Neo QLED vs OLED – Which One Is Better?


Neo QLED vs OLED – Which One Is Better?

Key Points

  • Based on the LED and LCD technology, both Neo QLED and OLED offer better viewing experience.
  • OLED is emissive as each pixel emits its own light, and is best suited for dimly lit rooms an viewing in low lights.
  • Neo QLED is LED based technology and produces bright viewing experience, which is why it is best suited for well lit rooms.

TVs have come a long way from what they were a few decades and even a few years ago. Consumers can now choose from different technology options such as Neo QLED and OLED for quality that was not possible in the past. However, choosing a TV has gotten more complicated because of the high tech and confusion about it. How does Neo QLED fare when compared to OLED?

Most experts will agree that Neo QLED comes out ahead of OLED in various ways, however, very few of them will state that there is a clear winner. Neo QLED is a newer technology with better specs and performance in areas such as bright picture quality but OLED still holds its ground with an “infinite” contrast ratio and more.

Neo QLED vs OLED: Side by Side Comparison

Mainly produced bySamsungLG
Other brandsNeo QLED is Samsung’s label for mini-LED implementation which is also used by LG, Phillips, and TCL.OLED panels are exclusively made by LG but other TV manufacturers such as Sony, Hisense, and Panasonic use them as well.
Release DateSamsung launched its first Neo QLED TV in 2021OLED TVs were first made available to consumers in 2013
Size RangeNeo QLED TVs range from 43-inch to 98-inch modelsYou can get an OLED TV in 48-inch to 88-inch options
BacklightingSamsung’s mini-LED backlightingNo backlighting. Pixels turn themselves on and off
Resolution4K and 8K optionsMostly 4K models
Picture QualityBrighter picture quality, making it better in bright settingsRenders true blacks so it is ideal in places with very little light
Viewing AngleLoses picture quality if not viewed directly from the frontCan be viewed from any angle without losing picture quality
GamingMinimal picture degradation in game modeBetter for “dark” games because of true black rendering
Price Range$479.99 – $4,999.99$945.99 – $100,000
QLED was introduced in 2017 by Samsung as a newer display technology.

Neo QLED vs OLED: What’s the Difference?

OLED has been around for about a decade now and people have compared it to QLED since 2017 when the latter was introduced by Samsung. Despite a few similarities, some people believe that QLED is better than OLED simply because it is newer tech, but the question of which of the two is better is subjective, with no clear winner. Some of the most important differences between these two display technologies include backlighting, picture quality, and price range.


Now that Samsung has launched Neo QLED TVs, the comparison with LG’s OLED technology gets even more confusing for some consumers. The main difference between Neo QLED and OLED is the backlighting.

Neo QLED makes use of mini-LED backlighting, producing a higher contrast ratio with higher quality colors and far closer to true black rendering than QLED. Still, this does not compare to OLED’s true blacks.

OLED does not use backlighting which might sound odd but really isn’t.  The pixels on OLED TVs turn on and off automatically depending on the requirements. This produces pictures with no contrast ratio limit and true blacks.

Picture Quality

Perhaps the most subjective aspect of comparing Neo QLED vs OLED is whether one produces better picture quality than the other or not. This is mostly a subjective matter but we can say for sure that Neo QLED is best suited for places with bright artificial or natural light and OLED is best in dark places like a den.

If you are gaming, you will notice less picture degradation on Neo QLED vs OLED. Aside from that, the only real consideration here is whether you are playing a game with a lot of colors or dark scenes. Again, Neo QLED is better with brightness and OLED is better with true blacks.

Something else that is often overlooked when considering these two display technologies is the viewing angle. Most of us sit directly in front of our TVs so this is usually not an issue. However, it can be an issue with Neo-QLED TVs. Because of OLED’s pixel illumination, viewing an OLED TV from any angle does not affect the picture quality. Neo QLED displays, on the other hand, have slightly less noticeable quality if you are not viewing them directly from the front.


Samsung’s current lineup of Neo QLED models is not extensive but it does feature nearly a dozen impressive options. You can choose from Neo QLED TVs from 43-inch to 98-inch models that make you feel like you’re at a movie theater. LG offers seemingly endless options of OLED TVs from 48-inch to 88-inch models.

Additionally, if you are interested in 4K you have good options from both of these top brands, but LG only offers 2 8K OLED models. Of course, one of the most important considerations when looking for a new TV is price.

The lowest-priced Neo QLED TV on Samsung’s official site currently sells for $479.99 while LG’s lowest-priced OLED model goes for $949.99 on sale ($1,399.99 is the normal price.) If you are not interested in purchasing the cheapest models but want a bigger and better TV instead, prepare to spend quite a bit of money.

Samsung’s most expensive Neo QLED TV sells for about $5,000 which might seem like a lot until you realize that LG’s most expensive OLED TV has a jaw-dropping price tag of $100,000. Check out the LG SIGNATURE OLED R 65” Class Rollable 4K Smart TV w/ AI ThinQ® (64.5” Diag.) on their official site.

In the end, whether Neo QLED or OLED is right for you depends on your needs. Consider the information we outlined here to make the best possible choice and get your money’s worth.

You can view an OLED TV from any angle, because of OLED’s pixel illumination, it will not affect the picture quality.

Neo QLED vs OLED: Must-Know Facts

  • OLED is older than Neo QLED. The former was introduced in 2013 by LG and the latter 8 years later in 2021 by Samsung.
  • Whether Neo QLED has better features than OLED is a topic of hot contention but there is no clear winner as both have their pros and cons.
  • Samsung’s cheapest Neo QLED TV costs less than half the price of LG’s cheapest OLED model.
  • LG offers an OLED 65-inch OLED TV for an unbelievable $100,000.
  • OLED panels can be made thinner than Neo QLED ones because they require no backlight.
  • Even though Samsung comes to mind when talking about mini-LED backlighting (Neo QLED), TCL was actually the first brand to market a TV with this technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neo QLED better than OLED?

Both Neo QLED and OLED have their pros and cons. Because of the different backlight technologies involved, Neo QLED is better suited for bright places such as rooms with a lot of natural light and OLED for dark places.

Is Samsung Neo QLED worth it?

If you can afford it, Samsung Neo QLED TVs are certainly worth it since they offer exceptional quality.

Why you should not buy an OLED TV?

If you want to use your new TV in a brightly-lit room, OLED would not be the best choice since most OLED panels can only produce up to 700 nits peak brightness.

Will OLED TVs be cheaper in 2023?

We have already seen OLED TV prices drop considerably with some models going for under $1,000. OLED prices are sure to continue to drop in the coming year, especially when LG introduces new tech into the market.

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