How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode in 4 Steps, With Photos

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How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode in 4 Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Snapchat’s ‘Always Dark’ mode offers a classy, user-friendly alternative to the traditional ‘Always Light’ interface, reducing eye strain and saving battery life.
  • Always Dark mode on Snapchat uses less energy compared to Always Light mode, making it a serious battery saver.
  • Dark Mode adds a touch of sophistication to the Snapchat user experience, making photos and videos appear more vibrant against the dark backdrop.

Blinded by the brightness of Snapchat’s default “Always Light” mode? You don’t have to endure this. Snapchat has an “Always Dark” mode that compares to the iPhone’s Dark Mode. This mode not only eases the strain on your eyes but also saves battery life (among other benefits). Whether you’re a night owl or just prefer a darker look, we’ll help you figure out how to make the switch. Follow along with our walkthrough and photos below to learn how to make Snapchat Dark Mode. You’ll be basking in Always Dark mode in no time.

Why Make Snapchat Dark Mode?

Snapchat icon
Snapchat calls its dark mode “Always Dark.”

Wondering why a person would make Snapchat Dark Mode? Snapchat’s Always Dark mode offers a classy, user-friendly alternative to the traditional Always Light interface. It also enhances the overall user experience by reducing eye strain and saving battery life. For these reasons, it’s more than just a trendy feature — it’s a practical and aesthetic choice in one. Let’s explore three of the most compelling reasons why you should consider using Snapchat in Dark Mode. Then, we’ll tell you how to make it happen on your own Snapchat app.

Reduce Eye Strain

First and foremost, the platform’s Always Dark mode is a real relief for the eyes. By taking the app’s default bright tones and replacing them with darker backgrounds, you can give your eyes a break from the stark contrast between Snapchat’s default black text and white backgrounds. This is especially helpful in low light conditions, as you no longer have to endure glaring light piercing your eyes in the dark. This will minimize your discomfort and reduce your fatigue over time, making it more enjoyable to use Snapchat at all times of the day.

Conserve Battery

Beyond the reduced eye strain, Snapchat’s Always Dark mode is also a serious battery saver. It’s a simple fact that OLED and AMOLED screens use less power when displaying dark colors. As such, Always Dark mode on Snapchat will use less energy compared to Always Light mode. Even if you don’t care about eye strain, prolonging your phone’s battery should be reason enough to make Snapchat Dark Mode. With this, you get to use Snapchat for longer — enjoying more snaps, stories, and chats without constantly searching for an outlet.

Improve Aesthetics

It’s not all about eye strain or battery life. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a matter of preference. You see, Dark Mode isn’t just about functionality. It also adds a touch of sophistication to your Snapchat user experience. The sleek, dark interface gives the app a modern and stylish appearance compared to Always Light mode. Plus, photos and videos appear more vibrant against the dark backdrop — making your content pop like never before. When you make Snapchat Dark Mode, you can provide yourself with a more visually appealing and enjoyable Snapchat experience.

How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode

Now, let’s walk you through the steps required to make Snapchat Dark Mode. Unlike other apps, Snapchat doesn’t abide by your phone’s display settings by default. You have to enter the app’s user settings and make the change internally. Thankfully, the process is not complicated. It only takes four steps. We’ll walk you through each step, complete with photos to guide us along the way. These steps apply to both Apple and Android devices alike. Get ready to enhance your Snapchat experience while protecting your eyes and your device’s battery.

Step One: Open App

Snapchat camera interface.
Open Snapchat to access your user settings.

First, open the Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji icon in the top left corner of the screen. This is the only way to access your user profile on the app. There’s no designated tab at the bottom of the screen or anything else of the sort.

Step Two: Tap Settings

Snapchat user settings.
User settings are found under the gear icon on your Snapchat profile.

From your user profile, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see it next to the share button above your Bitmoji’s head. Tapping this gear icon reveals a menu full of user settings for you to choose from.

Step Three: Choose “App Appearance”

User settings on Snapchat.
Select “App Appearance” from the list of Snapchat user settings.

Scroll down through your user settings until you see a heading that reads “App Appearance.” It’s the very last option in the list of “My Account” settings. You’ll see it right above the break before the “Additional Services” heading.

Step Four: Hit “Always Dark”

App Appearance settings on Snapchat.
Select “Always Dark” to change Snapchat to Dark Mode.

From here, tap “Always Dark.” This is the fastest way to make Snapchat appear in Dark Mode. If your iPhone is in Dark Mode or enters into the mode during certain hours of the day, you can also select the “Match System” option at the top of the list. This makes your Snapchat display fall in line with whatever your iOS appearance settings are.

Snapchat+ subscribers can select the bottom option, “Custom,” to further customize the app’s appearance. From custom app themes to custom app icons to chat wallpapers and beyond, Snapchat+ improves the app’s user experience with a variety of appealing features. It costs $1.99 for the first three months, then $3.99 a month after that.

Alas, for those of us non-subscribers, “Always Dark” is the only way to go Dark Mode. That, or “Match System.” “Always Light” will override your phone’s appearance settings to keep the app in Light Mode. Stick with either of the other two options to be safe. That’s how to make it happen! Enjoy your reduced eye strain, improved battery life, and more appealing aesthetic overall.

Summary Table

Step One: Open AppOpen the Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji icon.
Step Two: Tap SettingsTap the gear icon.
Step Three: Choose “App Appearance”Hit “App Appearance.”
Step Four: Hit “Always Dark”Tap “Always Dark.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a display option in apps that changes the traditional bright white background to darker colors like black or gray. This mode reduces the overall brightness of the app’s interface, making it easier on the eyes in low-light conditions. You can usually activate Dark Mode in app settings by navigating to the “Display” or “Appearance” options. Once enabled, the app’s interface will switch to the darker theme.

Does Dark Mode preserve battery life?

Yes, Dark Mode can save battery life — especially on devices with OLED or AMOLED screens that enjoy darker black shades. The dimmer the pixels, the less power they consume. This makes Dark Mode inherently more energy-efficient compared to a bright white background. Nevertheless, the difference between overall battery life in Dark Mode vs. Light Mode is probably not enough to be that noticeable.

Is Dark Mode easier on the eyes?

Dark Mode is easier on the eyes — especially when using apps in dimly lit environments. The reduced contrast and brightness contribute to decreased eye strain and discomfort compared to Light Mode. You can also set Dark Mode to turn on during certain times of the day. It’s especially beneficial in low light or at night time, where the reduced brightness is less strenuous on the eyes.

Does every app support Dark Mode?

While Dark Mode is available on most modern smartphones, tablets, and computers, its availability may vary depending on the operating system and device. Likewise, not all apps support Dark Mode. It ultimately depends on the app’s developers and whether they’ve implemented this feature. Snapchat features full support for Dark Mode.

Does Dark Mode improve performance on Snapchat?

Dark Mode isn’t solely about aesthetics. It offers some practical benefits, too. The most prominent include reduced eye strain and improved battery life. With that being said, performance is not necessarily boosted by Dark Mode. All in all, it has minimal impact on app performance.

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