What Channel Is MLB Network on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

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What Channel Is MLB Network on DirecTV? (2023 Update)

Key Points

  • The MLB Network was created to provide extensive coverage and analysis of Major League Baseball, similar to the NFL Network and NBA TV.
  • Prior to the launch of the MLB Network, baseball fans had to watch game broadcasts spread out across various networks.
  • MLB Tonight is a popular studio show on the MLB Network that covers breaking news, game highlights, commentary, and more.
  • The MLB Network offers a diverse range of programming, including live game broadcasts, talk shows, and compelling baseball documentaries.

Since when did it get so hard to watch a baseball game? Every time you think you’ve found the right channel, the game is blacked out in your region. Turns out, the best place to look is the MLB Network. Home to all things preseason, regular season, and postseason baseball, the MLB Network is the channel for baseball fans to watch. But where can DirecTV subscribers find the channel in the first place? Thankfully, we’re here to help you find it — no matter where you’re watching from in the United States.

MLB Network Channel Guide

Television ChannelPurposeDirecTV Channel Number
MLB Network24-hour baseball coverage213
MLB Network Strike ZoneCommercial-free games719
MLB Extra InningsOut-of-market games720-749

The History of MLB Network

Best Baseball Game
Baseball fans have been tuning in to the MLB Network by the millions since 2009.

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The MLB Network hit television airwaves on New Year’s Day, 2009. Like the NFL Network or NBA TV, the MLB Network is a station devoted entirely to one sport. In this case, that sport is baseball — specifically, Major League Baseball. Interestingly enough, the MLB Network was created as a direct result of the success of these aforementioned sports stations. With its establishment, the MLB hoped to give fans the same kind of extensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the sport that NFL and NBA fans got to enjoy with their stations. 

Prior to the launch of the MLB Network, baseball fans were forced to watch game broadcasts spread out across various networks. There was no dedicated platform for in-depth baseball coverage, either. Major League Baseball saw an opportunity in this inconvenience: a dedicated channel in the same vein as the NFL Network and NBA TV that could offer a 24/7 destination for baseball fans to get sports news, expert analysis, team interviews, documentary programs, and, of course, live game broadcasts.

Apart from these live game broadcasts, MLB Tonight is another cornerstone of the MLB Network. It’s been this way since the early days of the station. This popular studio show covers breaking news, game highlights, commentary on players and teams, and more. Over the years, the station has added even more original programming to fill the space between games. This ranges from other studio shows to hit documentaries to coverage of minor league games and beyond. Its continued success is unsurprising — baseball is the nation’s pastime, after all.

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MLB Network Programming

Still from MLB Tonight on the MLB Network.
MLB Tonight has aired on the MLB Network since its launch.

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Now that you know where to find the MLB Network on your DirecTV guide, let’s explore some of the most popular kinds of programming found on the station today. The MLB Network offers a diverse range of broadcasts, all united under a shared love of baseball. From live game broadcasts to lively talk shows and captivating documentaries, here’s what you might find on a typical day on the dedicated sports network.

Live Games

Live games are at the core of the MLB Network’s programming. During the regular season, fans get to watch live broadcasts every single day. These broadcasts typically rely on regional blackouts in the respective teams’ markets to push fans to tune in to the channel. This includes special events like the All-Star Game and postseason matchups, as well. If there’s a space to fill in the programming block, you may even see a minor league game or a live college game or two. Needless to say, these live games make up the bulk of the network’s appeal.

Talk Shows

Before and after the day’s live games, the MLB Network typically airs talk shows that provide a platform for in-depth discussions, expert analysis, and lighthearted conversations about all things Major League Baseball. Flagship programs MLB Tonight and Intentional Talk are two of the most popular examples, but the network’s catalog extends far beyond this pair. By and large, most of the channel’s talk shows consist of knowledgeable analysts, former players, and charismatic hosts dissecting the latest news, performances, and scores.


The network also produces (or syndicates) compelling baseball documentaries. From the hit docuseries Baseball’s Seasons to Ken Burns’ award-winning deep dive Baseball to other documentary films under the banner of MLB Network Presents, this station is home to some exceptionally interesting programs beyond games and talk shows. These true stories explore the history, the figures, and the key events that have shaped the sport of baseball as we know it. They round out the final cornerstone of the channel’s programming.

What Channel Is MLB Network on DirecTV? (2023 Update) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the MLB Network?

The MLB Network is a TV channel dedicated entirely to the sport of baseball. It shows live games, expert analysis, player and team interviews, and even documentaries. All in all, it provides loyal fans with every type of baseball content they could possibly imagine.

What is MLB Network Strike Zone?

MLB Network Strike Zone is home to commercial-free games and exciting highlights from primetime’s biggest baseball games. It functions like a live highlight reel, hopping through the most exciting moments from the night’s in-progress games. When watching, you’ll never miss key plays, important pitches, or big hits.

What is MLB Extra Innings?

MLB Extra Innings is a premium out-of-network baseball package offered by DirecTV and other cable or satellite providers. The group of stations lets you watch games that aren’t usually shown on your local channels or on the MLB Network. This premium package lets you follow more games than with your basic television — including games from teams that might not be in your region or area.

Does the MLB Network play anything other than games?

Yes, the MLB Network plays a lot more than just professional baseball matchups. Besides live game coverage, the MLB Network also airs its own talk shows, documentaries, and specials. You may also run into minor league games or college baseball games from time to time.

Is the MLB Network always found on the same channel?

DirecTV has the MLB Network on channel 213 throughout all regions. This channel number remains the same no matter where you’re at in the United States. Additionally, MLB Network Strike Zone is always found on channel 719 and MLB Extra Innings are always between channels 720 and 749.

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