What Channel Is MLB Network on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

MLB Network logo next to Spectrum logo.

What Channel Is MLB Network on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

Sometimes, the best networks are the ones with the most straightforward purpose. The Weather Channel? You know you’re getting nothing but weather reports and stories. The History Channel? You can bet almost everything you see is going to have some sort of historical slant (no matter how loosely connected it might be to actual history). The same goes for the MLB Network. You can expect nothing but baseball, all the time. It’s a great channel for any fan of the sport. But how can Spectrum subscribers tune in? Here’s where to find the channel.

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MLB Network Channel Guide

City and StateMLB Network on Spectrum
Albany, NY306
Anaheim, CA306
Austin, TX95
Bakersfield, CA111
Birmingham, AL419
Buffalo, NY306
Charlotte, NC306
Cincinnati, OH326
Cleveland, OH326
Columbus, OH97
Corpus Christi, TX306
Dallas, TX31
Durham, NC306
El Paso, TX306
Indianapolis, IN419
Kansas City, MO92
Lexington, KY90
Long Beach, CA418
Los Angeles, CA306
Louisville, KY90
Milwaukee, WI326
Montgomery, AL76
New York, NY306
Raleigh, NC306
Reno, NV81
San Antonio, TX306
San Diego, CA76

History of the MLB Network

Side view portrait of baseball fan holding TV remote while watching match at home, copy space
The MLB Network kicked off in 2008, establishing a hub for baseball fans nationwide.

It’s not uncommon to learn that your average TV station has a couple of different media companies sharing ownership of the network. However, in the case of the MLB Network, we have something a little less common: five different conglomerates, each with their own piece of the pie. The MLB Network represents a joint venture between Major League Baseball, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBC Sports, Charter Communications (i.e. Spectrum), and Cox Communications. The MLB is the majority owner, but all these other corporations have a minor stake in the channel.

The MLB Network arrived years after other sports established their own dedicated channels. NBA TV paved the way in 1999, followed by the NHL Network in 2001 and the NFL Network in 2003. It took until 2008 — almost a decade after the launch of NBA TV — for the MLB Network to enter the scene. But, as the old expression goes, slow and steady wins the race. For American baseball fans, the years-long wait was worth it for the sheer quality of the network itself. By 2015, the network had been made available in over 70 million homes.

While that number has since dropped to nearly 40 million homes today, the MLB Network remains the television hub for baseball fanatics. After all, where else can you catch more coverage of more games anywhere else on TV? Along with its sister station MLB Extra Innings, the channel airs a game every day (sometimes multiple games!) during the regular season. These games are typically simulcast by one of the team’s local TV broadcasters. (Any blacked-out markets will see an alternative game or some form of pre-taped program instead.)

MLB Network Sister Stations

MLB Extra Innings
NHL Network
Motor Trend
AT&T SportsNet

MLB Network Programming

Still from High Heat on the MLB Network.
Viewers can find a mix of live sports and game analysis on the MLB Network.

The MLB Network keeps its programming relatively simple. At any given moment on any particular day during the regular baseball season, you’re likely to see either a live game, an analysis of the day’s breaking news in the sport, or a documentary film or docuseries covering some aspect of the game, its teams, its players, and so on. Here’s a detailed report of what you’ll find on the channel.

Baseball Games

During the regular season, MLB Network’s coverage offers a handful of live games a week. It airs these under the name MLB Network Showcase, featuring Bob Costas and Matt Vasgersian with the play-by-play. The station will also air a variety of afternoon games throughout the regular season alongside some Minor League Baseball games.

News and Analysis

The MLB Network also has an array of live news and analysis shows throughout the week. The flagship program is MLB Tonight, but it’s far from the only show of its kind. Hot Stove covers similar territory but in the post-season instead of the regular one. Other programs like Quick Pitch, MLB Now, The Rundown, and more are there to fill in the gaps in the schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is MLB Network on Spectrum?

MLB Network’s channel number will vary depending on your location as well as your Spectrum plan. While many cities and states offer the station on channel 306, there’s no one set station for the MLB Network nationwide. Check your local listings for more specifics.

Is MLB Network available in HD on Spectrum?

Yes, the MLB Network plays in high definition on Spectrum. Most MLB Network programming airs in 16:9 widescreen and a picture quality of 1080p. Some games are also available in 4K, depending on your TV quality and Spectrum subscription.

Does the MLB Network play every baseball game during the regular season?

The MLB Network plays multiple games a week, but some of those games may be blacked out in certain areas due to broadcast restrictions and regional contracts. If the MLB Network isn’t airing the game you want to see in your area, try TBS, FOX, or other sports networks instead.

Is MLB Network included in every Spectrum package?

As of this writing, the MLB Network is only included as part of Spectrum’s higher-tier cable package. It is not included in the provider’s basic cable package. Some Spectrum subscribers can also add on the channel and MLB Extra Innings as an a la carte offering.

What does the MLB Network air during the off-season?

The MLB Network still has plenty to offer its viewers during the off-season, even if there aren’t any live games to see. The channel will increase its number of documentary films and docuseries during this time. It also boosts its number of news and analysis shows. Don’t be surprised to see throwback broadcasts of classic games, either.

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