Father Returns from War and Pulls Off Epic Surprise at His Son’s Football Game

Emotional family reunion. Military dad embracing his children after returning home from the army. American soldier receiving a warm welcome from his family after serving in the military.

Father Returns from War and Pulls Off Epic Surprise at His Son’s Football Game

Some of the most beautiful videos lately are of soldiers returning home to their families. It’s almost impossible to watch these clips and not become immediately emotional as families reunite with loved ones after a long time apart. Expect more of the same with this video, where a father surprises his son on a football field after returning home from deployment.

Flying Home

The soldiers are returning home on a flight from Afghanistan.

In this shot, the “North American” airline is flying Master Sgt. Joseph Martel, a 480th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit member, home after an Afghanistan deployment.

Reunion Time

Families Arriving
Families are walking over to greet their loved ones.

This still shot from the video shows soldiers’ family members walking to a greeting area. While some soldiers like to surprise their families, others like to have their families run into their arms.

Flags and Posters

More Families
Families walk up with flags and posters to see the families.

As this photo shows, it’s very common for soldiers’ family members to bring flags, posters, and other materials to welcome home their family members. Young kids, in particular, often make “welcome home” signs for older siblings and parents.

Exiting the Plane

Soldiers Exiting Plane
Additional soldiers on base greet these soldiers upon arrival.

The first soldiers are off the plane in Germany and greeted by other soldiers who welcome them back home. Based on similar videos over the last two decades, it’s common to see soldiers welcoming other soldiers back home.

Mom and Dad

Family Reunited
Husband and wife greet each other upon arriving home.

This is the first image we get to see in the video of Master Sgt. Joseph Martel reunited with his wife. While his wife appears to be wearing a sweatshirt from their son’s school, the son doesn’t know his dad is returning home today.

Let’s Play Football

Football Game
The football game is underway as Dad arrives to surprise his son.

As the Master Sgt. makes his way to the football game, the game is already underway. The two teams are fiercely engaged in trying to score touchdowns.

Number 70

Dad football game
Dad is suited up and ready to take the field.

As Mom and Dad arrive at the game, Master Sgt. Martel is number 70 on the opposing team, playing against his son. This is an all-too-common video approach we see with soldiers returning home who dress up to surprise their loved ones.

On the Field

Dad Walks Onto Field
Dad starts his walk onto the field to surprise his son.

With the game stopped so the captains could greet each other, Dad walks onto the field while his son remains unaware that he has returned. Their celebratory reunion is just seconds away.

Time to Embrace

Dad Embrace
Father and son embrace after the surprise is revealed.

Dad’s helmet has come off, and it’s time for father and son to hold each other and happily be reunited after an unknown time apart. You can see it better in the video, but the son’s reaction to his dad is immediate emotion and joy.

Tears of Joy

Happy Reunion
The tears flow as the father and son are thrilled to be reunited.

As is the case with every reunion video between soldiers and their families, the tears don’t take long to flow. Something about these reunion videos makes both the participants and the viewers equally emotional.

A Dad’s Love

Happy Dad
Dad embraces his son after returning from deployment.

No matter how old a dad gets, there’s just something about embracing a family member that never goes away. The love between father and son here is brightly shining, and we know they had another moment to embrace after they were both out of uniform.

Watch the Full Video

Full Video
Watch the full video to see the joyful reunion plan come together.

If you want to get a sense of the power of this reunion, watching the full video is the best thing you can do. There is almost zero chance you can do so without breaking into a smile and maybe a tear.

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