and a medical-grade plastic inner side. It comes with two designs and four colors/variants to choose from. 

The cost of the ring depends on the color/variant you choose. The silver and black colors cost about $299. The diamond-studded silver option costs about $999. If you prefer “stealth” or warm colors, you’ll pay about $399 for it. 

The Motiv Ring’s data storage is 72 hours.

Also, to get the most from this ring, you should pay a $5.99 subscription fee monthly. This subscription will make the ring feel fully functional and will give you more options that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

The Motiv ring is waterproof at a distance of up to 165 feet or 50 meters. So you can go for a swim, take a bath, or wash dishes with it. On the other hand, the Oura ring is waterproof up to 330 feet or 100 meters. 

You can use the Motiv ring for 72 hours and fully charge it in about 90 minutes. The ring’s data storage is about 72 hours. 

While the Oura ring has a battery lifespan of 7 days, and it takes about 20-80 minutes to charge fully. The onboarding memory of the Oura ring can store data for up to six weeks.

2. Sizing

The Motiv ring is available in sizes 6-12, while the Oura ring comes in sizes 6-13. Both companies stated that the ring sizes are not very standard. However, Motiv rings seem more accurate to standard ring sizes, according to some reviewers. 

3. Functionalities

Motiv ring is a smart ring that monitors daily activities and tracks your sleep. You can access all the metric information about your sleep, heart rate, etc., via the Motiv app, which is available on Android and iOS devices.

It features online security, which uses a pre-set hand gesture to give a layer of security over your online identity through two-factor authentication. You can access all your online accounts when your Motiv ring is on your finger.

It also features biometric data for facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, which are available only on iOS devices with Face ID, and Touch ID.

If you have difficulties remembering passwords, Motiv ring supports WebAuthn, which allows you to make passwordless logins on your online accounts. It is supported on web browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.

Oura ring features advanced sleep tracking technology, which tracks every sleep stage daily with weekly and monthly averages. The Oura app, available on Android and iOS, can access important information regarding activity, sleep, and readiness. 

This app will give you personalized recommendations according to their personal data to help you solve any sleep, activity, or readiness problem. Besides sleep, the Oura ring tracks body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and many others. 

4. Measures

The Oura and Motiv rings have some differences when it comes to measurements of heart rate, activity, and sleep. Take a look below!

1. Heart Rate Track

The Motiv ring tracks resting heart rate, while the Oura ring tracks night-time ECG-level resting heart rate, interbeat interval, and heart rate variability. None of them tracks the heart continuously.

2. Activity Track

The Motiv ring can track active minutes, burned calories, activity type, and steps. In comparison, the Oura ring tracks movements, daily intensity, length, the timing of activities, and inactivity.

3. Sleep Track

The Motiv ring tracks only sleep duration, while the Oura ring tracks all the sleep stages. 

4. Temperature & Respiration Track

The Motiv ring doesn’t track Temperature and Respiration, while Oura does. That’s one of the big differences that may persuade you towards one option or the other.

5. Availability

You can order Motiv rings anytime you want since they are all the time available. You can go to their website or Amazon to order the ring.

Meanwhile, the Oura ring operates on a pre-order basis. So after you pre-order the ring, you should wait a couple of months to get it.

Oura Ring vs. Motiv
Oura Ring at the LAUNCH Festival in 2015. Oura Ring is a smart ring device with advanced technology to accurately track sleep and other activities. 

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Oura Ring vs. Motiv: 10 Must-Know Facts

  • The Motiv ring has a simple and sporting design made from titanium. It costs $199, much cheaper than the Oura ring.
  • The Oura ring varies from $299 to $999, depending on your chosen color/variant. Also, to have access to all its features, you should pay $5.99 monthly.
  • The Motiv ring has security features, while Oura doesn’t offer this security option.
  • The Oura ring features advanced sleep monitoring technology that monitors every sleep stage, while the Motiv ring doesn’t offer this tech.
  • Both the Motiv and Oura rings are waterproof at different distances.
  • The Oura ring has a longer battery lifespan and more data storage than the Motiv ring.
  • The Motiv ring has seven sizes, while the Oura ring has eight.
  • The Oura ring has more advanced functionalities compared to the Motiv ring. 
  • Oura ring was founded in Finland with the main focus on improving the way we live our lives.
  • The Motiv ring was founded in 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Oura Ring vs. Motiv: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Both devices can measure sleep quality and activity (as well as several other biometrics), but Oura goes above and beyond. It also tracks different biometric specs and monitors your sleep each night, whereas the Motiv ring only tracks your vital signs during the day. 

However, If you want to track your sleep and activities at an affordable price, then the Motiv ring is the best option. It has great security features and a great, simple design. I also recommend this ring since you can fully access all the features and buy it once.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful, and after reading this full comparison, you can now easily make the right purchase decision. 

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Oura Ring vs Motiv: Comparison and Winner FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Does Oura ring have a competitor?

Yes, it has. Top competitors are Apple, Fitbit, and Whoop.

Is the Motiv ring accurate?

The Motiv ring is very informative and valuable. It provides accurate data on calories, heart rate, and sleep.

Can you shower with the Oura ring?

Yes, you can wash dishes, bathe, or swim, since it is waterproof up to 330 feet or 100 meters.

How many days do Oura rings last?

Many factors affect the lifespan of its battery, such as ring age, the use of features, etc. Approximately a fully charged Oura ring can last up to seven days.

Do you need an Oura membership for the Oura ring?

You can use it without a membership; however, it has many limited features, which include no insights, basic profile info, ring battery, app settings, etc.

How many hours does the Motiv ring last?

The Motiv ring can last about 72 hours of use and takes about 90 minutes to charge fully.

Does the Oura ring have GPS?

No, it doesn’t feature GPS tech.

Can you swim with a Motiv ring?

Yes, you can swim since it is waterproof to 165 feet or 50 meters. 

Can you replace the Oura ring Battery?

You can’t since this ring has a non-replaceable battery.

Does the Motiv ring have notifications?

Yes, you can receive notifications via the Motiv app, which is available on iOS, and Android. However, the ring itself doesn’t have any way of notifying you. 

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