Oura Ring Battery Replacement (Complete Step-By-Step Guide)

Oura Ring with charger in background.

Oura Ring Battery Replacement (Complete Step-By-Step Guide)

Are you a longtime Oura Ring user who’s having trouble getting the most out of their ring these days? You’re not the only one who has faced some serious loss of battery life in the later years of their Oura Ring. Thankfully, there’s a solution: an Oura Ring battery replacement. While the average Oura battery can last for days on a single charge and offers years of recharges without any noticeable degradation, there’s bound to come a time when you need to consider a replacement. Here’s what you need to know about the Oura Ring battery replacement process.

How Long Do Oura Ring Batteries Last?

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Oura says some rings can last up to a week on a single charge. More active users may disagree.


According to the company, a fully charged Oura Ring can last as long as a week on a single charge. However, this figure will ultimately vary depending on how often you use it, how old it is, and what kind of charging habits you have. For instance, a fitness buff who wears the ring 24/7 and has had it for around a year will likely experience a shorter battery life than someone who only wears it at night.

As mentioned, this battery life can also depend on your charging habits. The battery in an Oura is a LiPo, or lithium-ion polymer. This battery type can be damaged if left on the charger past the point of a full charge. So, if you forget to take your Oura Ring off the charger one night and accidentally leave it charging until morning, you may start to experience a shorter battery life as a result.

The average Oura user gets at least a few days out of their ring’s battery before needing to charge it again. The ring itself sends out charging reminders when it hits 30%, so many users are not letting their Oura’s battery get anywhere near 1%. So, while you may be able to get another day or two out of that 30% battery remaining, the recommended thing is to charge it before it drops much lower.

When Do Oura Ring Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

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Under normal usage, some users don’t need an Oura Ring battery replacement for years.

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With a charge needed at least once a week — sometimes twice, if you’re a more active user — when will you need an Oura Ring battery replacement? Let’s do some math. On average, a LiPo battery starts showing signs of serious degradation after around 300 charge cycles. You complete a charge cycle every time you use a battery amount that totals 100%, even if it’s not from a single charge.

In other words, using 70% of the Oura Ring’s battery, charging it back to 100%, then using an additional 30% counts as one charge cycle. (Even though it took place over multiple charges.) Also worth noting? Most batteries experience slight degradation with each charge, even from the beginning. It’s just that this degradation increases in severity after around 300 cycles.

Let’s average Oura’s battery life estimate of seven days with users’ reported battery life estimate of four days and say a charge cycle occurs every five and a half days. Spread this out over 300 cycles, and you can expect to get several years of use out of your Oura before the battery goes kaput. However, the Oura warranty only lasts one to two years depending on your ring model.

How to File For an Oura Ring Battery Replacement

Because of the way Oura Rings are made, there’s no way for the company to simply send you a new battery. You’ll have to replace the whole ring outright. If your Oura Ring has started to show even the slightest signs of battery degradation, it’s best to file for an Oura Ring battery replacement before your warranty is up. That way, you can secure a replacement ring before it’s too late. We’ll walk you through the process below, complete with step-by-step instructions to start the replacement process on Oura’s site.

Step One: Take Photos or Videos

Oura Ring on its side on a desk.
Snap pictures of your Oura Ring to attach to your claim.


First, take some photos and videos of the ring on the charger to show the Oura rep what you see. Take screenshots of your Oura app showing that the battery level has decreased significantly. Feel free to capture anything else you feel may be relevant to your case.

Step Two: Make Note of Troubleshoots

Oura Ring on charger with no charging light blinking.
Include photos of your ring on the charger to show you’ve tried troubleshooting.


Next, jot down some of the troubleshooting steps you’ve already tried before filing for an Oura Ring battery replacement. This could include any firmware updates you’ve done, any potential charger issues you’ve ruled out, and any factory resets you may have tried. This saves you and the Oura rep time trying to offer suggestions for any quick fixes you’ve already attempted.

Step Three: Start a Request

Oura Ring troubleshooting information on website.
Oura Ring has lots of helpful information on its site regarding warranty requests.


Now, you can start your request by contacting Oura Ring customer support. Under the “Let’s get started” tab, select “I have an Oura Ring” from the dropdown menu. Then, enter the email tied to your account. After that, note where you purchased your Oura Ring from.

Step Four: Respond to Questions

Beginning of Oura Ring battery replacement request form.
Contact Oura Ring to request a replacement.


You should now see a series of additional questions on the screen. When the form asks what your question is related to, select “Issue with the product” from the dropdown menu. Then, select “Battery and Charging” under the prompt “What is happening with your ring?”

Step Five: Provide More Information

Additional questions on the Oura Ring customer service contact form.
Be sure to answer all questions truthfully concerning your Oura Ring’s battery health.


Next, you’ll be asked to provide some additional information about why you need an Oura Ring battery replacement. Answer all the questions according to your specific issue with your Oura’s battery, then proceed to the final step.

Step Six: Submit Request

Final part of Oura Ring customer service contact form.
Attach any supplemental documentation, provide any additional information, then submit.


Here, you’ll submit your request. Make sure you attach the photos and videos taken in step one. Plus, be sure to write down the troubleshooting steps you noted in step two in the text box provided. Then, click “Submit.” Now, you’ll have to wait for a response from Oura Ring customer service.

Most Oura Ring users who file this request within the confines of their warranty do not have any trouble receiving a replacement ring. As a matter of fact, some users with older Oura Rings from previous generations have even received an updated ring from the latest generation free of charge.

If you don’t receive a response in a timely manner, feel free to restart these steps from the beginning and try submitting another response. Wait a couple of weeks before starting this process over again, as the company may be backlogged.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Oura Ring battery last?

The battery life of an Oura Ring typically lasts up to seven days on a single full charge. However, this number will based on individual usage as well as certain activities that might drain the battery more quickly. More active users may find themselves recharging every few days instead.

How do I charge the Oura Ring?

To charge the Oura Ring, use the provided USB charger that came in the box. The charger attaches magnetically to the ring, making it easier to take on and off the charging dock. There’s nothing to plug or unplug on the ring itself — simply place it correctly on the charger according to its grooves.

How long does it take to charge the Oura Ring?

Charging times for the Oura Ring range from around 20 to 80 minutes depending on what the current battery level is at. It’s important that you don’t leave your Oura Ring on the charger past 100% charged, as it may damage the LiPo battery and result in decreased longevity.

Does the Oura Ring have a replaceable battery?

The battery in the Oura Ring is not replaceable. When the battery wears out, the entire ring will need to be replaced. You can initiate this process by contacting Oura Ring customer service according to the steps above. Your response may vary depending on your ring’s warranty. 

Does the Oura Ring have a low battery indicator?

Yes, the Oura Ring app alerts you with notifications when the battery is running low. The ring will make sure you’re aware it needs to be charged before you go to bed. Typically, this comes when the battery is at or near 30%. If you go to bed with a battery level lower than this, you’ll also see a notification in the morning reminding you to charge.

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