Mercedes Benz EQS: Release, Specs, Price, Range, and More

Mercedes Benz EQS

Mercedes Benz EQS: Release, Specs, Price, Range, and More

The Mercedes Benz Group is one of the largest manufacturing companies globally. The company has existed for over a century and has developed a reputation for providing high-quality and luxurious cars. 

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) grew in the 2010s, the Mercedes Benz Group decided to begin investing in EV production. Their solution was to establish the EQ series of vehicles in the mid-2010s.

Quick Facts

Original price
Units Sold
2,846 units in the US from launch until October 2022

The company committed billions of dollars to establish EV research, development, and production sites. They would also invest in the development of battery-producing facilities.

Consequently, the EQ series would combine the luxury of traditional internal combustion engine cars with reliable EV performance. The perfect example of the company’s dedication to producing high-performing luxury cars is the Mercedes Benz EQS, the company’s flagship EV.

The following is a breakdown of what the Mercedes Benz EQS offers and the history behind its development.

5 Facts About The Mercedes Benz EQS

  1. The Mercedes Benz EQS is an EV that strives to promote sustainability, with features like an interior made from recycled plastics.
  2. The battery in the standard EQS 450+ has a power output of 245kW or 329 hp.
  3. The EQS is the most aerodynamic car in production globally.
  4. The Mercedes Benz EQS is the EV equivalent of the S-Class range, also made by the company.
  5. The EQS has a range of 350 miles on a single charge. 

Mercedes Benz EQS Specs

Power Output245 kW (329hp)
Torque417 lb-ft
DimensionsLength: 207.3 inches
Width: 83.7 inches (with mirrors) and 75.8 inches (without mirrors)
Height: 59.5 inches 
Cargo Capacity22-63 cubic feet
Passenger Capacity5
Curb Weight5,597 lbs
Battery Capacity107.8 kWh
AC Charging Time (10%-100%)11.25 hours (9.6 kW)
DC Charging Time (10%-80%)31 minutes (200 kW)
Range350 miles
Acceleration5.9s (0-60 mph)

The Mercedes Benz EQS: Where To Buy

In the US, people interested in purchasing a Mercedes Benz EQS can visit the company’s website to view the available purchase options. They include buying brand-new cars or verified pre-owned cars.

There are also leasing options available on the website. Once you have identified what you want, you can head to the “Find A Dealer” search bar, where you can indicate your ZIP code, city, or state for directions to the closest Mercedes dealership near you.

The History Of The Mercedes Benz EQS: What To Know

The history of the Mercedes Benz EQS begins with the establishment of the Mercedes-EQ series. The series would be the answer to the growing shift of the automotive industry towards the development of mainstream EVs. Mercedes presented the first concept car from the series at the 2016 Paris Motor Show called the Mercedes Benz Generation EQ SUV. 

Concept Car

The concept car had two electric motors with a power output of 300kW. Moreover, it generated 516 lb-ft of torque and had a range of 310 miles. Mercedes Benz officials announced the company would develop at least 10 EV models by 2025, based on the concept car’s outcome and public response. The company also committed to investing $12 billion in EV development.

Mercedes Benz EQS
The EQC is a battery-electric compact luxury crossover SUV


The first car produced under the EQ series was the Mercedes Benz EQC, which was a compact SUV based on the Generation EQ concept car. Mercedes officially launched the EQC in September 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, solidifying Mercedes’ foray into the production of EVs.

Over time, Mercedes introduced other EQ models, including the EQA, EQB, and EQV. All of the company’s EVs borrow from the brand’s existing series. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before they sought to build an EV version of their flagship Mercedes Benz S-Class Series. The EQS would be the S-Class equivalent.

Vision EQS

The company’s first attempt at making an EV version of the S-Class was the Mercedes Benz Vision EQS concept car. The car’s unveiling happened in September 2019 at the International Motor Show Germany, held in Frankfurt. The Vision EQS provided an opportunity for the company to prove that their high-end EVs could provide the same level of luxury as their fossil-fueled luxury cars. All while being sustainable. 

Some of the features in the Vision EQS included artificial leather made from recycled plastic and wood accents locally sourced from forests practicing sustainable forestry. At the show, Mercedes announced the launch of the first EQS production model would happen in 2021. 

Mercedes Benz EQS: Each Edition

Mercedes Benz is currently producing six versions of the EQS. They include the base version EQS 350, the EQS 450+, the EQS 450 4Matic, EQS 500 4Matic, EQS 580 4Matic, and the AMG EQS 53 4Matic+. Read on for a breakdown of the variations.


The initial versions of the EQS produced by Mercedes were the EQS 450+ and the EQS 580 4Matic. The EQS 450+ has a power output of 245kW, while the EQS 580 4Matic has an output of 385kW. The outputs of the other versions include 215kW, 265kW, 330kW, and 484kW for the EQS 350M 450 4Matic, 500 4Matic, and the AMG EQS 53 4Matic+, respectively.

Moreover, the cars generate a torque of 417 lb-ft, 631 lb-ft, and 700 lb-ft for the 450+, 580 4matic, and the AMG EQS 53 4matic+. The torque on the AMG version can also get boosted to 752 lb-ft.

The power generated in the EQS gets facilitated by a permanent excited synchronous electric motor and a single-speed automatic transmission drivetrain. The EQS 350 and EQS 450+ have a single electric motor, while the rest have dual electric motors.

Moreover, the drivetrain in the 450+ is rear-wheel drive, while the drivetrains in the 580 4Matic and the AMG versions are all-wheel drives.

Range and Charging

All the versions of the EQS have a battery capacity of 107.8 kW. As a result, the travel range offered by each version declines as you move from the base version to the AMG version. For instance, the EQS 450+ edition provides a range of 350 miles on a single full charge, while the EQS 580 4Matic offers a range of 340 miles. Lastly, the AMG EQS 53 4Matic+ offers 277 miles of range. 

That is because the AMG version prioritizes performance more than other metrics used to measure a car’s functionality. The focus on performance in the AMG version is evident in its acceleration from 0-60 mph, which only takes 3.4 seconds compared to 4.2 seconds in the 580 4Matic, and 5.9 seconds in the EQS 450+.

All versions of the EQS come with the SAE J1772 AC charger and the combined charging system (CCS) for DC charging. Mercedes offers a 240V Level 2 SAE J1772 AC charger with a 9.6 kW output that charges all car versions from 10%-100% in 11.25 hours. On the other hand, they offer a 480V CCS DC charger with an output of 200 kW that fast charges the battery from 10%-80% in 31 minutes.


Mercedes Benz EQS
The EQS 450+ is a luxury cruiser with 329 hp and 419 lb-ft.

Mercedes named their EV line EQ in reference to IQ, with EQ representing electric intelligence. Therefore, it is logical that they fitted the EQS with several gadgets and impressive technologies, including several hundred sensors.

For instance, the first thing you notice when you approach the EQS, aside from its sleek design, is its pop-out doors. When you get close to the car, the doors automatically open, and once you’re settled in your seat, you can step on the brake pedal to automatically close the doors.


Another impressive car feature is the dashboard, which consists of three touchscreens. They include a 12.3-inch instrument display showing the charge level, speed, and other pertinent information. The center screen is a 17.7-inch OLED touchscreen to facilitate entertainment, navigation, and temperature control, while the final screen is a 12.3-inch passenger screen to allow them to control aspects like music.

Moreover, the smart technology in the car prevents the passenger screen from getting used unless there is a passenger in the front seat. The vehicle also dims the brightness of the passenger screen if the driver glances at it too many times to allow them to concentrate on driving.

The car also has two screens at the back for the front seats and a pad in the backseat to enable occupants to control their infotainment systems. Lastly, the car has several phone charging ports and wireless phone chargers.


All the EQS versions are 207.3 inches long, 83.7 inches wide with the side mirror, 75.8 inches wide without the mirrors, and 59.5 inches high. The car has a wheelbase of 126.4 inches and weighs 5,597 lbs. The EQS has a drag coefficient of 0.2 cd, making it the most aerodynamic car in the world. 

In terms of interior dimensions, the car has a passenger capacity of five. The headroom is 40.4 inches and 38 inches in the front and rear seats, respectively. The legroom at the front is 41.7 inches, while the shoulder room is 59.5 inches and 59.1 inches at the front and back, respectively.

The car has a cargo capacity of 22 to 63 cubic feet (cu ft) because the back seats are foldable. Lastly, the EQS has 20-inch wheels upgradable to 21 or 22 inches and a turning circle of 35.8 feet.

Comfort and Convenience

The interior of the EQS has standard comfort and convenience features found in most cars, like storage space on the doors and under the center console. Other features include massage and ventilated front seats and headrests with restraints on all the chairs.

The driver’s chair also has lumbar support to prevent the driver from straining. In addition, the cars have a panoramic roof and a surround sound system, among other features.


The Mercedes EQS has numerous features to ensure the car’s occupants are safe throughout the journey. They include active steering and braking assists to help the driver with navigation. The lane-keeping and lane-changing assists also prevent the car from veering into other lanes when the driver gets tired. It also identifies open lanes to make travel smoother.

Other safety features in the car include seven airbags, an emergency stop assist, a speed limit assist, an antilock braking system, a surround view system, and a tire pressure monitoring system.


The Mercedes Benz EQS 450+ has a base price of $102,310, while the EQS 580 4Matic has a base price of $125,900. The AMG EQS has a base price of $147,500, making it one of the priciest EVs in the market. 

The Public Response

Mercedes Benz EQS was a hit with industry insiders and the public in general. The manufacturer sold 443 EQS sedans in the U.S. in the first quarter of the car’s availability, which was the fourth quarter of 2021. The sales were impressive, considering it was the company’s second EV in the EQ series and its first luxury all-electric sedan. 

The EQS sales were almost equivalent to almost 10% of the Mercedes Benz S-Class sales in that same quarter, which stood at 5,101 units. The public’s interest in the EQS is also likely to continue improving sales as the company has sold 2,403 EQS sedans in the first three quarters of 2022. 

Regarding industry accolades, car reviewers and enthusiasts have lauded the design of the EQS, including its impressive drag coefficient. They have also noted the car’s luxurious finish that sets it apart from its competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mercedes Benz EQS?

The Mercedes Benz EQS is an all-electric luxury sedan produced by Mercedes Benz. It was released on the market in 2021, costing $102,310 a unit.

Who envisioned the concept for the Mercedes Benz EQS?

Mercedes Benz Group engineers and designers invented the Mercedes Benz EQS.

What are the Mercedes Benz EQS rivals?

Rivals of the Mercedes Benz EQS include the Tesla Model S, Audi e-Tron GT, and the Porsche Taycan.

Is the Mercedes Benz EQS eligible for incentives?

Yes. The Mercedes Benz EQS will be eligible for tax incentives from 2023 after the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

What Is the top speed Of a Mercedes EQS?

The Mercedes EQS has a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour (mph). It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, which is impressive when compared to its competitors.

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