Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI: Full Comparison

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Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI: Full Comparison

What Are Some Must-Know Facts: Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI

  • Both GPUs have full support for the latest PCI-E 4.0 for high bandwidth
  • Both RTX 3080-Ti and RTX 2080-Ti have DirectX 12 Ultimate for gaming compatibility
  • The RTX 2080-Ti and 3080-Ti both use the latest GDDR6X video memory standard
  • Both GPUs provide full support for Ray Tracing and Nvidia DLSS

A biting chip shortage and the crypto bubble burst had driven up graphics cards prices. GPUs consistently sold above MSRP.

However, prices have been falling for some time, and it’s now possible to find affordable graphics cards again, which makes it an excellent time to explore two of Nvidia’s best graphics cards on the market: the 3080-Ti vs 2080-Ti.

So, what’s the best card for you? We will settle the question once and for all by diving deep into each graphics card to see how they stack up against each other.

With full specs, comparisons, and must-know facts, we’ll present you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, we will answer the question of which is the superior GPU: the 3080-Ti or the 2080-Ti?

Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI: Full Side By Side Comparison:

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he RTX 2080 TI graphics card is a good GPU that brings the power of ray tracing and AI into gaming.

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The first step to understanding the differences and similarities between the 2080-Ti and the 3080-Ti is to do a full side-by-side comparison. Looking at the specs of one versus the other paints a vivid picture of what sets them apart. Have a look at the table below to get an idea:

SpecsRTX 2080-TiRTX 3080-Ti
Graphics processorTU102GA102
Shader cores435210240
Tensor Cores544320
Ray Tracing Cores6880
Vram typeGDDR6GDDR6X
Vram capacity11 GB12 GB
Bus width352 bit384 bit
GPU clock1350 MHz1360 MHz
Boost clock1545 MHz1665 MHz
Memory clock1750 MHz1188 MHz
Texture fill rate420.2 GTexel/s532.8 GTexel/s
Pixel rate136.0 GPixel/s186.5 GPixel/s
Double Floating-point performance420.2 GFLOPS532.8 GFLOPS

Look at the above table, it’s clear that the RTX 3080-Ti has the better specs. Nvidia spared no expense in upgrading the 3080-TI, resulting in a new and improved graphics card. Additionally, its theoretical performance is notably higher, as evidenced by the higher texture fill rate and pixel rate. But do higher specs translate to better graphics and gaming experience?

Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI: A Brief History

Released on September 20th, 2018, the RTX 2080-Ti was intended to be an upgrade to the aging GTX 1080-Ti series graphics cards. According to user benchmarks, the new GPU was better in every way possible.

User reports showed that the RTX 2080-Ti produced better lighting effects, reflection handling, and fast multi-rendering. Overall it was 27% faster than the previous generation. Gamers and streamers clamored to get the new card because of its vastly improved performance.

The RTX 3080-Ti came out on May 31st, 2021, at the height of the chip shortage and pandemic. Gamers shied away from buying the card as its price was hyper-inflated. Nvidia implemented anti-mining software on the new GPUs to discourage cryptocurrency miners from buying all available cards. However, that still did not slow down graphics cards demand.

Those who bought the RTX 3080-Ti early were pleased with the results. Users reported that the new 3080-Ti was 30% faster than the previous generation. As the direct successor of the 2080-Ti in Nvidia’s lineup, the 3080-Ti clearly delivered huge performance gains.

Most gamers were impressed with the card’s better texture detail, faster peak complex splatting, and better parallax occlusion mapping. The new GPU remains a gaming beast.

GTX 1660 Ti vs RTX 2060

nVidia Geforce RTX 2060 graphic card performing exceptionally well in generating 4K video gaming and editing.


Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI: Power Consumption and Size

When choosing your graphics card, it is crucial to understand its power requirements. RTX 2080-Ti and 3080-Ti have different power requirements but are power-hungry. You’ll want to ensure you have a high-wattage power supply.

With a TDP rating of 250 watts, the RTX 2080-Ti needs at least a 600-watt power supply with two 8-pin power connectors to run. On the other hand, the RTX 3080-Ti has even higher power requirements.

You will need at least a 750-watt power supply with two 6-pin connectors to feed power to the card because the 3080-Ti has a TDP of 350 watts. Again, this isn’t unusual. Remember, powerful graphics cards use a lot of power.

Size is another factor when shopping for graphics cards. Although you can upgrade your PC case to a more spacious model, it helps to know the exact dimensions before you complete a purchase. Both the 2080-Ti and 3080-Ti are truly massive GPUs and will need lots of installation space.

RTX 2080-Ti is the smaller card, measuring about 10.5 inches in length for the founder’s edition. The RTX 3080-Ti is noticeably bigger, measuring 11.2 inches in length. Both graphics cards are also pretty thick and heavy. Not to mention they have a dual-slot design.

So, they will require a lot of vertical space as well. You will be fine if you have a large, full-size ATX tower case.

If you happen to have a small, undersized case, you may need to upgrade the case to be able to fit these GPUs.

Nvidia 3080-Ti vs 2080-Ti: Connectivity and Ports

Connecting your favorite displays is one of the most enjoyable parts of setting up your graphics card. If you are a gamer with multiple monitors, then either of these graphics cards is perfect. These GPUs can work with various gaming monitors as they come with several ports.

The RTX 2080-Ti is designed with one HDMI 2.0 port, one USB-C port, and three Display-Port 1.4a connectors. On the other hand, the RTX 3080-Ti comes equipped with a newer HDMI 2.1 port and three Display-Port 1.4a connectors. 

1080-Ti vs 3080

Closeup inside gaming PC tower with NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card.


Which One Is Better For Gaming: Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI?

The 3080-Ti and 2080-Ti exceed the standard requirements for every game out there. In fact, both GPUs could even be overkill for most gamers.

Only hardcore gaming enthusiasts might care about the differences between these cards. That’s why we’ve compiled benchmarks from across the internet to figure out which one is ultimately better at gaming.

While both GPUs support gaming at 1080p, the 3080-TI is 20% faster. The difference is stark when gaming in full Ultra HD 4K resolution. To put the GPUs to the test, we turned up the settings to the highest possible levels. See how their average frame rates compare in the table below:

TitleRTX 2080-TiRTX 3080-Ti
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey45+ FPS66+ FPS
Cyberpunk 207747+ FPS31+ FPS
Deus Ex Mankind Divided52+ FPS81+ FPS
Gears of War 560+ FPS93+ FPS
Ghost Recon Wildlands44+ FPS65+ FPS
Horizon Zero Dawn50+ FPS91+ FPS
Monster Hunter World44+ FPS84+ FPS
Red Dead Redemption 254+ FPS77+ FPS
Shadow of the Tomb Raider60+ FPS90+ FPS
The Division 252+ FPS79+ FPS
The Witcher 373+ FPS116+ FPS
Watch Dogs Legion43+ FPS62+ FPS

From the benchmarks, the RTX 3080-Ti beats the 2080-Ti in almost every game. This is no surprise as the 3080-Ti is the newer, more powerful graphics card.

Nvidia 3080-TI vs 2080-TI: Which One Is Better and Which One Should You Choose?

Overall, the RTX 3080-Ti is the superior graphics card. If your budget allows, it will make the ideal upgrade. You will notice a huge improvement in performance when you switch from a much older GPU like the GTX 1080 or similar,

On the other hand, if you already have a 2080-Ti and are considering an upgrade, it may not be worth the cost for performance.

Considering the new RTX 4000 series cards are just around the corner, it may make sense to skip a generation when upgrading and go straight to the new RTX 4080-Ti.

We won’t know for a while, and for now, the RTX 3080-Ti is the superior graphics card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between the 2080-Ti and 3080-Ti?

The 3080-Ti is a newer and much more powerful graphics card. With a higher Vram capacity and double the shader cores, the RTX 3080-Ti easily defeats the 2080-Ti

When did the 3080-Ti and 2080-Ti come out?

2080-Ti came out in September of 2018. The 3080-Ti is much newer and was launched in May of 2021.

Is the RTX 3080-Ti better for gaming?

According to user benchmarks, the RTX 3080-Ti is significantly better than the RTX 2080-Ti for gaming. Users reported higher frame rates in almost every game on the market, even on the highest settings at full Ultra HD 4k.

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