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This Strange Military Invention Looks Like Something Out of a Batman Comic

B2 Stealth bomber flying over head

This Strange Military Invention Looks Like Something Out of a Batman Comic

Over the last 100 years, the history of flight has moved at lightning speed. At least, that’s the sense you get when you watch this Army video teasing a new winged bomber that is bigger than the B29 Superfortress. This new flying bomber looks like an early predecessor to the B-2 bomber but with a much more exciting window cockpit layout. With this in mind, you must first look at these images to get a sense of the plane’s glory with the full video.

Rear View

Rear Plane View
The rear view of the plane gives a glimpse of how large the frame is.

The rear view of this plane shows off not only its height compared to the men on the ground but also a side view of the four engines required to propel it into the skies.

10,000 Miles

Plane Engine
The engines on this plane could fly more than 10,000 miles.

What’s truly incredible is that this plane could fly more than 10,000 miles during a single flight. This is a lot of staying power in the air for important Army missions.

Full Plane Reveal

Full Plane Reveal
The full plane looks huge, to the tune of 172 feet from end to end.

In this view from the video, you get a sense of the size of the plane at scale. You can see how large it appears compared to the men on the ground. The same can be said for the engine blades, which look to be the size of a full-grown man.

Under the Plane

Plane Underbelly
The massive underbelly of the secret Army plane.

This view underneath the plane gives an even stronger sense of its size. The man standing underneath the plane is only slightly taller than the landing gear, which speaks well to the plane’s scale.

Window View

Cockpit View
The view from the top of the plane is wonderful.

In this still image, you get a sense of one of the crew positions, where a pilot, copilot, or navigator will sit during the flight. While the video doesn’t provide specifics, it’s a unique design with this bubble on top of the aircraft.

Second Window View

Second cockpit View
The cockpit is large enough to fit multiple crew members.

You can see a man’s head just above the aircraft line to better understand how large this window bubble is on top of the plane. There is room for not only one crew member but many crew members.

Mini Version

Smaller View
A small test version was made to test the plane design.

Before launching this larger plane into the air, the Army created an experimental forerunner that would fly hundreds of hours in tests to work out the aerodynamic kinks. Engineers could gather vital information from these flights to help improve the larger aircraft.

Mini View Second View

Test plane view
The test plane helped work out engineering issues with the larger plane.

This is another view of the smaller airplane in the air. According to the video, results from this test will help build at least 15 of the larger aircraft. This is why so much data is required to create a successful first test flight.

Large Engines

Four Engines
The double-propeller engines on this strange plane are massive.

With this view, you have another up close and personal look at the engines on this strange military aircraft. As you can tell from the photo, each engine requires two separate counter-rotating propellers to generate enough lift to get this plane in the air.

Test Flight Ready

Test Flight Ready
The Army’s strange plane is ready for its maiden flight.

With all the engineers giving the okay, the strange aircraft is rolled out to a runaway to begin its first test flight. During this test flight, engineers will gather more data to determine if any engineering or manufacturing changes need to be made.

Unique Aerodynamics

Plane Aerodynamics
The plane’s aerodynamics allow it to be faster and longer than other planes.

While the video doesn’t specify, the open slots on each plane’s wings hint at the video’s mention of unique aerodynamics. Some of the information about the test flight was likely classified at the time, so this video doesn’t provide additional detail.

Watch the Full Video

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Watch the full video to see the strange plane from a Batman movie.

Watch the full video to learn even more about this strange military plane, which looks like it’s either from a Batman movie or the predecessor to the B-2 bomber.

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