The 6 Most Popular EVs in West Virginia

Most Popular EVs in West Virginia

The 6 Most Popular EVs in West Virginia

Key Points

  • West Virginia has seen a slow but steady rise in EV demand due to high gasoline costs and environmental concerns.
  • The state has 115 charging stations and 349 charging ports, a notable increase from 2016.
  • The six most popular EVs in West Virginia are Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Nissan LEAF, Chevy Bolt, Polestar 2, and Kia EV6.

Electric cars are the future, but it seems West Virginia isn’t buying into this narrative. West Virginia remains among the states with the fewest registered EVs. Considering it’s one of the best states to live with a limited paycheck, owning an EV in West Virginia may not be hassle-free due to the limited charging stations.

However, the statistics show that this state is slowly emerging as a viable EV market despite lagging behind its neighbors. Thanks to the high cost of gasoline, there is a slow but steady rise in EV demand in West Virginia.

And with the state formulating a plan to erect more charging stations, expect the West Virginians to buy more EVs in the coming years. Most importantly, many people understand the effects of gas emissions on the environment, so they are keen on driving zero-emission cars.

Ultimately, even though West Virginia doesn’t have many registered EVs, there are specific EV models that are more popular than others in this limited market. So, let’s look at the six most popular EVs in West Virginia.

Total Electric Vehicles Sold in West Virginia

Even though West Virginia is one of the worst states to market EVs, the current numbers show increased EV sales over the years. For example, the state registered 100 cars in 2016 but has seen this number rise to 1,000 registered EVs in 2021.

In addition, the state has 115 charging stations and 349 charging ports, which is a notable increase from 2016. Nevertheless, West Virginia must invest more in charging stations, especially if they want to increase its EV market and compete with other states like California, which has roughly 15,114 stations.

Market Share of Electric Vehicles in West Virginia

Unlike other states in the US, West Virginia’s EV market share is growing slowly compared to that of gas-powered vehicles. For instance, West Virginia registered 1,010 vehicles in 2022, ten more cars than in 2021.

The state’s only significant increase in EV sales was between 2020 and 2021, where they registered 400 more vehicles in 2021. Even though more people are switching to EVs every year, the EV market share in West Virginia is still far behind the gas-powered market.

The following EVs account for the highest percentage of electric cars in West Virginia. So, let’s discuss them.

Tesla Model S

porsche taycan vs tesla model s
The Tesla Model S uses a 3-phase AC induction motor.

©Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock.com

The Tesla Model S kicks off our list of the most popular EVs in West Virginia. Most West Virginians love its aerodynamic design, which allows the car to punch through the air at a maximum speed of 200mph. Moreover, for such a fast car, it’s unsurprising that it generates 1020hp, allowing it to accelerate to 60mph in 1.99s.

In addition, for a car that costs $89,130, it is surprising that the Model S is among the best-selling EVs in West Virginia. Then again, looking at the car’s interior explains why many West Virginians like it.

The car’s yoke steering looks modern and futuristic, but the stand-out feature is the Model S’s 17-inch touchscreen display that controls your car’s infotainment, connectivity, and navigation. Moreover, thanks to its console-grade gaming, Tesla brings the playground to the car, allowing your kids to play in-car games on the touchscreen.

There is also room for everything once you fold the back seats, so you don’t have to leave anything behind when traveling. Furthermore, the car’s 396-mile driving range makes a strong case for why many West Virginians prefer the Model S to other EVs.

You can drive for long distances on a single charge, especially in a state with few charging stations. Ultimately, the Model S boasts good performance, safety features, and driving range, justifying its popularity in West Virginia.

Tesla Model 3

most popular EVs in Oregon
The Tesla Model 3 was originally stylized as “Model ☰.”

©Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock.com

Next on our list of the most popular EVs in West Virginia is the Tesla Model 3, which is unsurprising considering it’s one of the cheapest Teslas on the market. Dressed in a sporty look with aerodynamic curves on the side, you wouldn’t tell that this car costs $35,000 for the old model.

Moreover, the rationale behind the Model 3’s current design is to add stability, thus ensuring the vehicle handles itself properly, even when driving at a top speed of 162 mph. Running on a long-range battery that gives you 325 miles of range, it’s clear why many West Virginians love the Model 3; this is considering the state’s few charging stations.

Also, it seems Tesla understands West Virginians’ struggles with charging, so they usually include an onboard charger. And with the car giving you an additional 147 miles after charging for 15 minutes, we can see why the Model 3 is popular in West Virginia.

In addition, with an interior tailored to your liking, the Model 3 makes you feel at home, especially with its comfortable seats and 15-inch touchscreen display. Moreover, the Model 3’s touchscreen display is usually the car’s control unit, as you can connect it to your phone, use it for navigation, and warm the seats when driving during chilly mornings.

Also, the car’s touchscreen display has several in-car games for your kids, and you can update it regularly, as it supports over-the-air updates. Overall, it’s easy to see why most West Virginians love the Model 3; it gives great value for money.

Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF was listed as the world’s all-time top-selling EV until 2020.


Next, we have the Nissan LEAF, one of the cheapest EVs on the market. Design-wise, it feels like a bargain buying this car at $28,040, especially considering the sporty rims you get and the spectacular front bumper that adds something extra to an already magnificent car.

Running on a 40kWh battery, the Nissan LEAF can stretch for 149 miles on a single charge. The car also generates 147hp, giving you the electric rush you crave in these EVs.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Nissan LEAF SV PLUS which comes with a 60kWh battery that offers 212 miles of range and generates 214hp. Furthermore, the LEAF’s 240-V outlet compatibility contributes to its popularity in West Virginia, as you can charge it at home without looking for the limited public stations in the state.

The Nissan LEAF comes with some additional features to help you beat West Virginia’s traffic. An example is the Traffic 360 safety shield that provides a blind-spot warning, forward collision warning, and rear automatic braking. And with the addition of the Nissan ProPILOT Assistant, you can drive knowing your assistant is scanning the highway and checking for any hazardous situations.

Moreover, the car’s cozy interior is a huge selling point for the Nissan LEAF. It has a heated steering wheel and automatic temperature control that come in handy during the winter. Also, the vehicle’s 8-inch touchscreen display connects you to the world through Apple CarPlay.

It also has a navigation system for your long travels. Overall, with the car’s user-friendly features, sleek design, and affordable price, it’s unsurprising why the Nissan LEAF is popular in West Virginia.

Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model Y
The Chevy Bolt is a crossover hatchback with an affordable price tag.

©James Mattil/Shutterstock.com

The Chevy Bolt is considered America’s most affordable EV. Most West Virginians love this car, as it costs $26,500. For such an affordable vehicle, Chevrolet still dressed it with a modern exterior that caps off its minimalist look.

Moreover, the Chevy Bolt is an energetic performer, thanks to its 200hp and 266 lb.-ft, which allows it to accelerate to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Everything about the car’s interior speaks highly of its comfort, which you can quickly tell from its leather seats and sufficient leg room for long trips.

Moreover, it has a 10.2-inch touchscreen display that connects easily to your phone and gives you access to Apple CarPlay, Alexa, and a wireless Android connection. We must also mention the car’s automatic braking, lane departure warning, and forward collision alert features that add to its impressive safety specs.

But where this car shines the most is its 259 miles driving range. And with Chevrolet covering the 240-V standard charging installation for its customers, it illustrates why most West Virginians love the Chevy Bolt.

Polestar 2

Snow white Polestar 2 with Performance at an underground parking
The Polestar 2 is the first car with Google’s Android Automotive operating system built-in.

©Arjan Kemeling /Shutterstock.com

Next on our list is the Polestar 2, a European EV that has slowly become popular in West Virginia. This vehicle boasts a flashy futuristic design with 20-inch wheels to augment the car’s overall design.

Moreover, it performs as well as it looks. This is thanks to its expansive battery that gives you a driving range of 406 miles after charging for 28 minutes using a fast charger. Also, this car guarantees exemplary performance, as it generates 476hp and accelerates to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

In addition, the Polestar 2’s interior is designed to ensure your comfort. For example, the Plus Pack option comes with WeaveTech seats comprising dirt- and moisture-resistant vegan leather.

The EV also has a panoramic roof, which makes the interior more luxurious and lights up the space, especially in the summer. Furthermore, we must mention the car’s 11.2-inch touchscreen display with a built-in Google Assistant and other connection platforms, like Apple CarPlay.

However, the biggest contributor to Polestar 2’s popularity in West Virginia is its safety technology. It includes multiple cameras and sensors, parking sensors, and a lane departure warning system. With a flashy design, speed, sustainability, and impressive range, the Polestar 2 has everything you need to enjoy an EV in West Virginia.

Kia EV6

Polestar 4 vs. Kia EV6
The Kia EV6 is a midsize coupe-style SUV with a sporty appearance.


We close our list of the most popular EVs in West Virginia with the Kia EV6. You can easily tell why many West Virginians love the Kia EV6; it has a unique, stylish design.

Dressed in a sporty outlook that involves 21-inch alloy wheels and a cool front bumper, this EV has a boundary-breaking design that will impress you at first glance. Moreover, this car has enough power, thanks to its 576hp and 545 lb.-ft, which accelerate it to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. 

In addition, the vehicle’s interior allows you to unwind after a long day at work, mainly due to its 12.3-inch touchscreen display that controls the car’s infotainment system. Also, Kia’s bucket seats are very comfortable and suitable for long trips, and with the car’s 14 speakers, you will have enough entertainment for your travels.

We must also highlight the Kia EV6’s advanced safety features, including a Blind-Spot View Monitor, auto emergency braking, and surround view monitor. Lastly, the Kia EV6’s long-range battery is undoubtedly a good choice for anyone living in West Virginia.

It comes with a 58 or 77.4 kWh battery, depending on the trim. A single charge gets you at least 310 miles of driving range. You can also charge the battery from 10 to 80% in 18 minutes when using a fast charger.

Final Thoughts

It is irrefutable that electric cars are the future. Most EVs are easier to maintain than gas-powered ones. Moreover, with the prices of electric cars going down and the cost of gas increasing, EVs will be the primary mode of transportation for years to come.

That said, West Virginia is positioning itself for the future, as the state plans to increase the number of public charging stations. For instance, they are focusing on increasing EV charging stations in rural areas, which should encourage more people to shift to electric cars.

Summary Table

EV ModelKey Features
Tesla Model S1020hp, 396-mile range, 17-inch touchscreen display
Tesla Model 3Affordable, 325-mile range, 15-inch touchscreen display
Nissan LEAFLow cost, 149-mile range, 8-inch touchscreen display
Chevy Bolt200hp, 259-mile range, 10.2-inch touchscreen display
Polestar 2476hp, 406-mile range, 11.2-inch touchscreen display
Kia EV6576hp, up to 310-mile range, 12.3-inch touchscreen display

The 6 Most Popular EVs in West Virginia FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How many charging stations are in West Virginia?

West Virginia has 115 charging stations and 349 charging ports, making it one of the states with the fewest EV stations. However, the state is working on increasing its EV infrastructure, so expect more charging stations in the future.

Which is the most popular electric car in West Virginia?

The Tesla Model S takes the top spot in this popularity contest. Most West Virginians love this EV, mainly due to its performance, as it generates 1020 hp and can reach a maximum speed of 200mph. Moreover, it suits West Virginians, especially with the state’s limited charging stations, since the car has a driving range of 396 miles.

What’s the cost of owning an EV in West Virginia?

Well, it depends on the model, as each car has a different battery capacity and has contrasting needs. For example, the Chevy Bolt will cost you $13 to charge it to full capacity, while the Kia will cost you $16. So, on average, you need $10 to $15 to own an EV in West Virginia.

What are some common charging stations in West Virginia?

West Virginia has different types of charging stations, giving people options on which one to use. For starters, you can check out their free stations located in various public stations, like supermarkets, libraries, and other public areas.

Level two charging stations are primarily found in private offices and buildings, while fast chargers are only in commercial fast charging stations.

Do you get an incentive for buying an electric car in West Virginia?

No. Unfortunately, you will have to pay taxes like people with gas-powered vehicles, as the incentives are limited to schools with electric buses. This may explain why EVs aren’t very popular in West Virginia.

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