What Channel Is NFL Network on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

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What Channel Is NFL Network on Spectrum? (2023 Update)

Key Points

  • The channel number for the NFL Network varies from city to city and state to state on Spectrum.
  • The NFL Network was established in 2003 and received $100 million in funding from the NFL.
  • The NFL Network broadcasts live games, talk shows, college football games, and documentary programs.
  • The NFL RedZone is a sister channel to the NFL Network that provides whip-around coverage of Sunday afternoon games.

Trying to tune into the NFL Network on Spectrum? You’re not the only one confused. The channel number for a person on the East Coast isn’t necessarily going to be the same for someone on the West Coast. This is because the channel number changes from city to city and state to state. It’s all thanks to local agreements and package offerings, but you don’t have to go it alone. Let’s help you find the NFL Network on Spectrum (and its sister station NFL RedZone), no matter where you’re at in the United States.

NFL Network Channel Guide

City and StateNFL Network Channel on Spectrum
Albany, NY74 or 310
Anaheim, CA310
Austin, TX310
Bakersfield, CA52 or 116
Birmingham, AL90 or 416
Buffalo, NY96 or 310
Charlotte, NC310
Cincinnati, OH346 or 1346
Cleveland, OH346 or 1346
Columbus, OH547
Corpus Christi, TX94 or 310
Dallas, TX30 or 738
Durham, NC310
El Paso, TX94 or 310
Indianapolis, IN83 or 416
Kansas City, MO310
Lexington, KY547
Long Beach, CA39 or 732
Los Angeles, CA310
Louisville, KY547
Milwaukee, WI346 or 1346
Montgomery, AL15 or 822
New York, NY310
Raleigh, NC310
Reno, NV14 or 800
San Antonio, TX310
San Diego, CA310

The History of NFL Network

Friends watching football on TV.
The NFL Network provides extensive coverage of all things National Football League.


The National Football League established the NFL Network in 2003. Like the MLB Network or NBA TV, the television channel is reserved solely for a professional sport. In the NFL Network’s case, that’s professional football. The NFL Network aims to provide all the live games, all the game highlights, all the insightful commentary, and all the supplemental content a football fan can dream of. At the time, the network’s establishment was approved by all 32 NFL teams. This earned it $100 million in funding from the NFL itself.

Both football teams and football fans alike were enticed by the idea of the NFL Network. Alas, it took a few years for the station to start showing live games. For the 2003, 2004, and 2005 seasons, the NFL Network had to settle for nothing more than game highlights, commentary, and documentary series. It didn’t have the rights to start broadcasting live regular-season games until the 2006 season. From that point on, the NFL Network saw its viewership numbers increase exponentially. Turns out, these live games were the missing link that finally allowed the NFL Network to soar.

The NFL Network expanded its reach with a website, an app, and sister channel NFL RedZone. It also strengthened its programming by switching over to HD broadcasts and improved its studio sets for its most popular shows NFL Total Access and NFL GameDay. For the 2023 season, the NFL Network is set to play eight live games in total. This includes multiple international competitions on the roster throughout the fall. You’ll also find live broadcasts of the Hall of Fame Game, the NFL Draft, the NFL Scouting Combine, and plenty of preseason and postseason extras.

NFL Network Programming

Still from NFL Total Access on the NFL Network.
Talk show NFL Total Access has been a cornerstone of the NFL Network since its launch.

©National Football League – License

Tune into the NFL Network on an average day, you’re bound to find all sorts of different programming on the station. The NFL Network has premium live game coverage, informative talk shows, and all sorts of other live broadcasts from the biggest events in preseason and postseason football. Plus, the network has an array of documentary programs that give viewers a deeper understanding of the sport and its history. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see on the NFL Network.

Live Games 

The NFL Network broadcasts a selection of live games throughout the football season. This number varies from year to year. For the 2023 season, the station has eight live broadcasts on the schedule. These games typically include Thursday Night Football matchups and other highly coveted primetime games. As you might expect from a sports-only station like this one, the games always come with expert commentary both before and after.

Talk Shows

The NFL Network is also home to hit talk shows like NFL Total Access and Good Morning Football. These programs offer exclusive in-depth analysis, player interviews, and colorful discussions of the latest news and developments in the world of the NFL. This is where you’ll hear insights on team strategies, player performances, and expert opinions on the current state of the sport. These talk shows make up the bulk of the NFL Network’s programming during the day.

Other Broadcasts

In addition to NFL games, the NFL Network also covers several live college football games throughout the year. You’ll also catch draft day coverage, Pro Bowl coverage, and other important live broadcasts of the Hall of Fame Game and the Owners Meeting. Even if the NFL Network can only score less than ten regular season games a year, these other live broadcasts will remain just as plentiful.

Documentary Programs

Whether it’s ESPN, Fox Sports, or some other sports network, documentary programs will always be a cornerstone. The NFL Network is no exception. Under its NFL Films umbrella, the NFL Network presents compelling and high-quality documentary programs. These frequently fill the gaps between live broadcasts and talk shows. Their high production value, combined with their exclusive insights into the game, always make these documentaries a good watch.

NFL RedZone Channel Guide

City and StateNFL RedZone Channel on Spectrum
Albany, NY311
Anaheim, CA311
Austin, TX311
Bakersfield, CA117
Birmingham, AL417 or 1417
Buffalo, NY311
Charlotte, NC311
Cincinnati, OH347 or 1347
Cleveland, OH311 or 1347
Columbus, OH548 or 919
Corpus Christi, TX311
Dallas, TX323 or 739
Durham, NC311
El Paso, TX311
Indianapolis, IN417 or 1417
Kansas City, MO311
Lexington, KY548 or 919
Long Beach, CA425 or 731
Los Angeles, CA311
Louisville, KY548 or 919
Milwaukee, WI347 or 1347
Montgomery, AL323 or 803
New York, NY311
Raleigh, NC311
Reno, NV417 or 801
San Antonio, TX311
San Diego, CA311

NFL RedZone Programming

Still from NFL RedZone coverage.
Viewers catch all the best moments from Sunday games with NFL RedZone.

©National Football League – License

The NFL RedZone is a unique sister channel to the NFL Network. It broadcasts on Sunday afternoons and evenings from the start of the first game to the conclusion of the last. Instead of playing full games, it hops between in-progress games across CBS and FOX. It makes for a thrilling viewing experience, keeping you in the loop on every single live game on other channels. Every time a play comes within the 20-yard line, you can bet that RedZone coverage will flip over to the game. This way, you can catch every opportunity for a team to score.

You’re not on your own, either. NFL RedZone hosts will guide you through the games. They’ll give you real-time commentary and analysis on anything you missed during the whip-around coverage. They’ll jump from game to game, ensuring you catch the most thrilling moments as they unfold. This channel is a fantastic way to stay updated on all the Sunday NFL action — even if you’re not watching a specific game from start to finish. It’s a great supplemental experience to your regularly scheduled NFL Network programming.

What Channel Is NFL Network on Spectrum? (2023 Update) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the NFL Network?

The NFL Network is a channel devoted entirely to the National Football League. While it only broadcasts around eight live NFL games a year, it still provides comprehensive coverage of the week’s games through live commentary, news, and documentary programs.

Do they play live games on the NFL Network?

Yes, there are occasional live games broadcasted in their entirety on the NFL Network. For example, there are eight live NFL games currently scheduled to air on the NFL Network for the 2023 season. Beyond these, the NFL Network broadcasts a selection of live game highlights throughout the NFL season (not to mention weekly on the NFL RedZone).

What is the NFL RedZone?

The NFL RedZone is a special premium sports channel that switches between different live game broadcasts from the very first game to the very last game on Sunday afternoons. It focuses its coverage on plays that come within the 20-yard line, which means it will hop from game to game to show you all the best scoring opportunities as they happen. 

Does NFL Network play anything other than live games?

Yes, the NFL Network plays a lot more than just live games. As a matter of fact, live games make up a very small portion of the average NFL Network programming block. Talk shows make up a majority of the station’s offerings, including shows like NFL Total Access and Good Morning Football, among other popular titles. 

Do they play college football on NFL Network?

Yes, the NFL Network covers college football games in addition to professional NFL games. While the primary focus of the NFL Network remains on the NFL, the station still finds time to broadcast some of the most popular or exciting college football matchups throughout the year. 

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