LG’s C3 OLED Launches With Serious Flaw: Here’s How to Fix It


LG’s C3 OLED Launches With Serious Flaw: Here’s How to Fix It

When LG announced its new G3 and C3 OLED lineup earlier this year, consumers took notice. Early LG C3 reviews are starting to roll in, but there’s one issue. The LG C3 OLED arrived with a flaw, and we’re going to show you how to fix it. LG acted quickly with a fix for the C3 auto-dimming problem, and it’s something anyone can apply in a matter of minutes.

What is Auto-Dimming?

Auto-dimming is a common, popular feature found on most modern TV sets including OLED models from LG. The feature will automatically adjust the brightness of the TV screen to adapt to its surroundings. This results in an optimum viewing experience when working properly.

Auto-dimming is handled in different ways depending on the manufacturer, but the principle remains the same. If you’re in a bright room, the TV screen will brighten up to make things clearer and match the surroundings. In darker rooms, the opposite happens and TVs will darken accordingly.

lg g3 vs lg g2
The LG C3 OLED is supposed to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to adapt to its surroundings.


LG C3 Auto-Dimming Problems

LG’s auto-dimming feature works alongside Dolby Vision IQ on their high-end OLED TVs. While Dolby Vision is amazing tech that brings out the deepest blacks, it can cause issues when things go sideways. That’s often the case with early releases from manufacturers, and that’s what happened with the LG C3 2023.

The problem with the LG C3 came to light through Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest. In his video below, you can see a significant difference in brightness between LG’s new panel and the Sony HX310. You can barely make out the details during HBO’s House of the Dragon, a show that is already dark in more ways than one.

Local dimming will affect HDR content including video games played on the new LG C3. The company’s algorithm dims things too much during extended dark scenes. You can’t adjust the Temporal Peak Luminance Control on these sets, but LG issued a fix to resolve the problem.

How to Fix LG C3 Auto-Dimming

If you purchased a new LG C3 OLED TV or pre-ordered one that’s on the way, fixing your TV couldn’t be easier. You just need to download a firmware update, so make sure your TV is connected to the net and grab your remote control.

The LG C3 runs LG’s WebOS 22 operating system. To set up an automatic firmware update, go to Settings>All Settings>Support from your TV’s menu. From here, you choose Software Update and then select Check for Updates. When the 03.01.19 update for your C3 appears, choose download.

How long the update takes depends on your connection, but there’s still one more step to take. When the installation process has finished, turn off your TV. Leave the TV off for at least 10 seconds, and power it back on to install the update on your LG C3 OLED TV set.

Manual Firmware Updates

If you are unable to connect your TV directly to the internet, you can do a manual firmware update. For this, you’ll need a USB drive and a PC where you can download the update.

1. Download the Update

Go to LG’s support site to find the firmware update for your TV using the model number from your LG C3 and the search box. You can also scroll through and select products visually. Once located, click on the software and follow the link to download it to your PC.

2. Set up the USB drive

Place the USB drive into your PC and create a folder called LG_DTV on the flash drive. Extract the contents of the zipped firmware onto that folder on the flash drive. Eject the flash drive from the PC when finished.

3. Install Update

Turn on your TV, take the flash drive, and plug it into a USB port on the TV set. You should see a message telling you that a USB update is ready if successful. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the update and then turn the TV off for 10 seconds and back on.

The Wrap-Up

Pre-orders for the C3 began on March 6, with sets expected to ship late March. Recent information from LG has revealed prices on the C3 will range from:

  • $1,399 for the 42-inch model
  • $1,499 for the 48-inch model
  • $1,899 for the 55-inch model
  • $2,599 for the 65-inch model
  • $3,599 for the 77-inch model
  • $5,299 for the 83-inch model

Given the cost of a new OLED TV from LG, it’s understandable people were a bit put off by this early issue on the LC C3. It’s not uncommon with early models, however, and something the company was able to address promptly. If you’re still on the fence about the new LG C3, you can use our guide to compare it against the slightly older but more affordable LG C2.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LG’s best OLED TV?

All of LG’s OLED TVs provide excellent picture quality but TVs in the Z and G class are widely considered the best.

How long will an OLED TV last?

While a lot of factors affect the lifespan, high-quality panels can last for decades before losing a significant amount of brightness.

Is the LG C3 2023 worth it?

Early reviews have been positive, but it all comes down to your current TV set, budget, and the type of content you enjoy watching.

How much is an LG C3?

Pricing on these OLED TVs varies depending on the year and size.

Is burn-in an issue with OLED TVs?

It was a problem with early models and cheaper panels, but there are a number of mechanisms built into modern TVs to prevent burn-in.

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