What Channel is Netflix on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

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What Channel is Netflix on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

Netflix is a video-on-demand subscription service, and you can find Netflix on DirecTV. Netflix carries content from all the major studios, including every imaginable genre, from recent hit movies, top television shows, cartoons, anime, retro television, sports, documentaries, stand-up comedy, classics, and Netflix-created content.

If you’re a DirecTV subscriber trying to navigate your way through your smart TV applications, it might be easier to launch Netflix from DirecTV.

We’ll help you find the DirecTV Netflix channel and the best content to match your viewing preferences.

DirectTV Channel Guide

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The History of Netflix

In 1997, the concept of Netflix was launched when Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph mailed an unboxed DVD to themselves. The DVD arrived in good condition, and the idea of a subscription-based DVD rental program was born.

In 1998, Hastings and Randolph launched Netflix.com. Subscribers can access the Netflix website and rent DVDs through the mail. In 1999, members could access thousands of DVDs without late fees, due dates, or rental limits. Netflix soon introduced a rating system of one to five stars. Based on your ratings, Netflix recommends content for you to watch. In 2002, Netflix’s initial public offering (IPO) sold for one dollar per share. (Today, Netflix stock sells for approximately $400 per share, down from a high of nearly $700 in 2021.)

In 2007, Netflix introduced streaming, allowing consumers to watch digital content at home without needing a DVD. Netflix began working with consumer electronic manufacturing companies in 2008 to include Netflix in televisions, DVD players, and the Xbox.

In 2013, Netflix began offering original content like Arrested Development, House of Cards, and Orange is The New Black. 2016 ushered in downloading and Netflix streaming content to 21 languages and 190 countries. The Netflix subscriber base passed 200 million in 2020.

Before it became the popular streaming service it is today, Netflix offered DVD rentals by mail.


Netflix Top Original Content Movies

Streaming platforms are notoriously reluctant to share specific viewing data with the public. Netflix introduced a weekly top 10 list in 2020. Subscribers can view the top ten list and see what other subscribers are watching. The top 10 list is regional, so if you’re in another country, you’ll see that country’s top 10 list.

The chart below contains Netflix’s top ten subscriber streaming of original content movies. As a testament to the power of Netflix recommendation algorithms, we’ve never even heard of two of the top ten movies. If a program or movie doesn’t match our watch profile, it’s not shown in our “Top Picks” category.

Rank (Year)FeatureViewing Hours
1 (2021)Red Notice454,200,000
2 (2021)Don’t Look Up408,600,000
3 (2018)Bird Box325,300,000
4 (2022)Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery320,300,000 
5 (2022)The Gray Man299,500,000
6 (2022)The Adam Project281,000,000
7 (2023)Extraction 2267,300,000
8 (2020)Extraction266,900,000
9 (2023)The Mother265,900,000
10 (2022)Purple Hearts240,480,000

Netflix Top Original Content Series

With over 200 million subscribers, Netflix has deep pockets to create original content. Netflix scored lucrative “deals” on early streaming content from traditional network televisions and movie studios.

Networks woke up to the reality of shifting consumer viewing habits and began to claw back hit TV shows from Netflix. Netflix had no choice but to create its own “tier-1” content or be left lacking fresh content to attract new subscribers.

The chart below contains Netflix’s top-ten list of critically acclaimed TV series based on viewer ranking.

Rank (Year)FeatureIMDb Rating (0 – 10)
1 (2021 – )Arcane9
2 (2015 – 2017)Narcos8.8
3 (2014 – 2020)BoJack Horseman8.8
4 (2011 – )Black Mirror8.7
5 (2016 – 2024)Stranger Things8.7
6 (2017 – 2020)Dark8.7
7 (2013 – 2018)House of Cards8.7
8 (2022 – )Heartstopper 8.6
9 (2016 – )The Crown8.6
10 (2017 – 2019)Mindhunter8.6
Netflix is available through a cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, smart TV, gaming console, or via a USB stick.

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Squid Games

We’d be remiss not to mention the cultural phenomena of Squid Games. The blockbuster TV series is Netflix’s most successful show ever. Netflix released the South Korean ultra-violent, incredibly fun, fictional series in 2021.

The premise of Squid Games is that several hundred severely financially stressed contestants compete for $4.5 million cash. The winner takes the cash; the losers die during gameplay.

The actual winner of Squid Games may be Netflix. Netflix announced that a whopping 142 million households watched the TV show in its first month of release. Squid Games ranked as Netflix’s number-one streaming content in 94 countries. Season two is currently in production, and industry insiders believe a 2024 release is likely. Green light!

Where to Find Netflix on DirecTV

There are two primary methods to find Netflix on DirectTV. You can use your remote to tune into channel 192. You’ll be prompted to use your Netflix login to access Netflix services.

If you have a smart TV, you can install the Netflix app and stream content directly from the application.

Depending on your TV’s remote control, you may have a Netflix button that will take you directly to the Netflix application. Look for the red button that looks exactly like the Netflix logo.

If you don’t have a smart TV, you can add a Firestick or Roku stick to an available USB port to add smart TV features.

What Channel is Netflix on DirecTV? (2023 Update) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can I get Netflix on DirecTV?

Yes, you can access Netflix on DirecTV through channel 192, opening a Netflix application on your smart TV, Fire Stick, or Roku, or opening Netflix through a dedicated remote control button.

How do I get Netflix on DirecTV if I don't have a smart TV?

You can access Netflix through a Roku Stick, USB stick, video game console (Xbox, PS), or a laptop or tablet with an HDMI output.

How much is DirecTV streaming a month?

DirecTV has four different streaming packages available. The least expensive option is approximately 75 channels for about $65 monthly. The most costly package has roughly 150 channels and will cost you around $155 monthly.

How much is Netflix streaming a month?

The least expensive Netflix option is $7 monthly, including advertisements and no downloads.
The most expensive Netflix package is $20 per month, including no advertisements, downloading available, Ultra HD (4K), and HDR. A maximum of six devices may download content.

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