Mercedes EQB SUV: Full Guide to the Latest Luxury EV

mercedes eqb suv

Mercedes EQB SUV: Full Guide to the Latest Luxury EV

With the introduction of the Mercedes EQB SUV in 2022, Mercedes further stirred up the world of electric SUVs. Despite its boxy appearance, this EV’s interior is luxurious and well-appointed, and its road presence makes it stand out from the rest. In recent years, Mercedes has been heavily focused on electric vehicles, and this release is just another step towards their EV-olution. 

But how does the Mercedes EQB SUV hold up to other electric sport-utility vehicles entering the market, like the BMW iX or the Volvo EX 90? That’s what we’re setting out to uncover in today’s article, with a full review, specs, features, and reports. We’ll find out if the new EQB SUV is everything it is hyped up to be and if it lives up to the Mercedes’ lofty brand reputation.

Mercedes EQB SUV: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. It starts from rest and clocks 60mph in less than 6-7 seconds.
  2. It has a power-packed 225hp engine that effortlessly gets you to your destination.
  3. 227-243 miles of range on a single charge ensure that you reach your destination without facing range anxiety.
  4. Mercedes includes a powertrain warranty covering 4 years or 50,000 miles.
  5. The EQB offers top-notch security features, including active brake assist, emergency call service, an anti-lock braking system, and 7 airbags.
  6. Power front seats with 3 different position memory ensure you have a comfortable long trip and stay active throughout.

Mercedes EQB SUV Specs

Starting MSRP$54,500$58,050
Max Range243 miles227 miles
Battery70.7 kWh lithium-ion battery70.5 kWh lithium-ion battery
Horsepower225hp288 hp
Torque lb-ft288 lb-ft384 lb-ft
EngineElectric motor front (ASM)/rear (PSM)Electric motor front (ASM)/rear (PSM)
TransmissionSingle-speed automatic transmissionSingle-speed automatic transmission
0-60 MPH Time7 seconds6 seconds
Top Speed99.4mph/ 160kmph99.4 mph / 160kmph

Mercedes EQB SUV: Where to Buy

Mercedes first unveiled the EQB series in Shanghai in April 2021, and the vehicle entered the market in late 2021. On launch, Mercedes introduced two main variants. One is the EQB 300 4MATIC SUV, with 225hp, starting at $54,500. The other variant, higher up on the price list, is the EQB 350 4MATIC SUV, with 288hp, starting at $58,050. 

The 350 4MATIC SUV also comes in premium trim for $58,050 and exclusive trim for $59,300. The main difference between the latter variants is just the extra interior features, such as the presence or absence of zone climate control.

Reportedly, the company has already sold 739 models of EQB SUV alone in Q3 of 2022. Many dealers are selling used models of SUVs because the vehicle has been on the roads for a year or so. However, consumers can purchase a new car from the Mercedes website or the nearby Mercedes showrooms. 

History of the Mercedes EQB SUV: What To Know

The automotive industry’s electric evolution started when Tesla unveiled its famous all-electric Roadster in 2008. Electric vehicles have steadily grown in popularity since then, becoming the future of transportation; especially once governments began to offer incentives.

Mercedes quickly acted upon the market changes and unveiled its exclusive EV range as Mercedes-EQ. The first model was displayed in 2016 in Paris as a concept vehicle. At that time, Mercedes intended to introduce at least 10 electric vehicle models by 2022. 

The first model was introduced in 2019, and Mercedes named it EQC. After that, they came up with EQV in 2020. This wasn’t an unplanned rampage of releasing new models annually. Instead, the company took feedback from the customers quite seriously and improved their EVs with each successive generation.

EQB was the third stepping stone in this long journey of electrification, on which Mercedes set out in 2016. EQB came out in 2021, loaded with many features to attract potential customers. 

Mercedes EQB SUV Versions: Each Edition

Mercedes EQB 300 4MATIC SUV

mercedes eqb
The new EQB is an all-electric compact SUV with up to seven seats.

The EQB 300 4MATIC SUV has increased the competition in the SUV class. It sits at a sweet price spot of around $50k and ticks all the boxes that an average electric vehicle consumer needs. Mercedes has directly incorporated feedback into the manufacturing and engineering of this model.

That is why the variant comes loaded with all the dimensions that affect an average consumer, including the range, battery, comfort level, and solid infotainment. 

Many consumers are not concerned with the goosebump-producing, adrenaline-releasing burst of acceleration, so Mercedes has shifted its focus to the features which help make this SUV a perfectly balanced daily commute option for most of the population.

Mercedes EQB 350 4MATIC SUV

If you were looking for the fastest EV that also provides many luxurious features, Mercedes has an even more potent variant of the EQB SUV. The 350 4MATIC, a top-of-the-line EQB variant, can go from a standstill to 60mph in mere 6 seconds, giving you an adrenaline rush you won’t forget. 

Additionally, the 350 Series combines this mind-blowing acceleration with many safety features, appreciable range, and aerodynamic vehicle shape, making this variant invincible among all the other SUVs. The cherry on top is the brand name Mercedes which has been a symbol of luxury and class for decades.

This vehicle has unparalleled road presence and unmatched comfort level. In addition, the price might further get a slash of $7,500 due to Federal Tax Credits in the US. A complete package, to say the least.

Mercedes EQB SUV: Range and Recharging

The maximum range of any vehicle is difficult to predict as it depends on the traffic situation, your route, and weather conditions. However, average estimates from various authentic sources put the maximum EQB 300 variant range at 243 miles and EQB 350 variant range at 227 miles.

Most consumers get confused about why the expensive variant paradoxically has a lesser range. The answer lies in a more powerful engine that requires more energy to produce that acceleration, so it drains the battery faster.

All those extra-loaded luxury features also take a toll on the battery. This could introduce quite an interesting choice for the customers here. Usually, people who commute long distances daily need a combination of long-range and better comfort levels. But do not disregard the EQB 350 variant just because of the range. 

Mercedes has included fast charging options to tackle that downfall. The SUV goes from 10-80% on a fast charger in mere 29 minutes. For the daily in-city commute, 227 miles of range is quite enough. And on a level 2 charger, the EQB 350 SUV goes from 0-100% in 7h15m.

An overnight charger would be enough to power your vehicle for another half a week, at least. The recharging stats are quite similar for both variants.

Mercedes EQB SUV: Interior Design

The vehicle’s exterior is for the viewers, but the interior is where you’ll spend all the time, so it better be the best. Mercedes delivers a power-packed punch in this domain. The cabin is quite spacious, with ample room for your legs and sufficient head distance from the roof.

The door panels are nicely trimmed and the seats are soft and leathery. Both these features, combined with a bright metal trim, provide a futuristic approach to the vehicle.

The SUV provides power-packed infotainment to keep you fully entertained, whether on daily in-city commutes or long-distance highway travels. A 10.2-inch touchscreen shows a high-quality display with rich colors and unmatched sharpness. 

There is enough cargo space to carry all your tools and luggage while still leaving enough room to spare. EQB SUV provides 22 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second-row seats, and if you are traveling alone, you can fold these seats to get up to 62 cubic feet of cargo storage. 

Mercedes EQB SUV: Construction and Quality

mercedes eqb suv
The Mercedes EQB SUV delivers an angular design and generous space.

Mercedes is known for using the best materials when manufacturing its cars, and these SUVs are no exception. They have the typical black panel Mercedes-EQ grille with a star in the middle. Another eye-catching design element is the continuous light strip at the front and rear of Mercedes-EQ automobiles.

The daytime running headlights of Full LED headlights are connected by a horizontal fiber-optic strip, ensuring excellent visibility both during the day and at night. The interior of the headlamps is finished with exceptional quality, attention to detail, and accuracy. The headlamp’s blue color accents and enhances the distinctive Mercedes-EQ image.

Mercedes has also given aluminum roof rails, brushed stainless steel pedals, and natural grain brown walnut or grain black linden wood trim to make the SUV even more attractive. The wheels are also a prominent feature of the car frame. The 18- or 19-inch AMG wheels ensure minimum drag while providing maximum stability to the vehicle.

Mercedes EQB SUV: Technology

The Mercedes EQB SUV comes with power steering to make your life easier. Not only that, but it also offers power front and rear windows to add a touch of sophistication and luxury. Accessory power outlets come in handy while charging the gadgets, and there are rear reading lamps and reading headrests. Enjoy your favorite books while moving toward your destination.

Rear parking sensors ensure the safe and perfect parking of the SUV. Active climate control lets you adjust the car’s temperature as you wish.

On the safety front, the SUV comes packed with tons of features. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), airbags, anti-theft alarm, seat belt-warning, vehicle-stability control system, and crash sensors make it one of the safest SUVs ever. 

Mercedes has gone a step further and introduced Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) as your virtual onboard voice assistant. You just have to say, “Hey, Mercedes,” to activate it, and then it uses AI to provide the driver with the maximum possible convenience.

The exciting thing is that it improves with time, meaning it can learn and adapt to your patterns. This is just another example of artificial intelligence advancing across all aspects of technology, including the latest luxury cars.

Public Response

EQB was a success. Another updated and upgraded version will be launched in 2023, reportedly with better range and on-road statistics. While the boxy EQB variant introduced by Mercedes Benz is based on the gasoline-based GLB class of SUVs, it is enjoying ever-increasing sales in comparison.

Experts who have tested the vehicle have given it an average rating of 4/5 or 7.5-8/10. The Car and Driver Magazine calls the EQB “just as desirable as its gasoline-powered counterpart and nearly as functional” with a “practical interior, brisk acceleration with upgraded powertrain, and a nicely-trimmed interior.”

People have welcomed the SUV warm-heartedly, and sales have been enough for Mercedes to keep the lineup alive. Additionally, there are speculations of a 2023 variant in the pipelines, which will reportedly have a better range and some minor improvements over the current variant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mercedes make any electric cars?

Yes. Mercedes makes several electric cars, such as the EQB SUV, EQS, and EQE-class.

When did the EQB come out? 

The company started planning the EQB in 2016 and released the first official production model in 2021.

How much does the EQB cost? 

The entry-level model of the Mercedes EQB starts at $54,500. Additional options can push this figure even higher.

Is Mercedes EQB available in the US? 

Yes. The current model year is available in the US, and Mercedes plans to release next year’s model on the US market as well.

What is the range of Mercedes EQB? 

The Mercedes EQB can achieve a maximum range of up to 243 miles.

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