World War 2


Litter of Weeks-Old Boxer Pups Jump From Planes and Parachute to the Ground

Allied aircraft drop paratroopers into German held Netherlands, for Operation Market Garden. The plan to capture key bridges in Netherlands failed with 15,000 Allied casualties.

Litter of Weeks-Old Boxer Pups Jump From Planes and Parachute to the Ground

There is just something about puppies that puts a big smile on our faces. In this case, it’s a video of puppies participating in a World War II experiment as they parachuted out of planes with paratroopers. Better described as Army mascots rather than soldiers, it’s impossible to look away as these cute young puppies go for the ride of their lives.

Bugle Wake-Up Call

Puppy Tent
Bugle playing to wake up the puppies.

In this first still image from the video, a bugler from the Army gives the puppies a wake-up call. It’s almost time to jump, so they need to get up, eat, and handle any other important business.

Sleepy Puppies

Sleeping Puppies
Cute puppies sleeping in the helmets of soldiers.

Unfortunately, not every puppy wakes up with the bugle call as this cute pack member is fast asleep inside a soldier’s helmet. If only puppies could always stay this small and cute.

Puppy Is Ready

Puppy Helmet
The puppies are ready for their trip.

While some of his siblings still sleep, this puppy is ready to go. The puppy has eaten and is ready to move on to this once-in-a-lifetime puppy experience.

Time to Go

It’s go time for the puppies as they do one more family photo.

With all the puppies awake and ready to go, their assigned soldiers arrive to prepare them for their first and potentially only airborne jump. These paratroopers are incredibly lucky to take part in such a fun experiment.

Family of Five

The puppies are stuffed in pants for safekeeping.

Before making the jump, it’s time for a quick family photo. In this case, you have five still sleepy puppies that are super lucky to have been selected for this paratroop experiment. Do they know what’s about to happen? Definitely not!

Pocket Puppies

Puppy Pants
The puppies and their paratroopers are boarding a plane.

The side pants pocket on the soldier’s gear was one of the best places to secure these puppies during the low-airborne jump. Better known today as a cargo pant pocket, these pockets were plenty deep, and there was little doubt the puppies would jump out.

Ready to Fly

Puppies Plane
The first paratrooper leaps from the plane.

With their parachutes packed, puppies secured, and the plane fueled up, they are ready to fly. In this image, we can see the puppies and their assigned soldiers boarding the paratrooper plane that will lift them into the air so they can jump.

Look, Mom, No Paws

Puppy Paratrooper
Another paratrooper lands with his puppy.

In this photo, the first paratrooper is making his way from the plane back down to Earth. As soon as the paratrooper left the plane, the parachute opened to slow the descent and not frighten the puppies.

On the Ground

Puppy Landing
Looks like a safe and happy puppy after landing.

The first paratrooper lands! In this image, the paratrooper’s first reaction is to ensure his puppy is okay when he hits the ground. There is a definite concern for these animals, and that’s great.

Puppy Jump, Check

What a terrific moment between another paratrooper and his puppy.

There is no doubt this paratrooper can check off his bucket list by jumping out of an airplane while in the Army with a puppy. This is one of those few moments only a group of select few people can talk about having achieved.

Last Puppy Lands

The last puppy and his paratrooper are safely on the ground.

In this image, the last puppy is on the ground, and in the video, you can see the soldier coming down with a very soft landing. This once again reaffirms the puppies were never in any danger.

Watch the Final Video

Puppy Video
Watch the full puppy video for all of the action.

If you want to see the full cuteness of puppy videos, go ahead and watch the full video. There are plenty of reasons to smile, as these puppies are heartwarming.

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