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Footage of Embarrassed Third Reich Generals Cowering in Defeat and Signing Terms of Surrender

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Footage of Embarrassed Third Reich Generals Cowering in Defeat and Signing Terms of Surrender

Third Reich generals were a proud lot but bent the knee when the Allies were knocking on Berlin’s door. The end of the war in Europe would see the end of years of bloody fighting and millions of lives lost. For some of these Third Reich generals, the very real fear of being held accountable for their crimes was on the table while Europe was looking to rebuild and recover.

A Day to Remember

Third Reich Generals
While newsreels were common during the war, this one had a special significance.

May 8th, 1945 marked the end of all hostilities in Europe. Embarrassed Third Reich generals, fearing both reprisals and the Soviet threat to the east, cowed to the Western Allied forces.

The End

Third Reich Generals
Despite Monty’s status as a divisive figure, he was the right person for the job to supervise the surrender.

By May of 1945, German forces were exhausted and starved. While the fighting continued up to the last minute, there was no hope for a breakout.

Not Too Proud

Third Reich Generals
Before allowing signatures, Monty read off the terms of surrender.

For the Third Reich generals present, Monty’s surrender terms were absolute. Germany’s war was over, and Europe could finally rest easy after 6 years of chaos and bloodshed.


Third Reich Generals
While just months prior this man might have been proud of his actions, the weight of his situation is weighing down on him.

Despite the fierce fighting in the months leading to this moment, the Third Reich generals readily signed the document. They knew what waited for them was nothing short of absolute destruction. The war had to end so the world could heal.

A Calm

Third Reich Generals
Delegates from all three major Allied powers were present to witness the signatures.

Third Reich generals would arrive in Paris to also accept the terms of surrender. Despite the scope and breadth of the fighting across Europe, the surrender was carried out swiftly.

Unconditional Surrender

Third Reich Generals
German officials were cagey, and they were not at all happy with the way things went.

The Third Reich generals attending the Paris meeting were greeted by delegates from Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union. The terms of surrender had been ratified beforehand, but still, they had to be signed.

Losing It All

V-E Day
French delegates looked relieved for the hostilities to finally be over.

Victory in Europe wasn’t just an end to the fighting, but a complete power shift. While the German forces had run amok across Europe, that time had come to an end. Subsequently, all captured lands would be ceded to their rightful owners in the aftermath.

The Next Step Forward

V-E Day
The signatures on these pages marked the end of the Second World War in Europe.

While German surrender was inevitable, there was still work to be done. All delegates, representing their respective nations, would sign the document before the day’s end.

A Moment in Time

V-E Day
The German army still exists, but not in the same capacity and fighting capability as in 1939.

German forces were done, the Third Reich generals would never command a force of the same scope. Despite this, there is a sense of hope running underneath these proceedings.

True Smiles

V-E Day
Eisenhower’s conduct during the war would elevate him as a legendary figure, all but cementing his future presidential run.

When just weeks before Berlin was beset with gunfire, the Allied commanders could stroll peacefully without fear. The Third Reich generals risked reigniting the war if they didn’t tend to instructions exactly as they were given.

The Last March

V-E Day
The sense of hope is palpable in this photo, the work has been done.

Before Europe could begin to heal, there were still Third Reich generals to accept the terms of surrender. The war was over. Much like the Armistice of the Great War, there was a sigh of relief breathed by those who call Europe home.

Watch the Full Video

V-E Day
The fighting would still rage in the Pacific, but it was months away from ending for good.

If you would like to see this incredible footage for yourself, you can do so here. The Second World War is an endlessly fascinating subject, and such footage captures the zeitgeist of the times.

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