3 Methods for Taking Screenshots on Android

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3 Methods for Taking Screenshots on Android

One of the best things about the Android ecosystem is its customization ability. Each phone has different features, and the software is, usually, extremely customizable. Still, like anything with variability, there can be a learning curve with each new device. One of the most common features on a smartphone is the ability to screenshot. Need to send a juicy DM to the group chat? Screenshot. Accidentally send that screenshot to the person of whom you took it? Utter embarrassment. While we can’t help you get over your embarrassment in such situations, we can help you take that screenshot. Thankfully, it’s super simple. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Press the volume down key and the power button

For almost every Android phone, the gesture to take a screenshot is going to be the same. The first and most obvious method is to press the volume down key and the power button simultaneously. If this action is successful, your screen should flash white around the edges, and a small pop-up dialog should appear, allowing you to doodle or send that screenshot to whomever you desire.

Method 2: Palm swipe to screenshot

The palm swipe to screenshot has been a feature of Android for quite some time, although many people don’t have it enabled. First, you are going to want to head into your settings (which can be found by swiping down from the top of your screen once or twice and tapping the gear icon). Once you are in your settings, search for the “Palm swipe to capture” setting. This is usually a small button toggle that can be turned on or off with a tap. Go ahead and turn it on if it’s off.

Once you have this setting turned on, you can now swipe the side of your hand across your screen from one side to the other. This will trigger the screenshot animation without having to press any buttons. It may take a few tries before you fully get the hang of it, but this feature can be extremely useful for anyone who has a broken volume key or wants an additional way to screenshot. Also, it’s just pretty cool to see!

Method 3: Hold down the power key and press screenshot

In some phones, an alternative way to screenshot can be found through the power menu. Simply press and hold the power button, and a few options should appear. If you have a phone that supports this option, you may see a button that simply reads “screenshot”. This isn’t seen as commonly as the first two methods. On many phones, though, this menu can be added through the settings. Samsung phones, specifically, do not offer this function.

You have a few options for taking a screenshot on Android phones. The below video from How to Smartphone walks you through four different ways to take a screenshot an Android phones.


Each of these methods has its own use in certain situations, so learning all of them can be helpful.

Remember, each Android phone is different, and there could be additional ways to screenshot that are unique to your device. Here are a few quick methods to try if those listed above didn’t work:

  • If you have a Samsung phone, you can use the Bixby assistant to take screenshots via voice command, or apply a screenshot function to your Edge Screen settings.
  • If you have a Pixel, you can screenshot by swiping up into Recent Apps and selecting screenshot.
  • If you use the Google Assistant, you can use a voice command to take a screenshot.

Good luck taking screenshots!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take a screenshot on an Android?

Most Android phones allow you to take a screenshot by pressing the volume down and power keys simultaneously. Each phone offers different options outside of that basic function.

Why won't my phone take a screenshot?

Your phone may not screenshot while using certain apps, for privacy, or you may be using a method that doesn’t work on your specific device.

How do I palm swipe to screenshot?

After enabling palm swipe to screenshot in settings, you can slide the side of your hand from one side of the screen to the other to take a screenshot.

How do I send a screenshot?

After taking a screenshot, Android will bring up a notification with options to send, edit, or delete the screenshot. Otherwise, simply use the app of your choice and select the recently taken photo from the attachment menu.

Where are screenshots stored on Android?

Each Android phone is different, but most usually store them in a folder titled “Screenshots”, most frequently found in your Gallery or Google Photos app.

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