Metroid: Zero Mission Speedrun by Zoast – Unleash the Power of Samus Aran!

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Metroid: Zero Mission Speedrun by Zoast – Unleash the Power of Samus Aran!

Key Points

  • Metroid: Zero Mission is a beloved game that effectively functions as a remake of the first Metroid game, with quick gameplay, beautiful sprite work, and an iconic chiptune soundtrack.
  • The speedrunning scene for Metroid: Zero Mission is not as vibrant as other popular entries, but it has dedicated followers and resources for aspiring speedrunners.
  • Metroid Dread is a tension-filled and exploratory game that may also have potential for speedrunning, while Metroid Prime Remastered offers a departure from the traditional 2D platformer with its first-person shooter gameplay.
  • Zoast, a renowned speedrunner, stepped out of his comfort zone to tackle Metroid: Zero Mission, showcasing his skills and potential beyond his usual preferred games.

Few games inspire the same sort of reverence as Metroid: Zero Mission. A 2022 stream by Zoast saw the speedrunner finally tackling something out of his comfort zone.

For those not in the know, Metroid Zero Mission is typically not Zoast’s speedrun of choice. He holds multiple records for Super Metroid, an earlier game in the series. Last year’s Safe Passage saw him finally tackle the game some revere as the best in the 2D line of Metroid games.

Now, this isn’t a world record run nor is it going to show potential speedrunners some out there strategies. Instead, this is a great run by a practiced runner, showing potential beyond just his usual preferred games.

Why Is Metroid: Zero Mission So Loved?

Metroid: Zero Mission effectively functions as a remake of the very first Metroid game, released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. This Game Boy Advance title quickly stole the thunder from Metroid Fusion, which is also regarded as an excellent game.

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Metroid: Zero Mission (Renewed)
  • Relive the magic of the original game
  • Follow series hero Samus Aran on her quest to destroy the Metroids
  • Features an excellent soundtrack and some of the best pixel art on the GBA
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Metroid: Zero Mission is a great entry point for the franchise as a whole. The gameplay is quick to grasp, the sprite work is beautiful, and it has an iconic chiptune soundtrack. If you’ve yet to dive into the Game Boy Advance’s library, Metroid: Zero Mission is a stellar game to start on.

The game effectively combines the charm of the original entry, with its dark and murky atmospheres with the stellar gameplay of Super Metroid. It is a highly enticing cocktail that is well worth your time.

How is the Speedrunning Scene for Metroid: Zero Mission?

Metroid: Zero Mission doesn’t have quite as many categories to run as you might expect. Games like Super Metroid have numerous categories. Zero Mission, however, only has three major categories for competing.

As with many speed runs, you can expect an Any%. Currently, the Any% world record is held by American player CScottyW. CScottyW has the distinction of holding the world record for all three of the game’s difficulties, a feat accomplished back in May of 2023.

100% completion is a harder task and is also divided further into three difficulty levels. Yet again, CScottyW shows their mettle with world records in all three difficulty levels. This dates back a little further, as CScottyW accomplished it in 2021.

The final category is 9%, which is the bare minimum needed to complete the game. CScottyW holds the world record for the hard difficulty, Finnish runner benchjuice holds both easy and normal, however.

The speedrunning scene behind Metroid: Zero Mission isn’t as vibrant as some of the more popular entries like Super Metroid. It does have a dedicated following, and there are plenty of materials for runners wanting to get started speed running.

Other Great Metroid Games

Metroid is one of those series with a cult following behind it. If you’re into traditional 2D platformers, then Metroid Dread might be a great entry point for you. It is a game filled with tension, horror, and a great sense of exploration.

Become the Hunted
Metroid Dread
  • A new entry in the series after almost two decades
  • Follow Samus Aran as she navigates strange alien locales
  • Avoid the dreaded EMMI to complete your mission
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With it being the newest entry chronologically, you might even find it has the potential for speedrunning.

Metroid Prime Remastered is also readily available for the Nintendo Switch. Now, this one isn’t a traditional 2D game by any means. It shifts the series into a first-person shooter, which is quite a departure.

A Classic Revisited
Metroid Prime Remastered
  • The classic GameCube game is back for a new generation
  • Features a remastered soundtrack
  • Hunt down the Space Pirates in first person
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12/01/2023 03:21 pm GMT

However, it is one of the most beloved entries in the franchise. The remastered release is a great way of experiencing it, as not much was changed to bring it to the Switch.

Zoast’s Metroid: Zero Mission Speedrun

July 26, 2023 — Unfortunately, Zoast’s Metroid: Zero Mission speedrun is no longer available on Twitch.

Summary Table

Metroid: Zero MissionA remake of the first Metroid game, loved for its gameplay, sprite work, and chiptune soundtrack. It has three major speedrunning categories: Any%, 100% completion, and 9%.
Super MetroidZoast’s usual speedrun game of choice, with multiple records held by him. It has numerous speedrunning categories.
Metroid FusionAnother excellent game in the Metroid series, overshadowed by Metroid: Zero Mission.
Metroid DreadA traditional 2D platformer filled with tension, horror, and exploration. It has potential for speedrunning.
Metroid Prime RemasteredA first-person shooter version of the Metroid series, available on Nintendo Switch. It is one of the most beloved entries in the franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Metroid: Zero Mission a difficult game?

No, it makes for a great entry for any newcomers.

Is Metroid: Zero Mission scary?

If you want a scary Metroid game, Fusion or Dread certainly fit the bill.

Is Zero Mission a remake?

Yes, it is a remake of the first game.

Is Zero Mission available for other consoles?

It might show up on the Switch eventually, but for now it is only on the Game Boy Advance.

Is Zero Mission easy to speedrun?

There are quite a few routes to choose from, it might make for a solid choice for players just starting to speed run.

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