What Channel Is NBA TV on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

What Channel Is NBA TV on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

If you’re a basketball fan and want to catch all the exciting action throughout the NBA season, then you need to tune into NBA TV. Whether it’s live games, insightful analysis, or engaging documentaries, NBA TV is the channel to watch for all basketball fanatics. But you may run into some trouble finding NBA TV channel number on your Spectrum guide. Don’t worry; it’s there somewhere. You just have to know where to look. The true answer will depend on where you’re at in the country. So, what channel is NBA TV on Spectrum? Check out the table below for the major city closest to you.

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NBA TV Channel Guide

City and StateNBA TV Channel on Spectrum
Albany, NY308
Anaheim, CA308
Austin, TX308
Bakersfield, CA112 or 1112
Birmingham, AL418
Buffalo, NY308
Charlotte, NC308
Cincinnati, OH325 or 1325
Cleveland, OH325 or 1325
Columbus, OH568 or 569
Corpus Christi, TX308
Dallas, TX336
Durham, NC308
El Paso, TX308
Indianapolis, IN418 or 1418
Kansas City, MO308
Lexington, KY568 or 569
Long Beach, CA475 or 835
Los Angeles, CA308
Louisville, KY568 or 569
Milwaukee, WI325 or 1325
Montgomery, AL336
New York, NY308
Raleigh, NC308
Reno, NV430
San Antonio, TX308
San Diego, CA308

The History of NBA TV

largest media companies
Warner Bros. Discovery Sports assumed control of NBA TV in 2022.

NBA TV was first launched in 1999. As you might be able to surmise from the name, it’s a television network dedicated to all things basketball — specifically the National Basketball Association (NBA). At the outset, the station was a joint venture between the NBA and Time Warner. Time Warner became the owner of Turner Broadcasting in 1996, just a few years before the establishment of the NBA TV network. The intent was to establish a network that would provide fans with extensive coverage and exclusive content from all corners of the NBA. 

In the beginning, NBA TV offered game highlights, expert analysis, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of moments not seen during live game broadcasts. While invaluable to super fans, the network struggled to gain widespread appeal in the early years. It didn’t help that NBA TV lacked nationwide distribution, further restricting its viewer base. In time, the network learned to expand the reach of its broadcast by striking lucrative deals with top cable and satellite television providers. With this move, the channel could finally find its niche.

Another key move in NBA TV’s history came with the establishment of Time Warner’s Turner Sports division (now dubbed Warner Bros. Discovery Sports under its new ownership). Under this new division, which included TNT, TruTV, and TBS, among others, NBA TV was allowed to share live game broadcasts and more familiar announcers. The network also started cranking out more original content instead of pulling from NBA Entertainment archives. These strategic moves gave it even greater appeal, helping it become the must-watch station for basketball fans it’s known as today.

NBA TV Sister Stations

MLB Network
Motor Trend
AT&T SportsNet

NBA TV Programming

Still from NBA GameTime Live.
NBA TV’s flagship program is

GameTime Live


Now that you’ve pinpointed NBA TV on your Spectrum guide, let’s take a look at the kind of programming you can expect to find on the station on a typical day. The lineup stretches across a variety of different programming types, but one thing remains certain: It all caters to hardcore basketball fans. From documentaries to post-game commentary to live games, the channel keeps lovers of the sport entertained morning, noon, and night.

Live Games

Live games are a key component of NBA TV’s daily broadcasts. The station features a mix of high-profile matchups and smaller games that might not have caught your attention during primetime. These games are typically accompanied by player interviews. It also plays classic games from years past, allowing viewers to relive iconic and memorable moments in real-time.

Original Programming

NBA TV’s original programming ranges from loosely structured pre- and post-game talk shows to professionally made documentary films to daily news roundups. These original programs cover current events, notable players, and league trends of both past and present. These discussions and analytics add a layer of depth to the programming lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBA TV?

NBA TV is a television network dedicated entirely to basketball and all things National Basketball Association. The channel shows live games and post-game highlights, original documentaries, expert commentary panels, and casual talk shows — all revolving around the game of professional basketball.

How can I watch NBA TV?

You can watch NBA TV through your cable or satellite provider — that is, as long as they offer it in their channel lineup. If you already have NBA TV as part of your cable or satellite package, then you can also stream NBA TV online using your provider login.

Does NBA TV show live games?

Thanks to its inclusion in the Warner Bros. Discovery Sports division, NBA TV can share live game broadcasts with its sister channels TNT, TBS, TruTV, and more. This includes both well-known matchups and lesser-known games that might not’ve been shown during primetime on other channels. Interestingly, NBA TV also shows classic games from years past.

Does NBA TV show anything other than games?

In addition to its live game broadcasts, NBA TV has a variety of other shows to choose from. The channel has a variety of engaging documentaries, both original and syndicated. These documentaries tell interesting stories originating throughout basketball history, including iconic games and player histories. NBA TV also features numerous talk shows where experts discuss key games and players.

Does NBA TV show WNBA games?

Yes, NBA TV does show WNBA games. It also plays NBA G League games, which are a part of the minor league. Its talk shows and commentary tracks also touch on the WNBA. You can also find WNBA games on ABC, CBS, ESPN, and numerous other sports networks throughout your cable guide.

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