What Channel Is NBC Sports on DirecTV (2023 Update)

nbc sports on directv

What Channel Is NBC Sports on DirecTV (2023 Update)

Key Points

  • NBC Sports Network is a dedicated sports network that offers exclusive coverage of events like the Olympics.
  • NBC Sports has a long history dating back to the late 1930s and has had success with programs like the Cavalcade of Sports and the MLB’s World Series.
  • NBC Sports offers a wide range of programming, including Major League Baseball, golf, the Olympics, thoroughbred racing, the French Open, college football and basketball, the NFL, the Tour de France, and WWE NXT and Raw.

Are you looking for NBC Sports on DirecTV? The NBC Sports Network is a dedicated sports network made to rival the likes of ESPN and FS1. The programming greatly differs compared to its competitors, with exclusive coverage of things like the Olympics and horse racing. Channels like to shuffle around from time to time, but this guide will get you up and running in no time.

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NBC Sports on DirecTV: Channel Guide

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NBC Sports on DirecTV: A Brief History

nbc sports
NBC Sports formerly operated as “a service of NBC News.”


NBC Sports has a history dating back to the beginnings of television as a medium. It is one of the oldest dedicated sports networks in the world. However, it didn’t really get its own channel until fairly recently.


NBC Sports, and NBC by extension, can be traced back to the late 1930s. While television was just in its infancy at the time, one of the earliest New York affiliates began broadcasting college baseball, boxing, and professional baseball.

In the wake of the Second World War, there would be a great focus on sports events. The fledgling National Broadcast Company had early success with programs like the Cavalcade of Sports, as well as the MLB’s World Series.

The 1980s would see NBC Sports flagging behind in ratings, thanks to losing exclusive rights to the MLB. This ended a 43-year relationship that the network once held with Major League Baseball. Exclusive contracts with the Summer Olympics and other major sporting events would keep the sports network in a strong standing through the 90s and 2000s.

The Comcast Era

2011 saw the beginning of NBC’s acquisition by the telecom giant Comcast. As such, there was a reworking and rebranding of NBC Sports to the NBC Sports Group. This would see cable channel Versus get rebranded into the NBC Sports Network, along with new sister stations like the Golf Channel being integrated into the fold.

The 2010s were fairly solid for cable showings, with exclusive rights to broadcasts by Major League Soccer and the Premier League. NBC Sports would also enter exclusive broadcasting rights for the NASCAR Cup Series and Xfinity Series, giving much-needed coverage for motorsports.

Current Day

NBC Sports is still going strong in 2023. Peacock has been an interesting integration into the NBC Sports umbrella, with live-streaming broadcasts and other original sports programming hitting the service. Peacock has served as something of a portent for things to come for NBC Sports, with dedicated channels like the Olympic Channel being shuttered.

Time will tell if NBC Sports as a whole still carries on in the wake of the streaming revolution. There is still a need for linear channels as many subscribers still rely on cable and satellite coverage for their fix of sports and related content.

NBC Sports on DirecTV: Sister Stations

NBC Sports has a few sister stations, which makes sense given that it is owned by the National Broadcast Company. You’ll find related programming on your local NBC affiliate, which will vary with DirecTV, depending on your location. Sports programming is also on Peacock, which isn’t on satellite or cable. You can also find some sports content on USA, which is an NBC-owned channel.

NBC Sports on DirecTV: Programming Guide

NBC Sports has exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few choice selections of current content that might pique any sports fan’s interest.

Major League Baseball

nbc sports on directv
You can catch regular MLB Games on NBC Sports.

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The MLB has been a cornerstone of NBC’s programming for decades now. MLB coverage isn’t exclusive to NBC Sports. You will find more regular broadcasts on Peacock since NBC has negotiated a fairly lucrative deal for the MLB to carry its broadcasts. The flagship show is MLB Sunday Leadoff, but that airs on Peacock. MLB coverage is a recent addition to NBC Sports, with its renewal after a 22-year absence in 2022.

Golf on NBC

Televised golf has been on NBC since 1954, with minimal interruptions for the most part. You can find the USGA Championships, Ryder Cup, and many other prestigious events. You won’t find bigger tournaments like the Masters played on NBC, but there is plenty of golf to go around.

Olympics on NBC

NBC has been the home of the Olympics since 1964. Every summer game that airs will inevitably be on NBC. This has held true since the 60s, and NBC itself has a contract up until 2032 at the latest for the summer games.

You can also find the winter games televised on NBC, but this is a more recent development. The Winter Olympics have only been airing since 1972 on NBC Sports, long before it was its own separate entity from the normal terrestrial broadcasts.

Thoroughbred Racing on NBC

Thoroughbred racing is another long runner for NBC. Horse races have been aired since 1949 on the network, and you’ve got plenty of options for some of the biggest events in the sport. You’ll catch noteworthy races like the Kentucky Derby, Pegasus World Cup, and Royal Ascot among others. If horse racing is your sport of choice, NBC Sports has you covered in spades.

French Open

nbc sports on directv
You can catch international soccer matches on NBC Sports.


Soccer hasn’t been quite as culturally relevant in the United States. However, if you’re looking to catch the exciting French Open, NBC Sports is the place to be. NBC has had rights to air the tournament since 1983, and that’ll be the way it remains for the foreseeable future. You won’t catch big tournaments like the World Cup, but you’ve got plenty of coverage for European teams.

College Football on NBC

College football coverage on NBC Sports isn’t quite as exhaustive as on some of the other networks. However, you’ve got regular season games and exclusive rights to the likes of the Bayou Classic and All-American Bowl among others. You might have to double on coverage with something like the SEC Network if you’re after specific teams.

College Basketball on NBC Sports

You can catch regular men’s college basketball coverage on NBC Sports on DirecTV. It isn’t quite as robust as some of the other network offerings. Notable tournaments and larger March Madness coverage aren’t a given, sadly. However, if you’re just down to catch the odd game here and there, NBC Sports should have you covered.


NFL fans are no doubt familiar with NBC Sports. You can catch Sunday Night Football, the Wild Card Playoffs, and the Super Bowl on the network. The Super Bowl is an interesting case, as it is a shared broadcast with competitor CBS. Still, if you’re after some of the biggest games in the season, NBC Sports on DirecTV is the place to be.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is one of the biggest bicycle races in the world and transcends the fandom to be a pop culture mainstay. If you’re looking to keep up with this highly competitive race, NBC Sports is where you’ll catch it. The network has had rights to the broadcast since 2011.

WWE NXT and Raw

Professional wrestling fans aren’t left out of the mix with NBC Sports on DirecTV. You can catch regular broadcasts of WWE’s NXT and Raw weekly on the network. It isn’t quite as major as Smackdown, but you’ll likely be dipping across multiple networks to keep up with your favorite wrestlers and keep aware of current storylines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the World Series air on NBC Sports?

NBC Sports doesn’t air the World Series, you’ll have to tune in elsewhere.

Is most of the NBC Sports content on Peacock?

There is quite a bit of the NBC Sports catalog up on Peacock for subscribers.

Does the Olympic Channel still exist?

No, the Olympic Channel is no longer on cable or satellite providers.

Does NBC Sports air the Super Bowl?

It does; the Super Bowl is part of a shared broadcast with CBS.

What subscription package do you need from DirecTV for NBC Sports?

You need at least the DirecTV Entertainment Package to get access to NBC Sports.

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