OnePlus 10T: Reviewed for 2024 – And Best Deals

OnePlus 10T

OnePlus 10T: Reviewed for 2024 – And Best Deals

Key Facts

  • The OnePlus 10T relies on the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset for improved speed and efficiency.
  • It also comes with the Cyro-velocity vapor cooling system one of the brand’s most advanced cooling systems.
  • The device also features smart link technology to ensure optimal signal strength.

The OnePlus 10T is an excellent smartphone pick for gaming and performance enthusiasts looking for speed, dynamite performance, and affordability. OnePlus released the OnePlus 10T as a value-priced alternative to the OnePlus 10 Pro — the company’s 2023 flagship smartphone.

The OnePlus 10T is a worthy opponent of the company’s flagship device in some ways, but some tweaks made to the original template make this device lag behind in some areas. Among the refreshing additions that make the OnePlus 10T a great high-performance device, that’s perfect for work and gaming, are:

  • A refined interface and a high-speed processor
  • Excellent battery life
  • Ultra-fast charging 
  • Improved wireless connectivity
  • 120Hz display with an adaptive refresh rate 

On the flip side, some beloved features common in other OnePlus smartphones, like the signature alert slider, wireless charging capabilities, and water resistance, were sacrificed to accommodate the speed and premium performance of the OnePlus 10T.

So, we gave the OnePlus 10T a test run, and here’s a solid review of the device. We cover its features, specifications, pros, and cons, then finish by telling you whether we think it is a worthwhile purchase.

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OnePlus 10T Overview 

Release Date and Price

The OnePlus 10T smartphones were unveiled on August 3rd, 2022, but were not ready for pre-order until September 1st. The pre-order period ran all the way through to September 28, 2022. The current price is not too different from what it was when the phones first hit the market, as the pre-order price was between $649 and $749 on both Best Buy and Amazon in the US.

Different Models

OnePlus 10 Pro | 5G Android Smartphone | 6.7” QHD+ Display | 12GB+256GB | U.S. Unlocked | Triple Camera co-Developed with Hasselblad | Volcanic Black
  • Unleash the power of 5G | Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, the 10 Pro is capable of blazing-fast 5G speeds. 5G network compatible with T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Google Fi,...
  • Powerful triple camera System, co-developed with Hasselblad | Featuring a primary 48MP Sony IMX sensor, the 10 Pro captures stunning natural colors & can shoot up to 8k video.
  • Capture the bigger picture with a 150º Ultra-Wide Camera | A versatile 50MP ultra-wide sensor shoots with an expansive 150º field-of-view, enabling you to take your creativity to a whole new level.
  • OnePlus Billion Color Solution for Photography | The 10 Pro can process 64x more color information with the new OnePlus Billion Color Solution, allowing you to capture & reproduce the most accurate...
  • Smart 120Hz Display with LTPO 2.0 | The stunning 6.7” QHD+ screen can adjust refresh rate dynamically from 1Hz up to 120Hz, delivering a fluid user experience with optimized battery performance.
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02/07/2024 05:01 pm GMT

The OnePlus 10T is built on the formula and template of the OnePlus 10T 5G 8GB+128GB. The 10T packs tons of horsepower to make it the company’s most powerful device. On the other hand, the 10 Pro is the flagship device that ticks all the boxes for a reliable smartphone, including an eye-catching design, excellent battery life, and amazing clear cameras.

Here’s a table highlighting the major differences between the OnePlus 10T and the OnePlus 10 Pro.

OnePlus 10TOnePlus 10 Pro
Cheaper than the flagshipSignificantly more expensive
The metalized plastic casing is not as durable or appealing Beautiful, lightweight metal design
Weak camerasOnePlus device with the best cameras
Optimized for fast performance Not optimized for fast performance
Doesn’t support wireless charging Supports wireless charging


The OnePlus 10T is optimized to be a super performer, featuring the most powerful Qualcomm® mobile platform ever. The device has many desirable features that ensure it delivers the speed and quality of performance it promises.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset

The most outstanding feature of the OnePlus 10T is definitely the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which brings about improved speed and efficiency. The chip offers 30% better power efficiency, 30% GPU power reduction, 4x faster AI speed, and 10% higher CPU performance. 

Cryo-velocity vapor cooling system

To support the chip and make the most of it, the OnePlus 10T includes the Cyro-velocity vapor cooling system, which is among the most advanced cooling systems used by OnePlus. The ultra-thin vapor cooling system is enhanced with advanced materials, a large cooling area, and a redesigned heat dissipation channel. As a result, users get up to 64% more heat dissipation efficiency.

Smart link technology

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, fast and convenient Wi-Fi speeds are non-negotiable. The OnePlus 10T combines the smart link features with a 360-degree antenna design to ensure you enjoy optimal signal strength even when you hold the phone away from the source of your connection.

120Hz Smart display

The device has a big 6.7-inch (2412 x 1080) OLED display screen with a 120Hz granular adaptive refresh rate. This smart display ensures you enjoy bright and punchy colors, plus lovely inky blacks. The adaptive refresh rate allows you to enjoy improved battery life without compromising on content quality, as it switches from 120Hz to 90Hz or 60Hz, depending on the content you’re viewing.

Industry-leading charging speed

On paper, the charging speed of the OnePlus 10T sounds like something out of a fairytale. But, believe us when we tell you, what you read is what you get. The OnePlus 10T boasts a 150W charging capability thanks to its SUPERVOOC system, which boosts your phone’s battery from 0 to 100% in less than 30 minutes.

The phone also has 13 temperature sensors and 128-bit encryption to prevent it from overcharging. On the website, the company claims that it doubles the battery lifespan once you hit 800 to 1,600 cycles.

Battery life

The OnePlus 10T battery has a slightly lower capacity (4800mAh) than the OnePlus 10 Pro battery (5,000mAh), but it lasts the same amount of time. Once you start your day with a full battery, you don’t worry about charging it again, despite constantly being on your phone. 


The One Plus 10T has the same operating system as all the other recent OnePlus Android smartphones—Oxygen OS 12. This software has multiple features for an enhanced user experience, including an adaptive sleep function that keeps the phone’s display on as long as a user is looking at it.


OnePlus 10T | Moonstone Black | 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S Version | 16GB RAM+256GB Storage | 120Hz Fluid AMOLED Display | Triple Camera 50+8+2MP, 16MP | 125W SuperVOOC Charging (CPH2417)
  • 5G Unlocked - Compatible with 5G networks on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Visible, MetroPCS, Mint Mobile, Google Fi and Cricket. Up to 4G on Tracfone..Other camera description:Front,Rear
  • 125W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition - A day's power in 10 minutes and double the battery lifespan. An AI algorithm intelligently learns your individual charging schedule to deliver the fastest charging...
  • Flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform - The fastest Snapdragon mobile platform delivers ultimate performance at your fingertips through 10% higher CPU and x4 Faster AI Speed.
  • 50MP Triple Camera System - Flagship level IMX766 sensor with OIS delivers outstanding clarity and stability + Next-gen Nightscape 2.0 and ultra-fast shutter capture speeds.
  • 6.7" 120Hz FHD+ Fluid Display - With up to 120Hz adaptive frame rate plus always-on HDR10+ and 10-bit colour for superior brightness and colour accuracy.
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02/07/2024 05:20 am GMT

The cameras on this phone are a bit underwhelming compared to what you’ll find on other phones at the same price point. You get three rear cameras with an unimpressive setup and without the zoom camera and Hasselblad collaboration you’ll find on the OnePlus 10 Pro. 

The main camera has a 50MP sensor with nice imaging chops; there’s a mid-range 8MP ultrawide camera; and an alright 2MP macro camera. The selfie camera is a decent 16MP that works well in natural and low-light environments.


At first glance, the OnePlus 10T looks very similar to the OnePlus 10 Pro. For example, at the back, you’ll find a prominent camera, featuring curved edges with three lenses and a flash. The front and back are made using Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is far from the best protective glass for phones in this price range.

Unlike the 10 Pro, the 10T has a flat display and a centralized front camera at the top. It also has a plastic frame but lacks the Hasselblad branding and alert slider to make room for the larger motherboard and cooling system. As for color, you can get the OnePlus 10T in a matte Moonstone Black or a Jade Green with a shiny gloss finish.


SpecsOnePlus 10T
Size6.4 x 3 x 0.34 inches(163 x 75.3 x 8.7mm)
Weight7.2 oz (203 grams)
Display6.7-inch FHD AMOLED (2412 x 1080 pixels), 1B colors, 120Hz,
Memory 128GB/256GB
ChipsetQualcomm SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Software 3.2 GHz, Octa Core Processor
Connectivity 4G, 5G, VoLTEBluetooth v5.2, WiFi, NFCUSB-C v2.0
Camera Rear cameras: 50MP main (f/1.8); 8MP ultrawide (f/2.2); 2MP macro Front camera: 16 MP, f/2.4, 24mm (wide), 1/3″, 1.0µm
Battery type/life 4800mAh battery fast charging 150W (125W for 110V sockets)

OnePlus 10T Review

To make this review as authentic as possible, we’ve been using the OnePlus 10T for the past four weeks. From the get-go, we were happy about the pre-order price we got the devices for.

Our team members have been using the devices in their daily activities, like watching YouTube and Netflix, playing games, scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, chatting with friends and family on WhatsApp, and opening work folders on Google Drive.

We’ll start with the look and feel of the phone, and we must say it’s lacking in more ways than one. The Jade Green version is plain and boring, while the textured Moonlight Black version keeps fingerprints at bay but lacks the premium matte black appeal. 

With either variant, you’ll need a glass protector and a case because the Gorilla Glass 5 is a fingerprint magnet and we can’t promise it won’t crack when it falls. Another downside of this phone is the metalized plastic casing, which makes the phone look cheap. 

As fans of other OnePlus smartphones, we are bummed that the 10T doesn’t have the alert slider, which we’ve come to love for its convenience when you need to switch between ring modes. However, the company explains that the revered feature had to go for the device to accommodate other features, like a larger vapor chamber and motherboard to support the phone’s blazing fast speeds.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset is the king of this device. It brings it to life by delivering improved performance and efficiency, such that you can navigate smoothly between as many as 35 applications at the same time without slowing down or lagging. 

To ensure sustained performance and thermal management, you have a large vapor chamber, which ensures you can play games without the device heating up.

The OnePlus 10T is as good as gaming devices can get. It has the Hyperboost Gaming Engine, featuring several optimizations to give you the best gaming latency and frame rates. For instance, the LS Touch feature makes sure all gaming actions and gestures are fast and responsive.

Finally, with the OnePlus 10T, you never have to worry about the phone dying mid-gameplay because the 4800 mAh battery we noticed can last up to 22 hours when fully charged. We loved that the phones were fully charged in under 30 minutes when using the 150W SUPERVOOC charger that comes with the phone.  

OnePlus 10T Pros and Cons

Affordable pricingLacks alert slider
High peak, sustainable performanceNo wireless charging
Long battery lifeDoesn’t include a telephoto lens
Fast charging Weak water resistance
Adaptive 120Hz display

OnePlus 10T: Is It a Buy?

The OnePlus 10T smartphone could be a worthwhile purchase depending on the features you’re looking for and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Buy it if…

You’re looking for a value-priced smartphone you can use for gaming that won’t slow down or lag during gameplay. It’s also going to serve you well if you want a device that charges fast and can last the entire day.

Are you also a fan of flat-screen phone displays, as opposed to screens with curved edges? This phone will surely tickle your fancy. Its slim profile and below-average weight are also perfect for users looking for a lightweight phone that’s not too bulky to carry around.

The main selling point for the OnePlus 10T is its super fast speed and smooth performance, with excellent optimization and cooling.

Don’t buy it if…

You love the alert slider feature on other OnePlus devices and are looking for a smartphone that supports wireless charging. This is also not the phone for you if photography is your forte because you’ll have to make do with the lackluster cameras that capture grainy photos with a smidge of oversaturation.

If you keep dropping your phone, you’d better avoid this one because it’s made with the less durable Gorilla Glass 5, or prepare to bear the cost of screen protectors and possible repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is more powerful, the OnePlus 10T or the OnePlus 10 Pro?

The OnePlus 10T is significantly more powerful than the OnePlus 10 Pro thanks to its newer version chipset—the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. The older chipset obviously has lower benchmark scores compared to the newer Plus version.

Does the wireless OnePlus 10T allow wireless charging?

No, the OnePlus 10T doesn’t support wireless or reverse wireless charging. However, it makes up for this with lightning-fast 125W or 150W wired charging, depending on your region.

Is the OnePlus 10T water resistant?

The OnePlus 10T has an IP54 rating in the US, which signifies that it’s dust- and water-resistant. However, it’s not completely waterproof and is only safe against accidental water spraying from all directions and not complete immersion.

Does the OnePlus 10T have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes, the OnePlus 10T had an optical type fingerprint sensor under the screen and a face unlock feature as well.

What’s in the OnePlus 10T box?

The OnePlus 10T comes with a quick start guide, pre-applied screen protector, a 150W power adapter, USB-C cable, and a SIM tray ejector.

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