LG’s Full 2023 TV Lineup: B3, C3, G3 OLEDs, QNEDS, and More

LG's 2023 Lineup

LG’s Full 2023 TV Lineup: B3, C3, G3 OLEDs, QNEDS, and More

Key Points

  • LG’s 2023 TV lineup features enhanced brightness levels and impressive wireless connections.
  • Some models run on the α9 Gen 6 processor for seamless image and sound processing.
  • The rollable LG OLED R Series offers a unique design and supreme picture quality for $100,000.

LG’s 2023 TV lineup is about improving an already working formula, fixing minor technical issues, and aggressively attacking the market with new innovative specs. For example, with the G3 Series, LG focused on enhancing brightness levels. That’s because customers complained about dull graphics, especially when watching the TVs in well-light rooms.

The C3 and B3s are also getting an upgrade, which you’ll see at first glance. However, the main highlight is the M3’s impressive wireless connection.

Some LG TVs in the 2023 lineup run on the α9 Gen 6 processor, which is good news for prospective buyers. As such, these LG TVs can process images and sound seamlessly.

Unfortunately, LG hasn’t included this processor in all TVs, so watch out for the premium ones. Also, LG has included other innovative features in their UR models, ensuring their budget-friendly customers can watch TV in style.

Sadly, the company hasn’t revealed the retail prices of all their 2023 TV models. Nevertheless, we have done our due diligence and formulated a list of LG’s full 2023 TV lineup. Let’s get to it!

LG’s Lineup: Side-by-Side Comparison

G3 seriesC3 series
Screen Sizes55” 65” 77” 83”42” 48” 55” 65” 77” 83”
Display4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD
Refresh Rate120Hz120Hz
ConnectivityHDMI 2.1HDMI 2.1
Processorα9 AI Processor Gen 6α9 AI Processor Gen 6
Price$6,499 (83 inches)$5,299 (83 inches)
B3 seriesLifestyle Series (Posé TV)
Screen Sizes55” 65” 77”48” 55”
Display4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD
Refresh Rate120Hz120Hz
ConnectivityHDMI 2.1HDMI 2.1
Processorα7 AI Processor 4K Gen 6α9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K
Price$3,299 (77 inches)$1,999 (55 inches)
OLED R seriesZ3 series
Screen Sizes65”77” 88”
Display4K Ultra HD8K OLED
Refresh Rate120Hz100Hz
ConnectivityHDMI 4KHDMI 2.1
Processorα9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4Kα9 Gen 4 AI Processor 8K
Price$100,000 (65 inches)Not provided
M3 seriesA3 series2023 UR models (UR91)
Screen Sizes77” 83” 97”48” 55” and 65”43” 50” 55” 65” 75”
Display4K HDR4K Ultra HD4K Ultra HD
Refresh Rate120Hz60Hz50Hz
ConnectivityHDMI 2.1HDMIHDMI 2.1
Processorα9 Processor 4Kα7 AI Processor 4K Gen 6α5 AI Processor 4K Gen 6
PriceNot providedNot provided$994.50 (55 inches)

LG’s Full 2023 TV Lineup

The above tables provide a synopsis of what to expect from each TV series in LG’s 2023 lineup. However, the highlighted features are not enough to guide your purchase decision. Below is a more in-depth review of LG’s full 2023 TV lineup. 

LG G3 (G3 Series)

Kicking off our list of LG’s full 2023 TV lineup is the G3 series, which maintains the same slim design we noticed and loved in the G2. The G3 is also available in the same sizes as the G2, as you can get it as a 55-, 65-, 77-, and 83-inch TV. However, LG confirmed they would not release a 97-inch G3 TV, as they did with the G2. 

Operating on the latest webOS 23 software, the G3’s user interface differs completely from its predecessors. For example, the webOS 23 has “quick cards” and new tabs to aid navigation. Moreover, LG announced at CES 2023 that the G3 series would be 70% brighter than most OLED TVs on the market thanks to its α9 AI Gen 6 Processor.

So, with the addition of a 4K display and Dolby Vision, paired with AI Picture Pro, you can binge-watch TV shows on Netflix without worrying about image quality. As anticipated, the G3 series is pricier than the G2 because of the slight tweaks LG has made to the TV’s overall layout.

Here are the prices of the G3 models:

  • 55-inch LG G3: $2,499.99
  • 65-inch LG G3: $3,299.99
  • 77-inch LG G3: $4,499.99
  • 83-inch LG G3: $6,499.99

LG C3 (C3 Series)

Our Pick
LG C3 Series 77-Inch Class OLED evo
  • a9 AI Processor Gen6
  • 4K resolution
  • webOS 23
  • Features NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR 
  • 77-inch screen
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Next on our list is the C3 series, which is among the best OLED TVs we have seen on the market so far. Running on the α9 AI Processor, paired with the AI Picture Pro, this TV will automatically analyze your content in real-time to identify and enhance different aspects. This is also thanks to the C3’s dynamic tone mapping.

Moreover, LG parked this TV with an AI brightness control that analyzes each scene on your TV and automatically adjusts the TV’s brightness in dull areas. In addition, the C3 has Dolby Atmos, which provides an immersive audio experience. You can also pair it with an LG soundbar to create a theater-like movie experience.

Moreover, LG’s addition of an HDMI that supports 4K allows you to enjoy 4K content and play HD games on your console. The C3 series also comes with a 100Hz refresh rate, allowing you to play intense games with little to no lag.

Here are LG’s prices for the C3 models:

  • 42-inch LG C3: $1,399
  • 48-inch LG C3: $1,499
  • 55-inch LG C3: $1,899
  • 65-inch LG C3: $2,599
  • 77-inch LG C3: $3,599
  • 83-inch LG C3: $5,299

LG B3 (B3 Series)

Our Pick
LG B3 Series 77-Inch Class OLED
  • Over 8.3 million self-lit pixels
  • α7 AI Processor Gen6
  • webOS 23
  • Features Dolby Vision
  • Native 120Hz refresh rate
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:32 am GMT

Next on our list of LG’s full 2023 TV lineup is the B3 series. It runs on the α7 AI processor that includes the AI super upscaling feature, which automatically analyzes your content in real-time. It also generates new pixels to improve the TV’s image quality when streaming.

Moreover, the TV’s 4K Ultra HD display gives it more color and boosts its contrast ratio, making pictures more vivid. But where B3 TVs impress the most is their 120Hz refresh rate. Gamers will be happy with the B3 because it doesn’t experience screen tearing, which is critical to your overall gameplay and gaming experience.

Adding to the B3’s gaming specs is a game optimizer, which adjusts the TV’s image quality based on the game genre. For instance, thanks to the B3’s α7 AI Processor, the TV will automatically adjust the image quality if you switch from a first-person shooter game to a strategy game, which is impressive.

The prices for the B3 models are listed below:

  • 55-inch LG B3: $1,699
  • 65-inch LG B3: $2,399
  • 77-inch LG B3: $3,299

Lifestyle Series (LG Posé TV)

Best Design
LG 55-Inch Class OLED Posé Series
  • α9 Gen 5 AI Processor 4K
  • 8 million self-lit OLED pixels
  • Includes detachable cable holders
  • LG ThinQ AI, webOS
  • Built-in Google Assistant and Alexa
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Fourth on our list is the LG Lifestyle Series, which, surprisingly, flies under the radar but is actually very impressive. With an all-around design with curved edges and a razor-thin bezel, the LG Posé looks elegant in any interior décor.

But where this TV shines the most is its four stands that extend to the ground, eliminating the need for a TV stand. Moreover, the LG Posé becomes part of your style thanks to its built-in shelf at the back, where you can house your favorite books and magazines.

We cannot fail to mention this TV’s easy-to-use interface that boosts your user experience. The series runs on the α9 Gen 5 AI processor that adjusts your TV’s brightness settings and image quality based on the content.

Speaking of brightness, the LG Posé lights up any room due to its self-lit OLED Evo technology that LG paired with a brightness booster, making it the final piece that completes your space. 

The LG OLED Flex is also part of the Lifestyle Series, though it is less popular. Its main selling point is its flexible display, as the TV has up to 20 different curve levels. It also has a 0.1ms response time — handy for gamers competing in intense games.

Here are the prices for the LG Posé and LG Flex:

  • 48-inch LG Posé: $1,699.99
  • 55-inch LG Posé: $1,999.99
  • 42-inch LG OLED Flex: $2,499.99

LG OLED R Series

Going for an astonishing $100,000 for a 65-inch TV, LG bends the design rules with its LG OLED R Series. This is the first and only rollable TV that will give you a jaw-dropping experience, especially when you roll it out like a poster.

The TV has a razor-thin bezel, but the gist is its rolling ability, making it perfect for smaller living rooms where traditional TVs would take up too much space. Moreover, the OLED R is convenient as you can station it anywhere in your living space or beside your swimming pool.

And it performs as well as it looks. Its self-lit pixel technology produces supreme picture quality that boosts your viewing experience, mainly due to the TV’s added picture realism.

Moreover, it runs on the α9 Gen 4 Processor and boasts cutting-edge features like AI Sound Pro and AI Picture Pro. Even though the OLED R is expensive, it’s part of the future-proof technology we will see in years to come.

LG Z3 (Z Series)

It’s only been a year since LG won the 2022 CES Innovation award for their Z2 TV, and it seems they aren’t slowing down, especially after seeing the Z3. LG takes α-realism to the next level, thanks to their α9 AI Processor Gen 6 that supports an 8K display.

Moreover, the TV’s self-lit pixels, which LG has paired with a Brightness Booster Max, make it ideal for your well-lit living room. In addition, the Z3’s clean-cut sophisticated design makes your house seem like an art exhibition.

The TVs blend perfectly with any surrounding art when mounted. Moreover, the TV’s sound and graphics come alive thanks to Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Also, LG has tailored the TV to your preferences by installing the webOS 2023 software, which allows you to customize it to your liking. 

The LG Z Series is also a must-have for gamers. The TVs come with a pre-installed NVIDIA GeForce NOW, an online platform that gives you access to multiple games.

Additionally, the Z Series boasts blazing-fast response times, meaning you will experience little to no lag. Unfortunately, LG hasn’t provided the Z3’s prices. However, we expect it to be pricey, especially when considering the cost of the Z2.

The Z2 TVs had the following release prices:

  • 77-inch LG Z2: $9,999.99
  • 88-inch LG Z2: $24,999.99  

LG M3 (M3 Series)

Next, we have the LG M3, the first and only TV on the market that uses zero-connect technology. Unlike our traditional screens, this TV doesn’t have ports on the rear side. Instead, it comes with a zero-connect transmitter box with all the necessary ports.

The box then connects to the TV wirelessly, which is impressive. Furthermore, the M3’s slim gallery-like design adds to your interior décor when mounted.

In addition, streaming has never been better, as the LG M3 supports various streaming platforms like Netflix. But where it stands out the most is in being able to connect your Blu-ray device or gaming console to the transmitter box and play content on the TV wirelessly in 4K.

Nevertheless, most of the credit should go to the TV’s brain, the Alpha 9 Processor, which supports Dolby Vision and makes the TV 75% brighter than other models. Moreover, with a 120Hz refresh rate, you can seamlessly play games on the M3 after work. Unfortunately, LG hasn’t revealed the M3’s price, but it will cost a fortune based on its current features.

LG A3 (A3 Series)

LG also announced the A3 Series as part of its 2023 TV lineup, and, so far, we only have good things to report. The A3 takes you to a different universe thanks to its α7 AI Processor that perfectly combines the TV’s Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos when binge-watching.

Even though we expected the A3 to have the all-new α9 processor, its current α7 brain perfectly handles the TV’s AI upscaling and AI Picture Pro technology. In addition, the A3 will perfectly blend in your living room, mainly due to its minimalistic charm, which makes it such a perfect piece to mount on your wall.

Moreover, the TV’s self-lit OLED technology allows it to shine without needing any backlight, thus adding more depth and texture when watching content. We must also mention that LG packed this TV with the latest webOS 23 software, allowing you to create and customize profiles to your preference.

Also, LG brings the playground to your living room, as the A3 comes with the preinstalled NVIDIA GEFORCE Now platform that gives you access to many online games. Unfortunately, LG hasn’t revealed the TV’s prices, but we don’t expect it to be costly.  

2023 UR91 (UR Models)

The UR91 closes our list of LG’s full 2023 TV lineup. The 2023 UR91 entails a UHD TV that balances performance and design. Running on the α5 Gen 6 AI processor, this TV will give you an immersive viewing experience. This is thanks to its 4K upscaled feature that allows you to watch non-4K content in UHD.

Moreover, sound and sight come together when watching a movie because the UR91’s 2.0 speaker channel produces clear sound. Also, the TV’s minimalistic bezel is perfect for your living room and will complement your space.

LG packed this TV with the latest webOS 23 with various customization options, like quick cards, which allows you to create shortcuts for your favorite applications.

Moreover, thanks to the AI concierge that’s part of the webOS 23 software, you will get new content recommendations based on your watch history. We must also mention that the 2023 UR series features other models, such as the UR81, UR80, UR78, and UR73.

Here are the 2023 UR91 prices:

  • 43-inch LG UR91: $745.63
  • 50-inch LG UR91: $869.90
  • 55-inch LG UR91: $994.50
  • 65-inch LG UR91: $1,242.73
  • 75-inch LG UR91: $1,864.10

Wrapping Up

We all know that LG is a powerhouse electronics company, so we expected their 2023 TV lineup to be amazing, and they didn’t disappoint. The G3 has the newly launched α9 processor that boosts your viewing experience.

Moreover, the C3 boasts multiple exciting features, like dynamic tone mapping, while the B3’s AI Upscaling feature allows you to watch most of your content in UHD.

However, LG’s most outstanding presentation at the CES 2023 is its rollable R series TV. All in all, expect great value for money for any TV you choose from LG’s full 2023 TV lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best 2023 LG TV?

All 2023 LG TVs are spectacular, but one that stands out the most is the LG R series. This is the world’s first rollable TV with a boundary-breaking design that will compel you to cough out $100,000. Moreover, it performs as well as it looks, thanks to its α9 Gen 4 processor.

Which is the best LG TV for gaming?

All LG TVs with a 120Hz refresh rate are good for gaming, so you can choose any. But we recommend the G3 because besides having a good refresh rate, it supports the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming that brings your playground to your living room.

Did LG launch any 8K TVs at CES?

Yes, they did. The Z3 is an 8K OLED TV, which uses the α9 AI Gen 6 8K Processor to bring α-realism to a new level. Even though there isn’t much 8K content, once you try this 8K experience, you’ll never go back to 4K.

Has LG released any UHD TVs in 2023?

Yes. In fact, their most notable TV is the UR91 model, which uses the α5 Gen 6 AI processor to optimize your brightness and picture settings. Moreover, even though it’s a 4K TV, you can watch non-4K content in UHD.

Which are the cheapest LG TVs released in 2023?

The cheapest LG TVs are the UR models, which cost as low as $745 and as high as $1,864 for the LG UR91 model. However, the TV size you choose will also determine the amount you pay.

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