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These Defeated Soldiers Look Completely Desperate and Relieved To Be Captured

World War 2 reenactment (D-day). Creative decoration with toy soldiers, landing crafts and hedgehogs. Battle scene of Normandy landing on June 6, 1944. Selective focus

These Defeated Soldiers Look Completely Desperate and Relieved To Be Captured

For the defeated soldiers of the Third Reich, D-Day was a welcome relief. For many of the troops serving the Wehrmacht, they didn’t want to be there. In some cases, they were press-ganged into service by German forces after the conquest of areas like Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. Today’s recap shows you a palpable sense of relief on the faces of Nazi soldiers.

Day of Days

Defeated Soldiers
Although much blood would be spilled before the war’s end, Operation Overlord put things in motion that would see the war end.

The Allies spun into gear in 1944, starting what would result in numerous defeated soldiers and generals along the way. While Operation Overlord was a massive undertaking, it would be instrumental in the War in Europe.

A Beachhead

Defeated Soldiers
Following D-Day, there would never be an amphibious assault of the same scale.

D-Day centered around multiple beaches, each with codenames. The joint operation between British, American, and Canadian troops would face fierce fighting upon landing.

Bitter Fighting

Defeated Soldiers
For the die-hard German troops, the land they seized wouldn’t go easy.

Before scores of Axis defeated soldiers would go to prisoner camps, the actual battle had to be fought. Despite stiff German resistance, the Allies were successful in capturing the beaches.

Fortress Europa

Defeated Soldiers
Compared to the Eastern Front, getting captured in the Western Front was a cakewalk.

While the Eastern Front was collapsing, the Axis had troubles on their Western Front. The defeated soldiers were unable to push the Allies back to the sea, now it was just a matter of time for the push into mainland Germany.

The Fight Ahead

Defeated Soldiers
These Canadian troops have pushed inward to a city and are watching for enemy movements.

Despite stiff resistance, many defeated soldiers were glad to be captured. For some, it meant a steady meal and security without fear of the Eastern Front. The war was changing, however, and the Allies were pushing in both directions on Germany.

Friendly Greetings

Defeated Soldiers
During the German occupation, the French people suffered greatly.

Compared to the defeated soldiers of the Wehrmacht and SS, the French civilians who met Allied forces were overjoyed. For the French, this meant an end to the four-year occupation of Nazi forces in the country.

No Easy Fight

For some beaches like Omaha Beach, the Germans were ready and waiting.

Despite the relieved faces of the defeated soldiers captured, D-Day wasn’t a cakewalk. Thousands of men would meet their end shortly after exiting their landing craft. Projected casualties for Omaha Beach had the first landing at nearly 99% casualties.

Two Fronts

Planning had made sure weather was favorable, but it was by no means an easy task.

Compared to the Germans, the sea was the more unpredictable factor in the invasion. D-Day landing forces had to contend with choppy waters churning below them while gunfire raked the landing craft.

A Sense of Relief

Axis POWs were shipped off to England where many would remain after the war.

The faces of the defeated soldiers found at D-Day were shockingly calm. There was no sense of dread or anxiety. Unlike their own home country, they could count on the Allies for fair treatment for the rest of the war.

Overwhelming Force

The Luftwaffe still ruled the skies, but crack American and British pilots would put an end to that.

While the landing at Normandy was successful, the war was far from over. The Allies still had to push deeper into Western and Central Europe to free occupied countries and knock over Hitler’s regime in the process.

Combined Arms

Inter-force cooperation was absolutely necessary for the Allied war effort.

The landing force wasn’t alone in their efforts. While they departed their landing craft, bombers and naval guns rained fire from above on Wehrmacht positions.

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The Allies provided a civility the Germans would not extend to Soviet prisoners.

If you would like to watch our incredible recap of Operation Overlord, you can do so here. While these defeated soldiers would see the end of the war, it is important to remember the sacrifices of all Allied troops.

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